• VikingSchism

    Ooh, a band that’s relatively local, and pleasantly surprised me with the embedded track, I’ve got to listen to this album fully

  • Thatguy

    Pink ain’t metal. And nor is this music.

    • Drew Music

      Oh, don’t be tha-
      Shit. Well, carry on I guess.

    • Dethjesta

      Pink was metal in the 80s. I don’t necessarily approve, but it was.

      • Thatguy

        Many things were crap in the 80s.

      • It was metal on the Sunset Strip and hated elsewhere. (Or at least that’s the impression I’m left with.)

    • sir_c

      you know the saying, everybody is pink from the inside…

      i first misread the band name as Asia, which is closer to this band than metal.

    • Sean Sky

      There are some bands you could argue are bordering on not metal. However, this is not one of them.

    • You just got to be THAT GUY don’t you?

  • Eli Valcik

    What the fuck is that band photo?

    • Alexandros

      That’s a band photo waiting to be unicornized!

      • I would say that photo has already been unicorned. They are clearly one step ahead of the AMG crowd.


      Were I to hazard a guess, I would say that the band photo is a reference to the Choul Chnam Thmey (Cambodian New Year) tradition of throwing flour or baby powder at strangers – like a dry Songkran. Where’s the link, you ask? The name of the band is similar to Asura, mythological lord beings often seen depicted in bas-reliefs on the walls of the Angkor Wat – also in Cambodia.

      • Eli Valcik

        I’m not doubting it’s historical significance or basis in mythology that relates to the band. I just found it to be a weird picture to associate heavy metal with.

  • The third (beautifully written) paragraph hooked my full attention.
    I always have great appreciation for this kind of gradually thickening and intensifying compositions. It’s one of the most powerful tools of expression, when done right – and so it is in this case. The embedded 8 minutes flows like 4, evoking what’s best in modern Anathema.

    Plus, when someone mentions Sir Gilmour, you better know that the shit is serious.

    • Drew Music

      Gilmour is God, and this is not a popular opinion but I felt that Pink Floyd did just fine when Waters left and it became the Gilmour show. The solo to On The Turning Away is the single most influential moment any artist has ever contributed to my own playing, though my style jumps amidst melodeath, Agallochian-black and Ulcerate-ish prog-black (yeah, I said it, fight me.)
      It bums me out to no end that 90% of the Pink Floyd ‘fans’ I’ve encountered can only ever cite like 3 songs max, almost invariably mentioning the perpetual cring-envoking ‘We Don’t Need No Education’ as being their supposed favorite song, even though they don’t know the fucking name…
      Sorry to rant, I just know so many poser dipshits who like The Almighty Floyd when it’s cool to and it saddens me, I feel like they are over glorified by plebian assholes who don’t know what they have on their hands and it’s been a lifelong struggle to not murder ever half-assed Floyd fan I’ve ever met. The Final Cut is one of the greatest albums ever made, yet everyone who missed the real impact of The Wall wants to blow that album to death…

      • Sean Sky


      • PanzerFistDominatrix

        Only you and three other people truly understand the epicness of the musical and spiritual depth of Pink Floyd, right? You relate to and feel the music so much deeper than the rest of us, right? Your post is the textbook definition of pretentious self-importance. Lame shit.

        • Drew Music

          I had thought there were only two, so this is welcome news indeed.
          I went out of my way to point out that I was referencing people I’ve encountered, don’t get yourself riled up for the sake of being riled up.

          • PanzerFistDominatrix

            Roger that. I’ll rile myself down drinking a cup of single origin coffee without even knowing form which country it came. That’s how shallow a coffee fan I am. I just might still like the taste though.

          • Aguy

            Looks like you #TRIGGERED him.

      • Ta2dlam

        I preach The Final Cut to people all the time. It’s one of my favorite Floyd albums. When Roger’s scream turns into the sax in The Gunner’s Dream…Not Now John, Fletcher’s Memorial, and the climax of Two Suns In the Sunset…all of those are heavy moments and it’s just such a great album from start to finish. Animals is still the only Floyd album I can’t get into. I’ve tried so many times because I know a ton of people who dig it but it just doesn’t hit me for some reason. Okay, non-metal on AMG comment over.

        • El_Cuervo

          I need to spin The Final Cut a few more times. But dude, Animals is special. Their best outright prog album I think. Like their other best albums all have psych / other genre elements but Animals is just prog.

          • Ta2dlam

            Alright, El_Cuervo, I’ll try again. I really feel like I’ve been missing something given all the music aficionados whose opinions I respect continue to praise it.

  • Caleb

    Just listened to the album on Bandcamp. Solid. It may not be Trve, but I can hear all the instruments.

  • A Feed From Cloud Mountain

    The last few minutes of the embedded track remind me heavily of Novembre, at least the vocals anyway. I might give it a shot.

  • Wilhelm

    These guys are serious about their cotton candy.

  • Dethjesta

    Nice review El. I’ve listened to the album through once. Think i’m gonna have to buy it. There is certainly enough there for me to want to listen to again.

  • AddicoInABox

    That was some seriously boring bullshit.

    Would be a great soundtrack for a laundry detergent commercial or some shit like that though

  • Frost15

    I actually liked this a lot.

  • Hideous destructor

    Hearing minimal Floyd and no Opeth. More like Sigur Ros and maybe Empyrium when the harsh vocals come in. Embedded track does not a lot for too long, so I’ll pass I’m afraid.

    • El_Cuervo

      If ya wanna read again I said the structures are like Opeth and the solos are like Floyd. Not the entire thing. But I appreciate the Empyrium reference.

      • Hideous destructor

        Fair enough. I just feel that although Opeth do slow builds on occasion, they usually get the big riffs in fairly early. Good review, just not for me.

  • madhare

    They’re from Reading… Fitting really. They’re just as shallow as the massive shopping centre that occupies the town centre. It’s like they told me when I lived there: “We used to have a rock/metal pub”. But currently no metal in sight, barely even rock. (No, Purple Turtle with their occasional Iron Maiden song doesn’t count.)

    What the hell is this doing on AMG’s site? EDIT: Oh, wait. It’s the glued on metal bit that appears on the embedded track after 7 minutes of soap box music?

    • El_Cuervo

      There are fully metallised tracks too. I didn’t realise something with significant non-metal parts would be so rejected…

      • madhare

        Ah, maybe the embedded track is giving the wrong impression.

        In general, I don’t hate all non-metal stuff. But bubble-gum soft-pop happens to be one of the genres that I just find too fleeting. It’s everywhere, it’s pretentious, and it’s all so damn boring. In my humble opinion, of course. And maybe I was having a crappy day anyway. :)

  • Akira Watts

    Finally got around to checking this out. Yeah, the bits that are unambiguously metal aren’t super frequent, but they hit hard enough when they do come around. And very much digging on the leads – I can hear the Gilmour influence pretty clearly. I hear some occasional echoes of last year’s Astronoid album in some of the poppier moments (a good thing, as far as I’m concerned.)

    All in all, a few listens in, I’m happy. Not terribly metal, but neither was Ulver’s latest, and that wasn’t half bad. Glad I heard about these dudes here, since I imagine it might have been easy for me to miss them.