Last year our very own El Cuervo started rating a consensus list based on the releases that were mentioned in various lists. Giving each release a score, we then tally the point totals for each release. Each of our unique lists has a number of releases that simply come nowhere close to the top list. But it’s cool to see that we do actually seem to rally around a few great releases and some releases that I am a little bit more shocked to see. Regardless, this final “meta-list” will round off the year of’s list season. Thanks again for reading, listening, and your insightful comments (and recommendations). And thanks especially to El Cuervo for his by-hand mathematics and his love of lists.

The Meta-List (or the List to End All Lists)

Tau Cross_Tau Cross#(ish): Tau Cross // Tau Cross [#2 Grymm; #8 Dr. A.N. Grier; #(ish) Dr. Fisting; H.M. Steel Druhm] — On three lists and listed as an honorable mention, Tau Cross “is an example of a super group done correctly. While it may signal the end of AmebixTau Cross is a fine, moody, primal beast in its own right. From death, births life.”

Enshine_Singularity#10: Enshine // Singularity [#1 Steel Druhm; #7 Madam X; #9 Dr. A.N. Grier] — Singularity showed up on three lists and had the honor of being Steel Druhm‘s Record o’ the Year. “Without a doubt the most gorgeous and lush soundscape of the year and the very best melo-death/doom had to offer in 2015. Drawing obvious comparisons to Insomnium, Rapture and Omnium Gatherum‘s almighty New World Shadows, Singularity is awash with beauty, atmosphere and somber melancholia. The trilling leads, weeping solos, forlorn cleans paired with despairing growls—this is where the sad boy emo-death train stops and sobs forevermore.”

Sulphur Aeon - Gateway to the Antisphere#8 (tie): Sulphur Æon // Gateway to the Antisphere [#1 Diabolus in Muzika; #7 L. Saunders; #9 Roquentin; H.M. AMG]Sulphur Æon‘s newest record not only features some of the best art from 2015, it also features some of the year’s best death metal. Diabolus in Muzika was frothing at the mouth in fervent praise when he wrote: “Melodic death metal that draws from the wellsprings of Morbid Angel and Immolation instead of sucking Slaughter of the Soul even more dry, Gateway to the Antisphere stands as a testament to what metal should be in 2015. Instead of being purely revivalist or obnoxiously modern, Sulphur Aeon craft music that will sound fresh, timely, and vital when we’re listening to it a decade from now; the only thing that will put a date stamp on this is when we fondly remember it as 2015’s best offering.”

Horrendous - Anareta#8 (tie): Horrendous // Anareta [#3 L. SaundersJean Luc Ricard; #(ish) Grymm] — Alex-Fi has been flipping out over the fact that Anareta didn’t place on first place for everyone’s lists, but it made a pretty good showing anyway, with high ratings from two and an #(ish). Grymm explained that while we weren’t all falling over ourselves to scream praises to the heavens like we were in 2014, no one should get worked into a moral panic. “While Anareta didn’t wow me like last year’s incredible Ecdysis did, it managed to fortify Horrendous as a phenomenal death metal band, easily picking up the skull-tipped baton left behind by Evil Chuck over a decade ago.”

The Gentle Storm - The Diary#7: The Gentle Storm // The Diary [#1 Sentynel; #4 Jean Luc Ricard; #8 AMG] — Another year, another highly ranked Arjen Lucassen release. But this year, it was our silent guardian Sentynel who was the most excited for The Diary. As he’s not much of a talker, I did some Angry Metal Splainin’ in his stead: “The Diary is a bold and beautiful album. Arjen Lucassen is the only guy I’d trust with a project like this and he managed it with alacrity. The story on The Diary is heart-wrenching and Anneke’s vocal performances are dynamic and intense. Combined with the two separate approaches—the Storm and Gentle discs, both of which show off different sides of the same songs in a way that impresses—it’s hard to imagine The Diary being better.”

Night Flight Orchestra – Skyline Whispers 01#4 (tie): The Night Flight Orchestra // Skyline Whispers [#2 Sentynel; #3 El Cuervo; #6 Jean Luc Ricard; #9 Dr. Fisting] — 2015’s dark horse candidate, Skyline Whispers slow, but surely, crept up the point totals throughout list seasons. This was probably more of an internal surprise than external, but there was some pretty serious love for this bit o’ retro-rock. “Chock full of era-appropriate synth work and tasty lead guitar, Skyline Whispers effectively evokes the era of tiny shorts, mustaches and Camaros. It doesn’t quite measure up to the band’s debut Internal Affairs in terms of songwriting or audacity, but there’s still a lot of good things happening here. Tracks like ‘Stiletto,’ ‘Demon Princess,’ and ‘Living for the Nighttime’ will rock you like a hurricane.”

