Angry Metal Lisa by UnknownYou guys have probably noticed that things have been very, very, very slow around here lately. This is entirely my fault. Well, it’s also the music industry’s fault since they tend to take a break in July and August due to sales of new records being lost in the shuffle because of festival season, but it’s also because after over two years of doing this pretty much every day I’m kinda burned out. And by kinda burned out, I mean pretty damn burned out. This actually isn’t the blog’s fault for real, it’s my outside life, but it affects the blog. I am going to go on a vacation here for pretty much the rest of the summer. I will post and the excellent, reliable and awesome Steel Druhm will continue to post things and we’re going to be pulling in some new reviewers to help keep the blog afloat. Hopefully, after that’s done, I will feel nice and refreshed and I will come back anew.

This doesn’t actually mean that I’m going away and taking a total break, but things are just going to be spotty around here for a while.

I know that the Internet has a short attention span and I hope that this doesn’t kill the steam that we’ve been building (we’ve really been building a head of steam in 2011, it’s been HUGE, so thank you). So hit up the RSS feed, bookmark us and come back and keep your eye out for new reviews that will keep showing up all summer from the mighty Steel Druhm. And hopefully Burned Out Metal Guy will get his fire back by mid-August.

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  • I can always give my one sentence reviews in your stead. 

  • Anonymous

    The fact that you’ve done this much over two years now is really outstanding. I really want to write up reviews on a regular basis but I’d get writer’s block so quickly. Rest up now. :)

  • Zadion

    I agree with Bahamut. Take your time off, man – after two years of providing excellent metal reviews, you deserve it. And if you’re looking for new reviewers… well, I’m available. I’ve been considering writing reviews myself anyway. ;)

  • Anonymous

    Enjoy the break.

  • Joe Crazy

    Will there still be a “Record o’ the Month” for July and August?   I know it seems pretty trivial…but I actually make a special point to listen to those if it is something I haven’t heard of before.

    • OzanCan

      I agree with Joe Crazy here. Record o’ the Month is important as much as the reviews in my opinion :)
      have a nice break man, I know I need one too but hell I can’t so rest up for all of us as well ;)

  • A

    Take your time to relax, enjoy the vacations. Perhaps you will even come up with some great idea for a weird and interesting top list while you are sunbathing with them bitches at those beaches :P

  • “hopefully Burned Out Metal Guy will get his fire back”
    Listen to Crowned in Terror a lot, pal, it should help.