“Seven deadly sins, seven ways to win, seven holy paths to hell and your trip begins.  Seven downward slopes, seven bloodied hopes, seven are your burning fires.  Seven your desires…” Cue the keyboards and the power chords.  Anyone who knows this album and loves it knows exactly what I’m talking about. Possibly the coolest album intro of all time, to the best heavy metal record ever written: Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh Son.

Of course, Maiden makes it onto everyone’s lists when you do those all encompassing lists that metalheads and music geeks are obsessed with.  But it’s always Number of the Beast or Powerslave and everyone seems so content to just let that go.  I guess if you were 16 or 17 at the time and these were your first Maiden records, that probably explains it.  But as a huge Maiden fan who has extensively listened to every single one of their records hundreds of times (including the Blaze Bayley records), I have to report to you: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is easily the best Iron Maiden album and, in this Angry Metal Guy’s angry, and not-even-remotely-humble opinion, the best heavy metal record ever written.

I’m actually not exaggerating.  I really do believe that Seventh Son is the best album ever.  And let me tell you why: first, these guys hit their musical peak with this album.  Every Maiden album has filler, tracks which didn’t live up to the standard of the album they were on.  The song “Quest for Fire” mars an otherwise amazing album in Piece of Mind.  I find “The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” to be absolutely tedious, and “22 Acacia Avenue” makes baby Jesus cry.  And let’s not even talk about after Adrian left the band.  But not on Seventh Son.  Every single track on this album is amazing, and the one song I don’t think is just totally stellar was actually a hit single throughout the world (“Can I Play with Madness”)!

But whether or not these songs were hits or not, the composition on this album is perfect.  Dickinson’s vocal performance is unparalleled (a rare feat in the early days), the writing was unique and amazingly layered and in-depth, and the concept seems to hold the album together thematically.  Even the artwork is a step above the other stuff: grotesque, but not cheesy. That’s without having mentioned that this is the last album that Harris plays his unique lead-style of bass and shortly hereafter Adrian left, depriving the following albums of his textured, beautiful leads.  But herein, everything came together  into the perfect blend of musical virtuosity, pop sensibility and heavy, intelligent music.

Of course, everyone has different tracks that they think really embody the band, but I think for me that it’s “The Prophecy” that embodies what I love about Iron Maiden.  It starts slowly, delicate and beautiful, and then builds.  The guitar tone is very 80s, but very excellent before pounding into a fantastic syncopated riff, which may be one of the most powerful that was ever written for the band.  Dickinson nails the vocals, which are layered and have amazing lyrics.. and the leads are tremendous.  But what seals the deal for me is the final moments, the fading guitars and the beautiful acoustics that blended over top to the end.  This kind of musical diversity and intelligence just doesn’t exist on Maiden’s other albums.  This kind of perfection just doesn’t exist on any other record that I’ve ever listened to.

Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is truly a classic and if you don’t own it you are depriving yourself of the best heavy metal album ever written.

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  • JSC

    It’s hard to find people who agree with the sentiment expressed in this post, but I wholeheartedly endorse your nomination. Sure, I think most of Maiden’s albums are classics, but SSOASS is my desert island Maiden album. Brilliantly executed, from start to finish.

  • Adam

    Kudos to you! SSOASS is easily my favourite Iron Maiden album of all time. Every track is a keeper. It’s some of the most textured, complex, intelligent, and most brutal stuff that they’ve ever done. It’s their peak. It’s a shame that Adrian left soon after, and we got the more stripped-down, back to basics No Prayer For The Dying.

    Powerslave is probably my second favourite. I love every song on that disc. ROTAM is a classic Maiden song, IMO. I personally love the quiet middle section, with the creaking ship sound effects, and the quotation of the Coleridge poem on which the song was based.

  • Jacob

    Sir, you and I are in total agreement with this one. It is my all time favorite album. It is a work of art; perfection on every level.

  • sorteal

    Man I hate power metal, (not that IM is really power metal but they did kinda help birth the genre) but I love this album!! Iron Maiden is an amazing band and this is their masterpiece.

  • George Kirk

    While SSoaSS is not my favorite Maiden album, I agree with you it’s their most consistently excellent – no filler at all, tight performances, great solos – what’s not to love? Somewhere in Time is my sentimental favorite – and NOTB for the greatest metal song ever, “Hallowed Be Thy Name”.

    • Well, obviously HbtN is their best song—at least it’s up there. My favorite Maiden song is still probably “The Prophecy” from Seventh Son, though. It’s everything I love about the band smacked into one track. Hell, it’s even written by Dave Murray: what were the chances, you know?

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  • Michael Imbornoni

    Since this popped up because of that reply to Kirk, I might as well throw my two cents in: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is probably in my top 10 for Iron Maiden. Is it just the middle section with the bass doing the two augmented chords to two power chords thing that you don’t like?

  • Damn-Deal-Done

    The only Iron Maiden album that lives up to the album cover. Usually the albums have maybe one or two tracks that relate to the cover and I always find this a bit of a let down, but because this is a concept album, every song relates to an overall theme, something I wish all Maiden albums did to really bring those amazing album covers to life. Powerslave for instance. You look at that cover and get a sense that the album is going to be about ancient Egypt, slavery, something mythical and then the album starts with Aces High which thematically couldn’t be further away from the ideas invoked by the cover. As amazing as the album is, the cover is misleading. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son for this reason to me is the most complete Maiden album and definitely their best. It’s the one I would introduce people to first.

  • Dude, you hit the nail ON the head. This is my fave too for all same reasons! The whole band peaked at this stage like you said but thats not to say that they havent put out some good stuff but when compared to SSofASS, holy shit, the gap is huge! Good work son!