Nechochwen - Heart of Akamon#4 (tie): Nechochwen // Heart of Akamon [#3 Steel Druhm; #6 El CuervoGrymm; #9 L. SaundersAMG] — One of Steel Druhm‘s best finds of the year, Nechochwen took the staff by storm landing on 5 lists (none of them mentions or #[ish]es). As Steely D himself put it, “this is one of those rare albums where you immediately sense something special is going on. It isn’t just the Native American spin on traditional black metal and folk, but how much raw emotion and sincerity they create via heavy doses of Opeth and ’70s prog. Heart of Akamon is a difficult album to explain but an easy one to fall in love with; full of quirky arrangements and offbeat transitions from genre to genre, but the heart of it is so pure and real. I called it the Native America version of Bathory‘s Hammerheart and while that’s certainly true to an extent, this feels like something bigger and more spiritual. That makes for a rare kind of release and one everyone should experience.”

Beaten to Death - Unplugged#4 (tie): Beaten to Death // Unplugged [#2 Jean Luc Ricard; #3 Grymm; #4 AMG; #(ish) Kronos; H.M. L. SaundersEl Cuervo] — It feels like we’ve been flogging this album for two months because we have been. But that’s not because we’re getting paid, it’s because we really genuinely seem to like it! And there are reasons for that, of course, “the writing contained on Unplugged is nothing but good, honest heavy metal. Beaten to Death‘s melodic and idiosyncratic approach to grindful heavy metal is something that I have longed for without even realizing it. Unplugged is a cathartic listening experience and I feel like a new convert every time I listen to it. There’s something genuinely satisfying about breaking Unplugged out, turning it way the fuck up and letting 21 minutes of blistering, intelligent, and slick composition piss my neighbors right off.”

Vhöl - Deeper than Sky#3: Vhöl // Deeper than Sky [#1 Jean Luc Ricard; #2 L. Saunders; #3 Dr. Fisting; H.M. AMG] — Vhöl is the bottom a top 3 that differentiated itself markedly from the bottom 8 records. Given all the strong feelings that abound about this excellent record, it shouldn’t have been surprising to see it up here, though. Deeper than Sky grabbed the heart of our ever logical Jean Luc Ricard, who gave it the top honors for 2015: “This album has everything good about heavy metal densely packed into forty-two insane minutes of sheer delight. Brilliant songs, hammering riffs, insane vocals, righteous attitude, and plenty of curveballs have me reaching for the play button again every time this finishes. The ludicrously tight performances, great production and awesome cover art provide the icing, cherries and magic candles on top of this scrumptious and unique aural gateaux.”

Trials - This Ruined World#2: Trials // This Ruined World [#2 AMG; #4 Kronos; #5 Alkikuras; #6 Dr. A.N. Grier; #10 L. Saunders; H.M. Grymm, Steel Druhm, Jean Luc Ricard] — Trials has the distinction of being named on the most lists this year (and we’re actually not alone, searching the Internets will show that more people love this album than just us). Unfortunately, all this love comes in the wake of Trials breaking up, which is tragic. This makes what I wrote on my list seem vaguely prophetic: “This Ruined World features tight songs in an environment marked by onanistic self-indulgence in recordings. Trials makes a brand of thrash metal that is anything but nostalgic, foregoing the tight jeans and 1986-chic to make serious music that stands on its own. This Ruined World is filled with grindy guitar tone and trashy cymbals, but it hardly fulfills the trend-setters’ desire for one-take vocal tracks, crusty repetition or bloated, slow songs. Nothing about This Ruined World is trendy. And This Ruined World attempts no pretense. Appreciate what you’ve got while it’s still in reach, because Trials is a national treasure and This Ruined World is a thrashterpiece.”

