Steel for BrainsMany of you may be familiar with the Steel for Brains metal blog, run by Jonathan Dick. It has come to our attention that Jonathan’s daughter Hannah is struggling with a serious medical condition and it’s creating financial hardships for his family. The whole story is detailed here, but in a nutshell, the necessary treatment is expensive and the insurance isn’t meeting all the costs involved. To help cover the shortfall, a Gofundme page has been set up, with proceeds going to cover Hannah’s treatments and expenses.

Metal is a community that often prides itself on standing apart from the rest of the world, and that means we are particularly responsible for looking to our own. With that in mind, on behalf of the staff here at AMG I strongly encourage giving what you can, if you can. And support Jonathan’s webpage as well. It’s interesting and honest reading and 110% fooking metal. Good luck and stay strong, Hannah.

Jonathan Dick

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  • Monsterth Goatom

    Good on you for posting this, Mr. Druhm. I encourage all commenters to contribute to the cause.

  • Jeff Kent


  • T.A.R.

    Such an unfortunate situation to be in. The thought of costs shouldn’t be lurking in the background when recovering from unaccountable illness.

    Hope that GoFundMe site is reputable now. Found a few poor past reviews.

  • Been following this since the amazing Kim Kelly tweeted about it. It’s great that you guys decided to raise more awareness to it. Coincidentally I’d had just spent some funds to help my older brother with his own medical issues so I could relate. I’m sure it’s even harder when is your son who’s in trouble. I’ll chip in as soon as possible.

  • defjam

    Being a father of two I can fully sympathise and have donated what little I could for such a noble cause. Best wishes for a fast recovery.

  • AlphaBetaFoxface

    Thank you for sharing, captain!

    Steel for Brains was the first metal blog to keep my attention. My own little brother was diagnosed with a degenerative disorder this past October and so he and my family have had to move from Australia to Los Angeles to get him treated. My prayers go out to you, I will donate what I can!