Aborted - RetrogoreSometimes you’ve just got to sit back and appreciate simplicity. The first lyric here is “Retrogore!” The first non-introductory song is “Retrogore.” The album is Retrogore. Hell, Aborted is retrogore. There’s no other band more deserving of such a title. Their songs are filthy, dripping with the viscera of whichever woman they’ve just verbally brutalized, and their activity now spans over 20 years. The savage, no-fucks-given approach to death metal and grind spawned thousands of mindless brutal death bands – but none can claim to be so retro, have so much gore. You don’t need me to tell you which brand of music is contained herein but perhaps I can direct you as to its quality.

It would be entirely inappropriate to pull apart and analyze particular aspects of Retrogore. It’s relentlessly brutal, unashamedly straight-forward and unquestionably violent. Tracks such as “Cadaverous Collection,” “Whoremageddon” and “Forged for Decrepitude” will batter, pummel and hammer you – in fact, insert any other verb with aggressive connotations. Fat riffs, vigorous solos and a range of filthy vocals flesh out their sound. Nonetheless, despite their bullish demeanor, technical competence is high without ever approaching neat perfection or precision. The lead on “Cadaverous Collection” is almost clever in its fretboard gymnastics but the sludgy production tone and wafts of hostility prevent progress into anything which could be described as clean or progressive.

Given the record’s format of short and segregated tracks, comparisons between them are worthwhile. “Termination Redux” leaps into the unknown by introducing a sinister piano – it harmonizes well with its accompanying riff and the subsequent transition into an overpowering wall of noise is one of the album’s highlights. The blackened blasting of “Divine Impediment” is another, with evil grooves and an atmospheric tone. “From Beyond (the Grave)” has a doomy opening and the killer riffs lend themselves well to reckless headbanging. Tracks such as these are sure to appeal to existing fans but I like them since they are slightly different to the rest of their work.

Aborted - 2016

On the other hand, other tracks are entirely superfluous. “Whoremageddon,” “Bit by Bit” and “Coven of Ignorance” largely chug along without note, save for the more interesting finale of the last. My rule of thumb on length recognizes that faster music necessitates shorter albums so I would prefer an immediate listen above one where I notice the duration. I wouldn’t miss these songs if they were cut, leaving a more concise 33 minutes rather than a bloated 44. I also think that the overall quality is probably lesser than that on previous albums. Retrogore is still an entirely reliable slice of goregrind, deviating little from their formula in a way that’s sure to please fans, but I would take Goremageddon or even Global Flatline above it.

And so just as Aborted is retrogore, Retrogore is Aborted. It hammers home their brutal credentials (they must be somewhere close to the Earth’s core given the frequency of this) and offers an appealing array of brutal death and goregrind numbers, with slender slivers of technicality, doom, thrash and black metal to hone their sound. I’d suggest that it isn’t their best work and a few tracks let the side down but it comes recommended for fans and noobs alike. Come revel in the bloody mess.

Rating: 3.0/5.0
DR: 5 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: Century Media Records
Websites: www.facebook.com/aborted | www.aborted.com
Releases worldwide: April 22nd, 2016

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  • Brian

    Maybe it’s just me but I actually never found Aborted to be as ‘heavy’ as their songtitles suggest. Even back in my earlier metal days I found them unusually, how can I say it, ‘palatable’ for such supposed goremongers. I always thought of them as a beefed-up Gothenburg band, really. ‘Of Scabs and Boils’ is far too catchy and Carcassy to be in a brutal band’s catalogue.

    And Sven looks like JD from Scrubs. You know it’s true!

    • Here’s Johnny

      Really? Have you seen them live? Fucking atomic explosion.

  • Dr. A.N. Grier

    Great review. I’m one of those longtime fans, so this is a no brainier for me. Doesn’t sound like it’ll be my favorite of theirs, but sounds like I’ll still enjoy it.

  • I totally thought that woman was CGI because no woman would join in all the misogyny. But then I listened to the song and concluded that no one knows what that guy is grumbling about.

    • Here’s Johnny

      Say what?

  • Hammersmith

    I have to admit I sort of stopped following this band after Slaughter & Apparatus. Sounds like I have some catching up to do as I’ve heard good things about Global Flatline and Necrotic.

    • AlphaBetaFoxface

      Global Flatline is possibly their best in recent times!

      • IBlackened


  • Tom Hardy

    9th album, that’s long tenure for a band. Sven’s come a long way. Glad to read a favorable review, I’ll pick this up eventually.

    El Cuervo and the guys, let’s have a little fun here – rank em albums in your order of preference?

    • El_Cuervo

      I’m not a huge fan to be quite honest. I’ve only heard Goremageddon, Global Flatline and this one. I probably like Global Flatline best.

      • The Alex’s are in complete agreement – as usual.

        • El_Cuervo


    • AndySynn

      No exact order, but GF, Goremageddon, and The Archaic Abattoir are top 3 in my book.

      • Alexandre Barata

        Archaic Abattoir is still brilliant! I do love it

        • surreptitious pounders

          My fave of theirs as well.

    • Dr. A.N. Grier

      I can’t believe I’m saying this, but my top three are the same as Andy’s.

      • AndySynn

        Well, that’s your credibility suitably fucked.

        • Dr. A.N. Grier

          I feel so ashamed.

  • Dirty G

    Nothing will top Goremageddon in my opinion. Is that a Powerglove in the cover art?

  • Stefunal

    I’ve never seen an album title as fitting as this one.

  • Alex Benedict

    Aborted”s guitarist, Mendel, has two solo albums that you absolutely must listen to. The guy is a fucking metal mozart

  • DoublePedalGangstaMetal

    I’m never gonna understand this site’s obsession with album lenghts. If you don’t fancy a certain track, surely you can just skip it without that taking anything away from your overall experience of the album. It’s been a while since I bought anything released on cassette.
    Also, it does not allow for songs to grow on you. Maybe you find hidden gems in a track whene you listen to it 10th, 20th or 30th time?

    I get it if it’s the other way round. Something you really fuckin dig the shit out of – and you want more. I remember buying Deicide’s Legion as a kid, and being devastated when I popped in the cd and the player showing only 28 or some minutes.

    Anywho, great review as usual. Cheers.

  • Flyingguillotine

    I really dig Extirpation Agenda. “Coffin Upon Coffin” is the bomb.

    • AddicoInABox

      *necrotic manifesto

      • Flyingguillotine

        Ah, yes… of course, thanks for the correction. I love that first track enough that it’s become synonymous with the album in my head.

  • Here’s Johnny

    This album is a lot better than Global Flatline. Infact it may be their best record so far.

    • 517H

      I think you might be right. I can’t stop listening to it. So addictive