Well, here it is folks. The final 10 [Here’s the first 40: 50-41, 40-31, 31-20, 20-11 and Steel Druhm’s: 50-41, 40-31, 30-21, 20-11, 10-1]. And this is going to ruffle a bunch of feathers, I guarantee it. These are, for the most part, not widely considered “favorites” and would never make fan-voted lists, but these tracks all got onto this list pretty easily. I’m not as angry about the whole Gibson list anymore, and I’ve lost a bit of steam because of that, but these tracks are all fucking fantastic, top-o’-the-line kind of shit. I hope you enjoy the list and I look forward trolling you soon. U MAD BRO!?

10. Dimmu BorgirSpiritual Black Dimension – “The Insight and the Catharsis” – Well, these guys win on several fronts. First front? Definitely the Freud reference. Second front? This song fucking rules. I love everything about. The songwriting is grand, majestic, heavy and blasty while still having lots of melody. This was probably the band’s last awesome album, but it was “The Insight and the Catharsis” and Simen’s vocals that kept me coming back to this track. His vocal melodies are totally incredible and super addictive. And even the guitar solo is heads-and-shoulders above Dimmu‘s run-o’-the-mill work. Over and over and over I have listened to this song and never have I gotten bored with it. Tremendously well constructed, well performed and one of my favorite metal songs of all time (obviously).

09. DanzigIII: How the Gods Kill – “How the Gods Kill” –  “Really?” you say. “Danzig?” Hell yes, Danzig. He may be an 4 foot evil Elvis impersonator, but he’s the most evil one of those fuckers you ever done met. And really, he did produce some good, doomy, bluesy heavy metal back in the day. But one of those just pretty good records contained a magnificent and, in my opinion, overlooked track: “How the Gods Kill.” Man, this one is great. It starts out with Danzig‘s dulcet tones and and it just builds. It never reaches a frenzy, but it’s like seething evil. Creepy, awesome and oh-so-memorable. A truly great heavy metal song.

08. Blind GuardianNightfall in Middle-Earth –  “Nightfall” –  This is another one of those tracks that I don’t think it goes to deny. How do you ever deny this shit when it’s staring you in the face like this? This song has everything in it that you could possibly want out of a power metal band. The vocals? Awesome. The harmonies? Huge. The chorus? Unforgettable (really, you’ll be singing it for weeks). The story? By J.R.R. Tolkien. And while Blind Guardian fans will probably poo themselves (they are a remarkably bitchy and fickle lot), I don’t actually think it ever got better than this. These guys just nailed it and nothing they’ve done since has quite lived up to it. Unfortunately, once I’d been changed by “Nightfall” I wanted more of it and never got it. But this song will never die for me.


07. Amon AmarthFate of Norns – “The Fate of Norns” –  This is actually a weird one, in a sense. As a track it’s actually not the band’s “best” even, but this is one of the few heavy metal songs that has lyrics that actually really moved me the first time I listened to it. Since then it’s been a favorite of mine and for good reasons. I mean, it’s also a great song. Mid-paced melodic death metal with a very memorable chorus, but really it’s just the lyrics that do it for me. I think it’s the idea of Johan Hegg crying over his dead son that do it for me. I dunno, apparently Angry Metal Guy is actually Soft and Cuddly Metal Guy. Whatever, this song is a track I always come back to and love thoroughly. Especially the “ALLFATHER!!!!” part. Oh man, goosebumps as I listen to it now. “I lay him down upon a pyre / A burial worthy a king / And as I lay down by his side / I feel them weaving us in.” So motherfucking metal.


06. Rhapsody [of Fire]Power of the Dragonflame –  “Agony Is My Name” –  Oh man, J is right. I am a power metal fag! ‘Cause dudes, this song just straight up balls. This track has it all. It’s like they looked at Yngwe Malmsteen and then they just raised him by 1,000. It’s all here: the over-the-top vocals, chorus, baroque guitar solos and hell even a harpsichord and it 100% rules. Just everything about this song is total win. The chorus, the vocal delivery, every single instrument on the recording. Oh. I listen to it and I instinctively throw horns. It’s like reflexive. Fuck. Such a great track, and this band has had some great tracks.


