Angry Metal Lisa by UnknownSo, you’ve all noticed it. I’ve not wanted to say anything about it because it’s been a series of discussions back and forth between myself and the honorable Steel Druhm about the future of this here blog thingy. While I’m not going to get into the details of what’s going on, I just need to say a few words about the site and the future.

First, both Steel Druhm and myself (but note that I am mainly speaking for myself, as Mr. Steel Druhm has his own life and priorities) have been deeply disappointed by the decline in frequency with which we can pump out excellent material. Part of this is due to time: I currently am working on a masters degree and I have become very busy in the run up to writing my thesis in the spring semester of this year. On top of that, I experienced some serious burnout while maintaining this blog as a nearly full time “extra” job and taking an overload of courses and then summer courses.

Recently, I developed a medical condition that makes it very difficult for me to sit in front of the computer and do the work that I need to do, which has stopped the revival of the blog because I am unable to even really edit for other people. And to maintain the quality of writing we want to have here at AMG, we need to make sure that the writing is good. Great, even. So it becomes a difficult thing to do. Still, I’ve found some people who have good writing and we’re going to give it a try.

There will be some announcements about this whole thing coming up in the future. I can’t say when for sure, but let me say that I’m fighting through the pain as best I can to put up stuff and hopefully Steel Druhm will also have a renewed burst of time and energy coming up. And if this doesn’t work out now? There are contingency plans. There are always contingency plans.

So Angry Metal Guy might be kind of semi-crippled at this point and otherwise busy, but we’re doing our best to make sure that we can get back up to speed. We started out 2011 with amazing speed and huge growth. We want to regain some of that consistency and retain our new fans and old.

Thanks for reading and thanks for caring.

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  • It happens to us all. If life is getting busy, that’s something that should be understood. I will admit that I was hoping to see reviews of certain releases from either of you but you shouldn’t be pressured  to pump out the reviews. I’m hoping to start a review site similar to this and one thing that does concern me is the possibility of burning out at some point. :(

  • Keep up the good work, and do what you can when you can! m/

  • Tim Larsen

    Hey Angry Metal Guy… I keep checking your blog every day because I enjoy the great writing.  When you and Steel rave about a new release that’s a bonus ’cause I know I’ve got something good  to hunt down and listen to. 

    Are you sure you want to let your metal-head readers know you’re working on a masters?  Doesn’t that kinda go against your beer swilling persona??

    • I see no contradiction between education and excessive beer consumption. ;)

  • “I currently am working on a masters degree and I have become very busy in the run up to writing my thesis”

    Good luck.

    “Recently, I developed a medical condition…”

    Oh, man… I really hope you get better!

    • Thanks. Yeah, I hope that, too. The pain I get from it seems to go in waves and is kind of unpredictable. So, sometimes I can get pounded into the ground.

  • While I enjoy your blog immensely I can understand the real life implications you are facing.  Hopefully some surly bloggers will join you in keeping this alive.

  • We’ll get this thing moving again if it kills most of us (not me though).

  • ho! bad news there! my beloved AMG, i wish you to recover quickly and totally. without your cunning reviews and useful tips on new bands, I’m finding myself bored! I’m eager to read you back there, so keep on, improve your health and come back there to whip some horrible band’s ass!

  • Zadion

    I’m sure I speak for everybody when I say that, while I do indeed love your blog, I insist you take all the time you need for recovery and for studies. Ignore your nagging fan-base – health and education are far more important than us peasants.

  • Al Tatts

    You guys write some damned awesome reviews and I’ve found a fair bit of top stuff  through AMG so it would be a shame if it stopped altogether. That said, personal lives need to be maintained cos that’s what keeps actual food on the table.

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys, have loved your work for a good while now, and have picked up some fantastic music as a result.
    But, like everyone else, I know that life does catch up and priorities have to be set. Health and education should always come out higher on that Top 10 than personal interests.
    So, take the time to do what you gotta do, and do it well. Then, when life permits, you can get back to feeding us hungry hordes the stuff we’ve come to know and love.
    Best wishes, and I’m looking forward to the next incarnation of the AMG site.

  • OzanCan

    I wish you the best and good luck on your studies, and really hope you will get better as soon as possible. I really wish that there was something we all could collectively do help maintaining this great thing called AMG!

    I like to help you and Steel Druhm out personally, is there anything I can contribute?

    Again best wishes, m/

  • User Name

    I discovered Allen/lande, Amorphis and Avantasia through your reviews, and they have contrinbuted to several months of inspired listening. I would hate to see something happen here. 

    You can take it easy, we will wait. Please don’t crowdsource this thing though – that might ruin quality. 

  • Everything that was said plus, chill out bro…AGM will still be in my favorites and will still be one of my unoficcial homepages.

  • I come all too close to sharing more of your pain that I would like. And I could not do even a fraction of the great job that you all do with this blog.  But as long as it exists — even if there is one post per century — it will still be worth reading. Rock on!

  • Pretty much the only source of Metal reviews I subscribe to, and frankly bother reading. Maybe cutting the fat and just reviewing the the stuff you like (or really hate) will ease the pain. 

    Medical conditions are no fun …

  • A.J Saenz

    This in an awesome blog, whatever happens you have my full support (not that it matter anyway)

  • Anonymous

    For what it’s worth, I’d much rather see things continue as they are– weekly or sporadic posts of high quality and readability– than devolve into what invisible oranges has become– constantly updated but almost never worth my time anymore.

    Best of luck in everything, amg.

  • Anonymous

    I have bought several dozen CDs in the last year or so because of your reviews (followed by some youtube listening of course). You have definitely succeeded if your purpose has been to help bring support and recognition to all the great bands out there.

    Really appreciate all your hard work. Good luck with the disease! And even more luck getting your Masters!

    And to the person below who thought there might be a contradiction in AMG’s persona, writing a thesis and swilling beer always seem to go hand in hand :P

  • Anonymous

    I know it’s been said already, but thank you both for doing this blog. I know I can find quality writing and helpful suggestions just by reading. Both you and Steel have gotten me to try black metal, a genre I had steered away from earlier. Your use of wording showed me how layered and varied it could be, band to band.

    Thanks Again.