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  • Jon Hartley

    Holy crap. “A wild 4.5 appears!”

    Embedded track is good enough. I suspect this one will take multiple listens to really shine.

  • Equilux

    Hmm I think I can live without this one. Singer actually annoys me.

  • Eli Valcik

    Hmmmm, saw the band name and did not expect to see a 4.5.

  • The Akerstache

    And just like that the average score for September is now a solid 2.529.

    As for this, I honestly don’t love it. It’s okay, but it plods at a snails pace without any real feeling of payoff. Maybe I’ll get it eventually, but I’m not really feeling it.

    • Eli Valcik

      October is going to kick fucking ass again. Look at Firebreather and Affliktor just to name two.

      • The Akerstache

        Holy shit Affliktor is good.

        Honestly the only thing I’ve heard that was worth my time this month has been Dyscarnate. Subterranean Masquerade was good too, but it honestly just introduced me to Suspended Animation Dreams more than anything.

        • Eli Valcik

          Yeah I haven’t found much I’ve liked this month either. I’ve just been listening to lots of old Manilla Road.

          • The Akerstache

            Yeah, I’ve mainly spent this month appreciating all the other stuff we’ve gotten this year. It’s not like I’d be able to pull myself away from oltreLuna or Renaissance in Extremis even if this month was exceptional.

      • Nukenado


        (The allcaps one, not DsO.)

        • Eli Valcik

          I had no idea, Diablo Swing Orchestra had a new album coming out, awesome!

          • Nukenado

            Next month too! Massive excite! We might not be getting a review though due to Spinefarm (alledgedly) utilizing a stream only promo selection.

    • Name’s Dalton

      I spent my 20s and 30s listening to bands that used restraint and minimalism as part of their ethos, but they usually provided a pay off. This band? Not so much. And we really need a reward for going on the 11-minute slog.

      • The Akerstache

        That’s the make it or break it aspect of doom for me, if it builds up to something massive and gives me a payoff it’s all worth it. I absolutely adored Lands by Bereft because it was willing to take it’s time but it never let me down with the big moments. This, it feels like something big is coming, but it never comes, and you just feel disappointed. Which is sad because I feel like this really could have been something great.

  • Ouch. BIG|BRAVE gets a BIG|NO from me. The singing is terrible and Im gonna sound like my mom when I was in high school and she came into my bedroom declaring that “Vulgar Display of Power” sounded like noise, as thats all I hear here. Dare I predict this will be featured in an upcoming “Contrite Metal Guy” with a revised score?!

    • Yeah, a 5.0! Be careful what you wish for! :-p!

  • Wow! Didn’t expect a 4.5. You bunch of bearded hipsters scored it higher than Pitchfork. :-D

    (I really liked their previous album/EP, so was looking forward to this one. )

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      You just made me realize reviewers should post their pictures so we can judge them based on appearance and dismiss them as posers/hipsters/whatever they look like!

      • sir_c

        Well, his front end looks rather sussudio to me

      • El Fuego Asciende

        bruh, just admit it. This style of “metal” is pretentious as fuck. Hence the “hipster” connotation. Everyone that is loving this is coming off like there is something here that I guess the rest of us “knuckle draggers” are not picking up when really it’s just artsy droney doom with Bjork on vocals. Oh look you have a beard too ironically…. please tell me you are drinking a can of LaCroix wearing your favorite romper as you are reading this. At least come forward with that, amiga XD

  • Diego Molero

    I like the singing, but this is just really, really, boring music-wise. I’ll pass on this one.

  • Master of Muppets

    This will take some patience and re-spins, I’m sure/I hope. The music is fuckin sweet, but I’m still not sure where I stand on the vocals. They have yay moments and nay moments, maybe further exposure will instill appreciation or at least tolerance. The review really makes me wanna like this, so I hope this turns out to be the case.

  • El Fuego Asciende

    Listening to this is really challenging to one’s patience. But If I am missing something I am all ears. I like Sumac, so how is this similar or different to what a band like that is doing. I get that it uses dynamics of sound and silence but on the surface it comes off like pretentious simplicity of songwriting. How can I find that thought was put into this? I am intrigued by how people listen to this style. Thanks

    • Nukenado

      My personal way of appreciating the songwriting is watching at 1.5 speed and skipping the 3 minute ambient section.

  • Michael Saurette

    You had me at silver mt zion

  • Metal and Hockey

    Couldn’t make it through the whole song.

  • Ben Blue

    Not for me. I find this to be the musical equivalent of modern abstract art that looks like a 5 year old painted it.