05. Iced EarthSomething Wicked Comes this Way – The Trilogy: “Prophecy,” “Birth of the Wicked,” and “The Coming Curse” –  Okay, I’m cheating. But I *shouldn’t* be cheating, it’s just that Jon Schaffer didn’t make this one song on the record. But you ever see anyone ever play just one of these tracks? No. Have they ever played just one of these tracks live? No. This is one big awesome epic song and it is literally the only Iced Earth I ever even listen to anymore. Matt Barlow is such a beast on these tracks and all three are just.. well.. plain awesome. I’m actually at a loss for words as to how to explain why I love these songs as much as I do. They are just super epic, with Schaffer’s best writing ever, and all the things you love about metal. Gallop, lightning triplets on the drums and guitars, and all the conspiracy laden drama you can eat. Now listen to this and tell me this shit ain’t worth of this spot on the list.


04. OpethBlackwater Park –  “The Drapery Falls” –  Opeth is ridiculously popular now and this is the record that did it. And while I don’t tend to kowtow to the consensus, it’s hard to ignore that this record was special. Because, well, it was special. Everything about it just really clicked, and while I don’t actually even think it’s the band’s best, it has lived on. For me, one of the reasons it lives on as one of the finest metal records I own and one of the band’s best is this track. I remember hearing it for the first time and my jaw dropping when the change at 4 minutes hit: “Pull me down again and guide me into.. Aaah!” Oh man. It floored me and I never forgot it. And still to this day, I haven’t forgotten it. I don’t listen to much Opeth anymore, and I dread the new record something fierce, but “The Drapery Falls” brings back all the same good ol’ nostalgia feelings. [Finally, fuck that they’re SO POPULAR that I can’t find a non-live version of this song on YouTube.]


03. Metallica Ride the Lightning –  “Creeping Death” –  Uh. Hi. Metallica? Yeah, as far as I’m concerned these guys are the thrash band that survives the best in the modern era (that is, their first three albums are still the best), but I must admit that my first full length record was actually a Metallica record, so let’s not kid ourselves, people. I’m a biased motherfucker. Still, I’ve never understood the infatuation with Master of Puppets when Ride the Lightning was such a much better record and “Creeping Death” is the crown-motherfucking-jewel in Metallica‘s bonnet (these guys don’t have a crown anymore, they play corporate parties for fuck sake). Still, this track is just awesome. It’s catchy, it’s rad, it’s got great solos and one of the best chanty parts in any song. Also, it’s.. Biblical? Well, whatever, it was the most metal part of the Bible for sure. Great shit.


02. Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh Son –  “The Prophecy” –  This is the second prophecy on my top list, but this is easily the superior of the two. For me, what makes Iron Maiden the best heavy metal band of all time is the prog. They were a heavy metal band, it’s true. And they wrote some fucking scorchers that I absolutely love. But “The Prophecy” is such an awesome and epic track and subtly progressive, it just embodies everything I love about heavy metal today. It’s got a cool lead in, great dynamic vocals with a badass riff. Dickinson sounds amazing but he never tries to shriek or fuck it up with vocals from his nutsack, he’s just dead on. The guitar work on this song is awesome and Steve Harris’ bass is really just unmatched. The melodies are sticky and the guitar solos are ballsy, though they’re definitely not the best on this album (’cause the title track takes that). And then, the outro. A harmonized riff and beautiful acoustics under it. It’s almost too much too fast, and yet for some reason it just got under my skin and never left. I guarantee you that if I ever get a successful band off the ground this will be the first song we cover. It shows all the dynamism that the band’s counterparts never could muster and it still should make bands green with envy.


