Accept // Blood of Nations
Rating: 4.5/5.0 — Now, this is how to make a comeback!
Label: Nuclear Blast [EU | US]
Websites: So old (school) they don’t even have one…
Release Dates: EU: 20.08.2010 | US: 09.14.2010

And “THEY’RE BACK!! The teutonic terrors responsible for such classic metal albums as Breaker, Restless and Wild, Balls to the Wall have reformed to deliver one humdinger of a comeback ass whipping and one of the best metal albums of 2010 in the process. Blood of Nations is the first slab of new Accept material since 1996’s Predator and to say they are back with a vengeance is quite an understatement indeed. Yes, it’s sad but true, original and uber distinctive frontman Udo Dirkschneider is not onboard for this reunion crusade, but fear not, Accept manages quite nicely without his unique services and no one is more surprised than yours truly about that one.

From the opening notes of lead off track “Beat the Bastards,” you will notice this is a pretty heavy album. In fact, this is probably the heaviest album in the Accept discography.  I would consider this as Accept‘s Painkiller and just as Painkiller showed that Judas Priest had a lot of life left in their aging metal hearts, so Blood of Nations does for Wolf Hoffman and company. Although surprisingly heavy, all the classic Accept trademarks are present, from the dual axe attack and crunching riff work of Mr. Hoffman and Herman Frank, to the chanting backing vocals made famous on “Balls to the Walls,” to the hook laden and memorable song structures.  New lead throat Mark Tornillo (T.T. Quick) channels just enough of Udo’s classic rasp to give the material a familiar sound to comfort old fans yet also firmly places his own stamp on many of the tracks and proves he’s more than a suitable replacement for the beloved metal dwarf.  While Mr. Tornillo does attempt to keep his vocals true to the classic Accept sound, at times he breaks ranks to channel the late great David Wayne of Metal Church fame and across the entire album his voice is so damn metal it hurts!

Of the twelve tracks on Blood of Nations, five are absolute metal monsters that stand out as some of the best material Accept ever penned (six if you get the European version with the excellent bonus track “Time Machine”). The rest are all well above average classic metal cuts and nary a trace of filler material is to be found. The best of the beast include “Beat the Bastards,” “Teutonic Terror,” “Pandemic” and “No Shelter,” and all will bring a big smile to fans of classic and true metal.

What makes Blood of Nations so effective is the tried and true classic Accept template of heavy but catchy guitar work and memorable choruses that manage to be so immediate but still metal as all hell. One listen to “Teutonic Terror” and you will see what I mean. This stuff has pure up the horns metal spirit and soul and makes you want to sing along as loudly as possible.

After so many reunion albums by once great bands have disappointed and left a bad taste in fans mouths, the only taste Blood of Nations will be leaving is the taste of cold metal. Congratulations are in order for these old boys because they’re back to show all the young folk how classic metal is supposed to be done. Don’t miss this one, it’s a total winner.

  • Troy

    AMG: got to disagree on this one. I think it’s really average stuff.

  • CJ

    I think it’s definitely better than average, but not amazing. It felt too long and stale IMO.

  • Steel Druhm

    Addendum to my review: Mark Tornillo also sounds a lot like Jon Olivia at times.

  • within_darkness

    Thumbs up thousand times for this review. This record is just so RIGHT “in its place” that you simply can’t ask for more. Your judgement is fair and they deserve all the credit we can give them after this brilliant comeback of an album.

  • Brent

    Just like Judas Priest, Accept come back with a new singer that reignites the flame. Priest while getting Halford back sound tired again. UDO was the man but that fire is gone and Tornillo has got the pipes and fire within to soldier on with this war machine. Watch out it is a Teutonic Terror coming your way!

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  • Sorteal

    I have to disagree severely! Accept has always been a terrible band and will always be a terrible band. The are simply laughable! There is nothing remotely interesting about their music. I understand a lot of people still enjoy this type of Metal but I find it to be so cheesy it hurts to listen to. Yet, just my humble opinion.

  • MetallicaPuppet

    Sorteal above is an idiot. After reading is comment it is obvious that he does not even own any Accept albums. What a troll.

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