#1: Wilderun // Sleep at the Edge of the Earth [#1 El CuervoAMG; #5 L. SaundersDr. Fisting] — No record inspired the kind of devotion that Sleep at the Edge of the Earth did, however. It snuck out a close win over Trials through sheer strength of list placement, when it came to points. And the record inspires devotion because, well, it’s brilliant. El Cuervo wrote our first slobbering love letter to the band, so we’ll let him tell you why this record is the Record o’ the Year: “Where do I even begin with this one? I happen to be in the camp backing 2015 as a great year for metal, but Wilderun was just so far ahead of the competition. I would literally not change a single aspect of Sleep at the Edge of the Earth and I’m convinced it will go on to be a truly standout album of the 2010s. Though broadly folk metal, the myriad of genres at play are executed and integrated with sincerity and skill, including black metal, melodeath, prog and classical. Full of pomp, bombast and yet realizing an earthy mysticism, this was one of the easiest decisions I’ve ever had to make.”

Wilderun - Sleep at the Edge of Earth

Blinding Our Readers with Science! An Analysis of Taste among Metal Music Reviewers

By: Jean Luc Ricard
You can see by eyeballing our lists that there are some similarities between writers’ opinions. We did some analysis to quantify just how much agreement there was. To simplify things, we just looked at the top ten rankings, excluding -ishes and honorable mentions. With the 15 top-ten lists, that meant a possible 150 unique records we could have chosen. As it happens, there were 107 unique records in our lists – our tastes are diverse, but there is clearly some overlap. To see exactly who agreed with whom and by how much, we measured the correlation1 between each list. A score of 0 means no correlation (no shared list items) and a score of 1 means identical lists (same items in the same order). These are the results – with the correlation indicated by color (the plot is symmetrical because the correlation measure is symmetrical, i.e. the correlation between my and AMG‘s list is the same as the correlation between AMG and my list).

Correlation between each writer's top-ten lists.

Correlation between each writer’s top-ten lists.

The highest correlation is between L. Saunders and Angry Metal Guy, with a value of 0.38 (incidentally, L. Saunders‘ list correlates most highly on average with all the other lists with an average correlation of 0.14, and AMG‘s list 2nd most highly with an average correlation of 0.13. Mark Z‘s list was the most unique, with an average correlation of <0.01). These correlations all seem fairly low, so we checked to see what kind of correlation values we would expect to find between ranked lists of ten items. Given a few (hopefully) reasonable assumptions, we can say that any correlation greater than about 0.1 is unusually high2 – we deem these “significant.” These unusually high correlations are marked in light blue in the figure below. AMG has the most significant correlations (6) with the other writers.

Correlation between each writer's top-ten lists, with "significant" correlations marked in blue

Correlation between each writer’s top-ten lists, with “significant” correlations marked in blue

What does this mean? Were we attracted to write for AMG because we have similar tastes? Or is AMG‘s taste influenced by our exceptional reviews and opinions? I favor the latter explanation [based on the possibly unfounded assumption that I read my own blog… – AMG], and given the data I guess AMG would probably agree with me…

Show 2 footnotes

  1. using a measure called Rank Biased Overlap that was originally developed to measure the similarity between search engine rankings
  2. This sounds oddly low if you’re used to dealing with correlations but makes sense given the model assumptions; let me know in the comments if you want more information on these
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  • FutureBeyondSatan

    I own six of those. None of which would have made my top ten. What a great year for metal!

  • Monsterth Goatom

    The breakup of Trials is sad indeed. I also hear Slugdge is breaking up.

    I did think Panopticon would show up more on the year end lists.

    • Grymm



      • Life is pain.

      • De2013

        I suppose the news that GNR are planning a reunion tour doesn’t mend the pain?

    • Dr_Fisting

      Slugdge too?! You gotta be kidding me.

    • Icki

      The only time I remember Slugdge suggesting they’d be breaking up is the comments here (Not at all stalker-ish…)

      Slimridden Kingdoms was released since then, the only hope is that, like Gastromonicon before it, it’s relative success has surprised them enough to carry on. That they’ve recently made CD’s and t-shirts available could be a positive sign.

      • Monsterth Goatom

        Let’s hope so. I think I’ll drop them a note of support. And for those who haven’t done so already: if you like Slugdge, I encourage you to throw them a few bucks for the latest release.

        • I ordered their 3-album CD release they’re putting out, it looks ace. Their cover art is always fantastic.

          • Pimpolho

            What about a Slugdge triple album? EH?

          • Don’t poke the AMG.

    • For some strange reason, I was very luke warm to the new Panopticon.

  • Irineu Carvalho

    What the f… is this s… about Trials splitting?

    • Kronos

      Now there’s a band that knows to quit while they’re ahead.

    • They couldn’t handle the love I dumped on them.

      • It’s a tough love indeed.