01. Blaze Silicon Messiah –  “Stare at the Sun” –  It’s hard to express how much I loved this record as an 18 year old. When it comes to good, honest heavy metal the 2000s have not been pretty. We’ve had some power metal, some neo-thrash, and sure, there’s a lot of retro-’80s acts out there, but none of them do good, honest heavy metal convincingly with such a tight, modern sound. But that’s what Silicon Messiah was. Blaze, which was led by Blaze Bayley and built from homegrown—and excellent—English players, did just that. And “Stare at the Sun” is the culmination of that drive, that hunger, and that spark. Everything about this song is just right. The build up is impeccable, the guitar solos are elite, the lyrics are unique and well-written (it’s about a man going insane in space while staring at the tiny dot that is our sun, what’s more metal than that?) and the production from Mr. Andy Sneap (who you may have heard of) is immense and heavy. “Stare at the Sun” just exemplifies everything good about heavy metal. It, in my opinion, is the definition of heavy metal perfection.


And that my friends, is all she wrote. If you have any desire to listen to the whole fucking thing as a playlist, you can do that right over here! Click this link and be taken to Spotify!

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  • Oh, you. 

  • Actually, a lot of the Blind Guardian fans I know absolutely worship Nightfall in Middle Earth and think that things kinda went downhill from there (not that they ever got terrible). Fun side-fact, it was your 2.5 review of At the Edge of Time on Wikipedia that introduced me to your site. I liked the record, although I was never one of the ones bitching about it in the comments. Still,  I really liked how you made valid points and didn’t inflate your scores. And I’ve been coming back ever since. Awwwww… /cheesy testimony

    Fellow power metal fag rambling aside, great list! xD

    • Awww, thanks though. Yeah, funny that last record did grow on me in spite of the band’s attempts to suck. Still, doesn’t live up to this record or A Night at the Opera.

  • Totally with you on the Blind Guardian song. Nightfall (and that goes for the entire album really) is absolutely brilliant

    • Yeah, it’s their best song by far.

      • Garrett Valdivia

        It may be their best song… but the incredibly annoying AND addicting, “Turn the Page”, is the one that I can never pry out of my skull. My girlfriend still hates that song because I sing it like a retard whenever I’m doing the dishes. 

        “Crrrriiiiiiiiiieeeedddddd out! The Land needs blood!”

    • OzanCan

      And let’s not forget about the ultimate song (imo of course) in Nightfall album called Time Stands Still (at the Iron Hill)! :)

      • Good track. But I watched “Nightfall” convert a bunch of non-fans to fans in the span of a few D&D sessions. People who weren’t even fans of metal fell in love with the song.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no Summoning didn’t make either list.

    • It’s true! … That’s kind of a travesty!

      • Anonymous

        Are you not much of a Summoning fan?  I know they’re not eveyone’s cup of tea.

        • I’m not super familiar with them. They didn’t exactly change my life when I first heard them. 

          • Anonymous

            Same with me.  When I first gave them a listen I thought they were a bit boring because of the generally slow tempo of their songs.  When I listened again I tried to not let the tempo affect my disposition towards them, I was pleasantly surprised.

        • I’m not super familiar with them. They didn’t exactly change my life when I first heard them. 

    • Anonymous

      I like Summoning. Yeah most of their music is pretty samey. But every once in a while they write a song where everything comes together perfectly. Long Lost to Where No Pathway Goes is amazing, and Land of the Dead simply features one of the most spellbinding and transcendent melodies ever written.

      • Anonymous

        I agree that they definitely have a style and they don’t deviate from it much.  Although I would not go as far as to say all their albums are totally homogenous.  I agree Land of the Dead is a masterpiece. 

        Also, I find that they are one of the few bands out there that never have a throw away song.  I feel as if listening to an entire Summoning album is far superior than simply picking out a song or two.  I guess I’m in the minority of liking the majority of their work (obviously favoring everything after minas morgul). 

        They are hands down my favorite band.

        • Anonymous

          What would you recommend as some of their best songs/albums?

  • Zadion

    I find it ironic. Nightfall is most likely my least favorite non-spoken track on that album (never understood the hype for that one). Thorn and The Curse of Fëanor are the best tracks IMO (The Eldar is my favorite, but it’s not very metal is it?). And as well, The Something Wicked trilogy is far from being my favorite tracks on THAT album either. Even The Drapery Falls hasn’t really stuck on me like other songs from that album (though it’s still one hell of a song and one hell of an album for that matter). I’d also vote for Master of Puppets ahead of Creeping Death, myself. Ah well. At least the list isn’t full of nothing but 80’s songs. ;)

    • Wow. The Trilogy is the ONLY Iced Earth even worth listening to anymore. I fucking hate the rest of his material, but those songs are GODLY. So elite.