  • sir_c

    I do like some bold statements, but this one, I dunno. Imma let it sink in for a while

  • Malev Draizhen

    Yeah no thanks, the vocalist sounds like a pissed off chihuahua and the music ain’t interesting enough to suffer trough that.

    • Name’s Dalton

      I kinda dig her vocals.

  • Frost15

    Sounds like Bosnian Rainbows playing stoner drone doom, which is interesting, but I think the 4,5 will get a lower score sooner or later in a Contrite Metal Guy article.

  • Christopher

    This is the equivalent of my ex girlfriend breaking up with me because I couldn’t find the artistry in her post modern bullshit photography.

    It’s garbage and you have to put on some very pretentious rose colored glasses to listen to it and find meaning beyond the meandering noise.

    • Name’s Dalton

      I liked this comment for the part about breaking up with your girlfriend over her photography. Would love to have been there for that conversation.

  • Choodi

    Yeah, that linked track was shit. I kept waiting for the actual song to start and, well, it didnt.

  • I listened to Sound. I don’t know what to say. I listened to the whole thing, mainly to see how it progressed and progress it did not. This is very static music. 11 minutes seemingly playing the same riff over and over with little to no variation in any of the instrumentation. There’s nothing wrong with simple at all. It’s amazing what can be achieved with a few chords or notes, but there doesn’t appear to be much happening here at all. The drums are particularly flat and completely lifeless. This has no bass guitar? I think it needs it to provide some sort of interplay with the guitars. I’ll say it again, this is just so flat.

    While typing this on my mobile the second track played through. It is slightly more interesting than the first which hints at some progression, but again doesn’t end up going anywhere. Maybe a twenty minute song will do it. The third track is more of the same.

    On a more positive note, the world is running out of riffs and at least these guys have only used three and managed to create a 10+ minute song out of each one. Conservationist metal perhaps.

  • I think I’ve never experienced such a huge difference between reviewer’s rating and score I’d personally give (if the whole thing is similar to the embedded track)… Whole 4 points to be precise. This is not only extremely boring, but strike a certain sensitive nerve in my system, to the point of annoyance and hate:(

  • Nukenado

    This is definitely Roquentin’s thing alright.
    BTW, I was just checking out your older reviews, and wondering “when’s he going to write a new review? It’s been three months” and lo and behold!

    As for this music…
    I’m not a huge advocate for crescendocore, but I do believe that the music is just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy
    The tension is really something I enjoy, with the emotional heaviness of Chelsea Wolfe. Her voice, while I can get that it might be a bit annoying when she soars high, is a beautiful contrast from the slow and droning music. Her delivery contrasted with the tortured music is some seriously powerful stuff.

    Which is why I completely tuned out by 6:00. I really don’t need 3 minutes of ambience after you just gave me a stunning vocal performance in tandem with some depressing instrumentals. Just half a minute would be fine. The refound intensity at 8:30 does rekindle my interest a bit, but I’m really “meh”‘d out by the 3 minutes interlude already.

    The ending instrumental is nice, if a little repetitive.

    Maybe it’s a “must be experienced along with entire album” thing, but this track leaves me having mixed feelings about whether some things should have been left on the cutting floor or not.

    The embedded track is a 2.5 from me.

  • Well reviewer, just so you hear a different opinion than these other commenters, I’m with you on this one.

    I say, less Steven Wilson sad bastard music at AMG, and more of this.

  • Equilux

    Btw guys – were you maybe thinking about putting visitors` vote option? It would be nice to have a comparison sometimes.

  • This sounds like swans to me, but without the deep, foreboding horror of m gira or the latent hostility of jarboe. Though I like this I wonder if it won’t just get me to listen to swans instead

  • h_f_m

  • Maximos662

    A lot of pushback on this review, but I have to say that I loved this track, and might well get the album. Normally, any similarity to Sunn O))) would be a sign to me to look elsewhere, as their take on drone doesn’t resonate with me, but the violin, vocals, and drums (which offer a quasi-tribal feel, ot my ear) put this over the top.

    What I cannot stand is the video, with the blurring of Wattie’s face. I’m still trying to shake the migraine it induced.

  • I’m 100% in on this one.


    meh leaning towards nope.

  • Bas

    I like the singing.. I will check this out. (hope its not too much david tibet influenced.. One song will be ok but more…).

  • The Unicorn

    This is truly terrible. Her voice makes me want to run in front of a large speeding delivery truck. Good review, bad music.

  • Lithophyte

    Powerful. Love this.

  • Statherian

    Hmmm…. That embedded track sounds like a sketch of a Battle of Mice song (oh, how I miss that band), that never quite gets going… Will investigate more though.

  • michael rodrigues

    fun fact: this was actually not good