        • Monsterth Goatom

          But it hurts so good.

      • Monsterth Goatom

        You poured too much sugar on them.

      • [not a Dr]

        Not everyone is into Hot Karls

        • Report to HR.

          • [not a Dr]

            Not for “love dumping”, I hope.

          • Exactly for that.

          • sir_c

            where’s Geoff Tate when you need him

    • Dr_Fisting

      I heard their frontman has a new project called Black Sites (hint hint…)

      • Kronos

        I heard it’s SUPER FUCKING GOOD.

      • I heard it before it was cool!

      • John

        As a fellow Chicagoan, is that a Homan Square reference?

        • Dr_Fisting

          Hi neighbor! The name refers to a few things, Homan Square being one of them. Good eye!

    • Vardan’s not a quitter. We can still count on him for more enjoy of deep sadness. All is right in the world.

      • ZING!

      • Kronos

        Hey, where is your promised list of the top ten Vardan releases?

    • I too am perplexed.

    • John


      • John

        How about 4 or 5 farewell tours? If washed up bands can do it, a thrash outfit in their prime could get away with it.

  • The fact more of the staff didn’t agree with me suggests the need for a Great Purge.

    • Angry Metal Gulags…

      • Remetalification camps.

        • “Did I say camps? I meant, ‘educational facilities,’ where you won’t be forced into hours of manual labor to the epic metal pipes of Jörn Lande and whipped when you complain about his terrible lyrics!”

          • Actually that’s pretty much the entire modality I had in mind.

          • You’re not supposed to tell. That kind of thing is frowned upon.

          • How else will we get these kids on the right track and reJorning polite society?

          • Keep that pun for the Jörney home!

    • Kronos

      Way ahead of you; I’m reading this on the toilet.

      • Francesco Bordoni

        Just, you know, starting a slow clap here

        • Francesco Bordoni

          …which also happens to be – incidentally – the sentence a constipated chinese man would use to announce his own Great Purge

      • Monsterth Goatom

        Hey, me too! Great minds…. Never mind.

    • sir_c

      It’s now very easy to see who are AMG’s yay-sayers and who are AMG’s nay-sayers :-)

      • I don’t think the intended response to this data was supposed to be to create camps of “pro” and “anti-” Angry Metal Guy, dude.

        • sir_c

          I did put in a :-)

          • Touché.

          • sir_c

            On a second thought, I think the balance is pretty good: there are reviewers with a similar taste to create cohesion and there are with a different opinion for diversity.
            What makes the blend good is the fact there is mutual respect for one another, unlike other blogs I’ve read.

          • Behind the scenes we’ve had 2 shivings, 1 shovel attack and a possible poisoning with a radioactive isotope. Other than that we’re one big happy family.

          • sir_c

            Nothing extraordinary for some gifted traveller’s family, eh? :-)

  • sir_c

    Let’s hope that 2015’s correlation figures will not be 2016’s average DR score

  • Kronos

    I think the biggest takeaway here is that we can safely fire AMG since we have another writer who has basically the same opinions but actually writes for us once in a while.

    • Kaboom goes the dynamite.

    • sir_c

      Is this what is called a Career Limiting Move?

    • Dr_Fisting


    • Y’know, you’d think you’d have reconsidered that joke given that I am actually your source to all the music you love to wax pretentious about. Guess who just moved to the top of the “unsigned metalcore” genre preference list…

      • Thanks, Kronos!!

      • Kronos

        It will be a good palate cleanser between unique leader releases.

        • lol, you think you’re getting Unique Leader releases… <3 the young and naïve.

  • Rob Nine

    When are the AMG shirts going to be available for sale?

    • Sometime this year, Wotan willing.

    • I dunno, I’m pretty sensitive about accusations of selling out.

      • Me too but the public demands merch!

        • sir_c

          Periodically change the T-shirt design, with the AOTM cover on it in some way. That would create some cult following methinks.

          • Then they’d be collectibles like Beanie Babies!

      • I think you should be grateful that you have a public demanding such things.

        • AMG is the Marlon Brando of metal reviewers. He wants to live on a private island away from the dirty masses.

          • You know he keeps saying to me that this site would be world’s better if it wasn’t for all the excellent and insightful reviews and opinions that are not his (and thus, clearly wrong).

          • Rob Nine

            I think they need a section where an old timer such as Kerry King, Gene Simmons or Dee Snider makes a disparaging remark about new music or other musicians. Then lots of people can comment on how stupid said old timer is or why the story was published. I think that would make for a great metal news website.