      The Eldar is great, I mean, that whole record deserves to be up there in a sense. The whole thing is just fantastic.

      But that The Drapery Falls didn’t stick with you means that you… Have crappy taste. :P Man, that song is just so good.

      • Zadion

        Well, I’m a pretty big Iced Earth fan, but honestly Something Wicked This Way Comes is the first in their discography I fully enjoyed. Everything before that was kind of eh. Might be because that’s the record they went more power metal and less thrash, as I really do not care for thrash metal.

        And hey, I didn’t say it’s a bad song. The entirety of Blackwater Park is amazing. I just prefer Harvest and the last two tracks.

        So, dare I ask… are we going to get the top 50 albums of all time now?! ‘Cause I’d love to see that.

  • Andrew Austin

    Pleasantly surprised at the amount of Power Metal in the top 10!
    Excellent choice with Fate of Norns – that song moved me as well… and it’s still very metal, and it’s the manliest crying I’ve ever heard :P
    “Especially the “ALLFATHER!!!!” part.” – Yes.
    Surprised I’ve never heard of the #1 before, so I’m definitely gonna check that out.
    Good lists though! Have enjoyed reading these.

    • Yeah, man. That song is just really emotional, and rarely have I ever said something similar about a death metal band. “Wow, that song about [insert death metal theme here] really moved me!”

  • can’t remember all of mine right now but I know Lord of This World and Take No Prisoners are in the top 10

  • Anonymous

    These are some very interesting choices. What really stuck out for me were the top 2 and I want to say THANK YOU for giving The Prophecy the love it deserves. The fact that Can I Play With Madness is a fan favourite and not this is blasphemous.

  • Great list. I’d be no good at making a similar list as I’d have put all of the tracks from Seventh Son in the top ten. :)

    • Oh yeah, Seventh Son is easily the band’s best. So good.

  • What’s your favorite Opeth album? Honestly I would say Still Life, if not Blackwater Park.  The little jazz nods in the album are awesome. 

  • Vladimir Garčević

    Cool top 10! Finally someone gives a well deserved credit to Maiden’s Prophecy! IMO it’s their best song (and from their best album). It’s been on my band’s list of covers for such a long time, but I guess we never had the proper balls to do it live :D
    As for Rhapsody and Guardian – it’s too damn hard for me to pick the best song. ,,/

  • Yes, thank you: at last, respect for “Creeping Death” and _RtL_. :)  And, hmm — I must return to check out Blaze.  I saw the band in a tiny club in the UK round about that time, and was duly impressed by the show (when I had not been expecting … well, anything, really), but never checked out the records. A mistake, perhaps ….

    • I can say that I’m quite jealous that you got to see them if you saw them in their prime. They were really a top notch act. A shame that all crumbled.

      • Yeah, it must have been 2001 that I saw them — so right in the wake of Silicon Messiah. I really didn’t know anything about Blaze except dimly for his stint in Maiden; I didn’t know any of his new material or any Wolfsbane at the time. The gig was hosted by my former university’s rock society, so I just sort of went along for the heck of it. And BLAZE totally rocked. I never really followed up (though I guess I should have), but I still remember the gig very well. Tiny place though; can’t have been more than a couple of dozen people at most! But the Blaze and the band were very pro, and very cool with the people in the audience. It made an impression! :)

        • Anonymous

          I just saw that Blaze is doing a US tour this fall, and he’ll be in my neck of the woods come November. I’m pretty excited!

  • Awesome list, let me share my top songs :
    Primordial – Empire Falls
    My Dying Bride – She is the Dark
    Mayhem – Freezing Moon
    Opeth – Burden
    Emperor – Beyond the Great Vast Forest
    Danzig – Sistinas
    Neurosis – A Season in the Sky
    Slayer – Angel of Death
    Metallica – Master of Puppets
    Iron Maiden – Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    Kamelot – Center of the Universe
    Lost Horizon – Cry of a Restless Soul
    Katatonia – Evidence
    Judas Priest – Painkiller
    Watain – Legions of the Black Light
    Nevermore – Sentient 6
    While Heaven Wept – The Furthest Shore
    Immortal – Withstand of the Fall of Time
    Tool – Parabola
    And several others :)

    • Zadion

      “Opeth – Burden” Finally, someone says it! Whether one likes Watershed or not, I do not see how there is any denying that Burden is an emotional masterpiece.

    • Good stuff, but Burden!? REALLY!? BURDEN!? 

      Ignore Zadion. S/he has no idea what s/he’s talking about. 

      • Dániel Arató

        U mad, chief?
        Yeah, Burden’s obviously not their best song, but it’s an outstandingly beautiful… prog rock ode. It can’t make the metal top 10 for that reason alone, but ffs, it’s a gorgeous track. Please don’t tell me you don’t like it, that would be rude.

      • “S/he has no idea what s/he’s talking about.”

        Retarded comment. Sorry, but it is.
        I’ve been listening to Opeth since Orchid and i think Burden is one of their finest moments. Of course its not the kind of track one identify with being traditional Opeth, but still an awesome song. I’m sure you prefer Demon of the Fall, but you must admit that Burden is a unique and beautiful song, despite the fact that it has no growls.

        Apart from Burden (prepare to shocked again) their best song to me is The Moor.

        It’s all but taste you know?
        Keep up the good work Angry Guy!

        • The Moor is a great song. Anyway, no Burden is kind of a boring song. It’s not that it doesn’t have growls, it’s that it’s not a good song. Anyway, my favorite Opeth songs are on this list. Though one I didn’t mention is Closure which also has no growls.

      • Zadion

        Rofl I just now noticed this comment.

        I’m a guy, thanks. And I still think Burden is one of their finest moments. It, Windowpane, and Ghost of Perdition tie as my Opeth favorites actually. Only Ghost of Perdition belongs on this kind of list though – no denying that.

    • Good stuff, but Burden!? REALLY!? BURDEN!? 

      Ignore Zadion. S/he has no idea what s/he’s talking about. 

  • Love this top 10, AMG!!!…and the whole top 50 really is pretty great.

    but really?…No Death Angel???  I was kinda disappointed (IMO, The Ultra-Violence and Killing Season are just amazing albums)

    • The Ultra Violence is one of my all time favorite albums but no one song on there is a top 50 track IMHO, its just a great album overall.

      • True enough, SD…

        Those albums are best listened to all the way through.

        Yall gonna do a top 50 albums next?? haha

        • Well, thats up to Angry Metal Guy. Maybe, maybe not.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting Top 10, and quite varied!  Still, and not trying to be offensive here, I have never understood the cult-like status given Iced Earth … to me they are about as bland as bland can be.  Credit though, their fans are absolutely batshit crazy about them.  Woulda gone with White Cluster for Opeth and The Evil That Men Do by Maiden, but totally with ya on Blind Guardian … Nightfall is the best disc they ever did, by far.  Hails!

    • Garrett Valdivia

      Iced Earth… bland?  That’s amazing.

    • I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I can’t even tolerate Iced Earth much these days. I find them to be really annoying and bland myself. But those songs, those three are fucking amazing.

  • Agree with most of this list! i wouldnt have put Blaze on a top 50 list personaly but i admit he has some kickass songs. Seventh Son of the Seventh Son is my fav album of all time but i would have chosen The Clairvoyant not The Prophecy,, also i Would have chosen Dirge for November from black water park as i love the progression from the acoustic intro to the kickass heavy section. All that aside however this list is fucking awesome :D 

    • Ah, yeah, that’s a good track, too. When I first heard the record I actually confused the two songs in my head and thought that Dirge for November was my favorite track for a while. :P The mistake was obviously corrected later.