          • Carlos Marrickvillian

            Isn’t that Metal Sucks?

          • Rob Nine

            I was being facetious, sorry. That is how I believe they come up with stories on Metal Sucks, Metal Injection, Blabbermouth, etc.

          • Carlos Marrickvillian

            haha oh right :)

          • sir_c

            Are a) and b) not the same?

          • Good point.

          • Artorias Pyrelord

            Ya cannot have a private island and ignore the masses. Cannot have your cake and eat it both.

      • Rob Nine

        Selling out? Hell no! It’s only selling out when you take money from companies to give their music a good rating. I don’t see AMG losing their integrity that way. Oh course, that’s just one man’s opinion. I would love to be walking around Disney World with my teenagers wearing a shirt with the AMG Mona Lisa logo. That would be the shit.

      • Nick Maestas

        Sell Angry Metal Guy shirts with your pic saying “This shirt made my blog sellout.”

  • Just to clear the record: “Flipping out” was a gross understatement.

    • Heh :D I thought it was going to end up as my ROTY but repeated listens to that and other stuff made it slip down a few places. It’s nearing perfection, but not quite there yet.

      • No worries dude, I got you covered!

  • Thatguy

    I’m glad we are done with lists after this.

  • Vice-President of Hell

    AMG: the site where mostly authors talks with each other on comment section

    • We’re a happy family.

    • That’s not always the case. But when we do engage it’s always a laugh riot.

  • michael rodrigues

    where the hell is panopticon?

    • It’s everywhere. That’s the definition.

      • Carlos Marrickvillian

        haha zinger!

      • SegaGenitals

        I see what you did there

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    What do we want LISTS,
    When do we want them NOW
    What do we want LISTS,
    When do we want them NOW

    • Thatguy


      • Carlos Marrickvillian


    • You’re just gonna have to wait for next year!

      • Carlos Marrickvillian

        but but, what about Steel Drums top 10 Unicorns list?

  • Reese Burns

    It’s good to see that after all the staff-on-staff violence, firings, unicorn-skewrings, and various other forms of extreme violence that one encounters working for AMG, everyone can come together and agree that Sleep at the Edge of the Earth is a fucking great album.

  • savafreak

    The more I see The Less I Believe !

    • Are you still mad about the new Iron Maiden record not being on our lists?

      • savafreak

        I have become a disbeliever because of that ! and to make things even worse, the new Satan album is not here also, you’re drifting away each year from the “True” genres of metal and embracing the weivd, the expevimental and the “ugly” ! (I intentionally replaced the r with a v)

        • I’m not sure I agree with the idea that there are “true” genres of metal, unless you mean the old school or traditional sound, which I think we represent quite well around these parts.

          Sorry to hear that, though.

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    I gotta say thats a pretty sweet list and Trials splitting is disappointing news to start the year…:(

  • SegaGenitals

    Think I’ll jam Wilderun for the fifth time, hoping it’ll click. I feel like I should enjoy it more that I do in light of nigh universal acclaim.

  • Noobhammer

    I think we’ve all found what this site was missing……GRAPHS AND CHARTS!!!! I would like to make a formal request to see more graphs please? Specifically either a pie graph or scatterplot.

    • Pie charts are the unsigned-metalcore of the graph world.

      • Noobhammer

        Sometimes great but mostly boring and blasé?

        • Sometimes great but usually the music (data) would be better represented by a different genre (chart).

          I know, tenuous.

      • Martijn Brugman

        As long as you use the marketing-style 3D approach to make 16% seem the largest chunk!

        • 3D pie charts can suck my balls. I fucking hate them so much. You inevitably see them on medics’ posters and I just want to kill them all.

    • This is the wrong group to kid about that with. They’ll bury you with data points and stat tracking before you can get your slide rule out.

  • I am a little late to the commenting as I’ve been away for the past 2 weeks, but looking through all of the best of lists here, I agree with a lot of the bands, but I am surprised that no one included Kingcrow – Eidos anywhere. Not even an honorable mention…. I thought this was a great album and not only the music is great, but it has one of the coolest album covers of the year!

    • Dr. A.N. Grier

      It definitely is a great album. I still listen to it but can’t explain why it didn’t quite make it for me.