  • Anonymous

    Great lists! I think it’s cool that both lists contain almost all entirely unique songs, and yet they both seem pretty legit. My top 50 would probably be mostly different too. I think it speaks to the variety and depth of the metal out there. Just one complaint……where is the Death?! Crystal Mountain is a top five song

  • Nice to see  a list that doesn’t include the same old bands or songs. I’m pretty surprised at Blaze being the number one pick.

  • Dániel Arató

    Congratulations, Mr Bayley!

  • Anonymous

    Quite an interesting list. Let me share mine in no particular order:

    Tool – The Pot
    Death – Individual Thought Patterns
    Cynic – King of those who know
    In Mourning – For you to know
    Major Parkinson – Heart of Hickory
    10 Rue de la Madelaine – Comme Sonny Cogne
    Protest the Hero – Bloodmeat
    The Human Abstract – Faust
    Shining – Lat oss ta allt fran narandra
    Amorphis – Elegy
    Dream Theater – Scene 6: Home
    Porcupine Tree – The start of something beautiful
    Fates Warning – A pleasant shade of grey, Part III
    Kvelertak – Ulvetid
    Bloodbath – Outnumbering the day
    Pantera – Mouth for war
    Opeth – Harlequin Forest
    Ihsahn – On the Shores
    In Flames – Square Nothing

    ….and many many more :)

    Btw, thanks for your great Blog!

  • jhjalmerlind

    Many people’s favorite Blind Guardian album is “Nightfall in Middle-Earth,” by my favorite is “Imaginations from the Other Side.”  What’s great about this album is that it’s strong all the way through. There’s no spoken word filler. It starts on a great note with “Imaginations from the Other Side,” which has the feeling of a tribal incantation. But where a lot of great albums use up their good ideas in the first few songs, this album continues to pummel you. My favorite songs are the last three: “Bright Eyes,” “Another Holy War,” and “And the Story Ends.” “Bright Eyes” is especially strong. I love the eerie intro, those chanted background vocals, and then the lead vocal, which holds that one powerful note while the rest of the music stops at about 45 second in. Perfect. Then the subversive repetition of “watching you, watching you, watching you” in the background — very freaky. It gives me chills. But again, it all comes down to the chorus: very memorable and beautiful, without lacking in power.

  • Leart Sapunxhiu

    What a fool lmao, Master of Puppets overrated? clearly you don’t have an idea what you’re talking about.

  • Leart Sapunxhiu

    What a fool lmao, Master of Puppets overrated? clearly you don’t have an idea what you’re talking about.

    • What a fool lmao, Master of Puppets not overrated? clearly you don’t have an idea what you’re talking about.

      • Leart Sapunxhiu

        hmm seems like angry metal guy is just a troll.. oh well, shitty blog anyway

        • 1/10. Terrible troll. Suggests trolling training or an hero.

          • AlphaBetaFoxface

            When you gotta wait 3 years to serve justice for maximum impact

    • What a fool lmao,  If you don’t  know anything at all about metal , you better shut the fuck up, the song is simple amazing…you prick

    • More metal, no. More technical and brilliant, yes.

  • Anonymous

    Wtf? no Death

    • Good point. Death is great and I love the band but songwise, not so much. Albumwise on the other hand, I would definitely put their stuff on that list.

  • Anonymous

    Baying of the Hounds, anyone?

    • Great track. Not even my favorite off that record, though.

  • Jamison Roberts

    Ok, i’ve just went through your top 50 and Steel Druhm’s top 50…and I agree more with yours.  You mentioned Metallica was your first album, and same with me, so perhaps that explains things a bit.  Though I must admit that neither list contained something from Entombed or Dismember, which seems crazy.  “Left Hand Path” might actually be my #1 song should I create a list these days (at age 37)

  • Jason K

    I’m pretty okay with this list as a whole, but I’m pretty disappointed nothing from Insomnium is here. “In the Groves of Death” might be the greatest song I’ve ever heard on one of the best albums ever made.

    Also, I’d put “The Moor” above any other Opeth songs listed. I love its opening buildup, the growls, the clean vocals, the lyrics (and the story they begin to present)…pretty much everything about it is amazing.

    I was so fucking happy to see Primordial and Agalloch get mentions, though. Agalloch is perfect to listen to when the weather turns colder and the leaves outside begin to die, and Primordial is just awesome.

  • Ryan Torkelson

    Well I like that I see bands I fucking like, I’ll throw out my favorites just incase you need more to listen to
    Necrophobic – Unholy Prophecies
    Necrophobic – The Ancients Gate
    Dismember – Overide the Overture
    Bloodbath – Coma of Souls
    Death – Flattening of Emotions
    Nile – Utterances of the Crawling Dead
    Nevermore – The River Dragon Has Come
    Opeth – Black Rose Immortal
    Diabolical Masquerade – Haunted By Horror
    Edge of Sanity – Twilight
    Suffocation – Thrones of Blood
    Iron Maiden – Revelations
    Lost Horizon – Kingdom of My Will
    Hibria – Stare At Yourself
    Morbid Saint – Lock up your children
    Demolition Hammer – Paracital Epitaph
    Dont want to take up to much space, but ya, comment back if you want to throw me some songs from similar bands or havent heard one of these

  • swlong

    Cool list, lot of good stuff.  The Insight and the Catharsis was the first song I’ve heard by Dimmu and gotta say it was pretty damn epic.  Do you guys have any plans for doing a Top 50 albums of all time list?

    • Top 50? Absolutely not. Top 20, probably sooner than later. :)

  • WA Ross

    I cannot put in words how happy I am about Blaze being number one. I am huge fan of his, especially after the epic last four tracks on “Promise and Terror.” 

  • I really wasn’t expecting #3, actually I wasn’t expecting any Metallica on this list , since they’ve pissed so many people off. But man! Thank you for choosing that song, Ride the Lightning is one of my all time favorite albums…I mean, I even bought Ride the Lightning converse for 52 freakin bucks. Great list, I enjoyed seeing my personal favorites along with songs I hadn’t heard, which are probably getting added to the list.

  • The Prophecy? Really? The whole SSOASS album is brilliant and there are far better songs than ‘The Prophecy”. Anyway, not gonna argue, it’s your choice. 
    You’re right about Nightfall though, it’s glorious and catchy. Nice and different list though, kudos for that.

    My best songs (in no particular order, can’t even choose just one freakin song):
    Iron Maiden – Hallowed Be thy Name / Phantom of the Opera / SSOASS
    Judas Priest – Victim of Changes / Beyond the Realms of Death / Sinner
    Metallica – The Four Horsemen / Master of Puppets / Blackened
    Slayer – Angel of Death / Seasons in the Abyss
    Anthrax – Indians / Madhouse 
    Accept – Balls to the Wall / Fast as a Shark
    Rainbow – Kill the King / Stargazer
    Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell / War Pigs
    Queensryche – Queen of the Reich / Take Hold of the Flame / Speak
    Megadeth – Holy Wars / Sweating Bullets / Tornado of Souls
    Manowar – Dawn of Battle / Blood of My Enemies
    Savatage – Hall of the Mountain King / Power of the Night
    Dio – Last in Line / Holy Diver
    Ozzy Osbourne – Mr Crowley
    Opeth – Blackwater Park
    Diamond Head – Am I Evil?
    Disturbed – Prayer

    There’s more… But I wouldn’t wanna fill up the entire damn page :P

  • I’d just like to say thank you Angry Metal Guy, for opening my eyes to a whole world of metal I didn’t even know existed. I was never a fan of death or black metal, but your choice of songs changed my outlook on them. And folk metal? Didn’t even know about it until I read this list. From here I began to explore into the depths of the metal world, finding songs from different sub-genres and different bands, which I will continue to do.
    Blah, blah, yadda, yadda, my point is that you made a great list. Mine would be different, naturally, but your picks (the Iced Earth, Sacred Reich, Dimmu Borgir, etc) would certainly appear on mine.

  • Morley

    Most of this stuff is shit.

  • frank

    angry song? down with the sickness by disturbed.

  • Félix Robichaud

    Why not Dimmu Borgir : Puritania
    Cradlle of Filth : Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids

  • Eli Valcik

    Steely D won this list