      • Nothing wrong with that. For me, there were other really good albums this year that for one reason or another, I never come back to. My Dying Bride, Armored Saint, and Secrets of the Sky were 3 for me that seem to keep slipping through the cracks! :)

        • Dr. A.N. Grier

          Exactly. There are a ton of good ones but – for one reason or another – still wouldn’t quite make my top ten. Not a bad problem to have.

  • I keep trying to listen to Wilderun and it just doesn’t quite work. The folk sections make me want to punch the band in the groin, but then they’ll move into a non-folk section and it’s glorious.

    Fucking folk metal. Ruining good music since 1990.

  • Nick Maestas

    “Angry Metal Lists ver. 2.0”

  • Danny Becker

    Needs moar scatterplot and Z-SCORES

    • Do you see any normal distributions here? :P

    • Martijn Brugman

      and possibly some hierarchical clustering and PCA loading plots

  • Mr T

    No dudes. Vhöl is easily the best album of this lot.

  • De2013

    Actually a bit suprised Locrian’s Infinite Dissolution didn’t make it to any lists.

  • Hah, more lists are good but science is even better. I’d like to know what the reasonable assumptions were, or at least for this thing to become a Thing from now on. Well, it’s only once a year, but still. Maths comforts me.

    • If a pair of lists are more highly correlated than expected when assuming the lists were generated randomly, we say they are significantly correlated. I had to estimate this “more than expected” threshold numerically because I don’t think there is a known underlying distribution of correlations given the particular measure I used.

      If we assume lists are generated by randomly selecting 10 records (without replacement) from the set of records released in 2015, then you can estimate the distribution of correlation scores by randomly generating thousands of lists, measuring the correlations between all of them, and plotting the histogram of these correlations. Any correlation score between our lists that is greater than 95% of the correlation scores in this randomly generated population is then deemed “significant” (i.e. unlikely to have been generated randomly).

      The shape of the histogram of correlations depends strongly on how many records you are selecting the 10 random records from. Metal archives lists 6294 full length records released in 2015, but it’s super unlikely we listened to all of those. If we generated random lists of 10 items selected from 6294 possibilities, extremely low correlations would be deemed significant because you hardly expect many correlations to arise by chance. I therefore generated random lists from 500 possibilities, which is roughly the number of records reviewed on AngryMetalGuy dot com in 2015, making the assumption that the writers had probably listened to these albums. This gave the significance threshold of >=0.1. This is simplistic and doesn’t take into account that we listened to different albums – amongst other problems – but it at least gives a feel for the what the measurement scale means and which values are interestingly high.

      • Look at yer big brain! This is why we keep you around.

      • Martijn Brugman

        Bootstrap me crazy, Jean-Luc! So how about the scenario where a highly recommended album gets picked up by the other staff and then ends in their end-of-year list. Perhaps a network analysis approach might show the influence of every staff member. Coincidentally, this type of analysis is also sure to get you into trouble when certain staff members do not end up where they think they should :)

        • Ah so assess the influence of each writer based on what score they gave a record and who then picked it up in their list? That would be cool, but I think fraught with dragons: you’d need to control for the number of reviews each writer contributed over the course of the year for example. I don’t think there’d really be enough data to do anything robust.

          • Actually, network analysis is sort of my bag. I might just try that.

  • Refined-Iron Cranium

    OK you bloody well convinced me to finally listen to Trials and colour me impressed, this shit is good.
    Now I feel disappointed that I wasn’t blasting the album for the past few months, but better late than never.

    • I’m honestly a bit shocked that you hadn’t taken our expert advice earlier.

      • Refined-Iron Cranium

        It’s one of those records I kinda put off because I was trying to get into more established bands’ newest albums (Arcturus, Amorphis, Leviathan, Iron Maiden, etc.). Turns out I should have switched to this sooner, instead of being disappointed by the aforementioned bands.

        The music really reminds me of a more dissonant and an angrier God Forbid, which is a good thing in my book. In fact, it’s like a cross between God Forbid and Exhorder.

        Also, I did not know Dr Fisting was in the band. Props to him for making some great fucking metal.

  • Guillotine of Papal Crowns

    I go on vacation and not only AMG finishes the end-year-lists but publishes MOAR lists and aggregated lists… AND SO LITTLE LOVE GOING TO GOROD ;__;.
    But I’m very happy to see that Sulphur Aeon is at the 8th place. A crushing album that I keep on rotation without question.

  • Eryops

    What ever happened to Happy Metal Guy?

    • We don’t talk about that sort of thing.

      (though I believe his reanimated corpse has been spotted lurking in the forum)