Crimean WarIn a departure from their usual milieu of splatter, gore and serial killer adoration, legendary death lords Cannibal Corpse have announced plans to base their next album on the war between Russia and western powers like Britain, France and Sardinia that rocked Europe and Asia from 1853 to 1856. Founder/bassist Alex Webster explained the plan thusly:

“We’ve been doing the whole blood and guts thing since we were kids, and it’s obviously a big part of what Cannibal Corpse is. But this time we wanted to show we aren’t punk kids anymore and we care about things besides being addicted to vaginal skin. Things like war, for instance. Especially old, fucking obscure wars. And let me tell you this, nobody has done an album about this particular war. Not Hail of Bullets, hell, not even Bolt Thrower!”

When it was pointed out that Iron Maiden‘s “The Trooper” dealt with the famous Charge of the Light Brigade which occurred during the Crimean War, Webster became noticeably irritated. After regaining his composure, he went on to explain that while Maiden may have touched on one tiny, insignificant skirmish in a much larger geo-political conflict, the Cannibal Corpse album would cover the entire history of the complex historical event.

Furthermore, the narrative voice would jump between the perspectives of the Ottoman Empire, Russia and George B. McClellan, U.S. Army observer, eventual commander of the union forces during the U.S. Civil War and unsuccessful candidate for the U.S. Presidency. According to Webster, this multi-viewpoint approach would allow the band to fully examine the political realities on the ground at the time while touching on related topics like the dangers of nationalism, the scourge of cultural ethnocentrism and the duality of mankind itself.


In an effort to further flex their creative muscles, they’re currently in discussions with metal luminaries such as Russell Allen and Jorn Lande about potentially adding their vocal prowess to that of George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher. Additional guest appearances could include the likes of Jon Dette and Paul Bostaph among others, and recording duties may be handled by Jari Mäenpää of Wintersun, depending on the success of his ongoing crowdfunding efforts to finance his studio, housing and spa works.

Whether this project ultimately proves successful or not, it’s great to see an established band taking a real chance and daring to try something new and different. Watch this space for further developments.

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  • Monsterth Goatom

    Well, it’s about time.

  • Happy Lie About Everything Day!!!

    P.S I’m pregnant and I’m keeping it!!!

    • DrChocolate

      You could have told me you were keeping it! I thought we were going to make that decision together!

      • If you think you can back out of this responsibility, guess again mister! I hope you’re ready to work two jobs!

    • Óðhinn


  • Wilhelm

    I’m glad they are going out on a limb.

    • Óðhinn

      They’re out of limbs?! Noooo!

      ….Oh, out “on a limb.” Okay. That’s much different. Phew! No worries then.

  • André Snyde Lopes

    Not one Necrophagist joke was made. Way to not pick the low-hanging fr-

    “recording duties may be handled by Jari Mäenpää”

    Druhm… *head-shake*

  • tomasjacobi

    Pure gold!
    Thought you were done after the Amaranthe joke :-)

  • Lasse Momme

    fuck, I really wish they would actually do this…

    • Gonzalo Salazar

      Them, or anyone else.
      I’m waiting for the album.
      Or get it done as a collective effort by various bands.
      Voivod could provide the viewpoint of the insectile cyborg from outerspace that time-travelled back from the mind-numbingly distant future…

      • Lasse Momme

        With corpsegrinder on guest vocals just cryng.

      • CarvedInStone

        I remember reading an interview in which U.D.O. said that their song “Rebels Of The Night” from their latest album was inspired by the situation in Ukraine.

  • Time to share the genius that is Andy Rehfeldt

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      This is probably the funniest cover of a song Ive ever heard

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      OMG the version of the sun no longer rises…I was literally crying

  • Refined-Iron Cranium

    Charge of the Light Brigade was insignificant?
    Oh Crimea river, Alex.

  • Andy777

    Bravo – extremely well written comedic genius. :)

  • Martin Knap

    I believe no on a has made a metal song about the Battle of Austerlitz… oh no, Marduk did it (just kiddin’ :-))

  • Guest

    The band refer to their style of metal as “gorship”, which is a portmanteau of the words “gore” and “worship”. Its meaning was described by lead vocalist Reeves as “worshiping God through our gore-sounding music.”

  • Prostidude

    If anyone can make a good concept album about a complicated historic event like the Crimean war it’s Cannibal Corpse. These degenerates are actually a lot more intelligent than their song names suggest.

  • Martin Knap

    they could get a couple of ideas from CP for their shows – putting some courtesans which accompany the hussars on stage

  • Monsterth Goatom

    How is that we’re supposed to say “butt stuff” when discussing the band responsible for the album “Degenerate”, but you can say vag…va…va… that va-jay-jay word?

    • I didn’t say it, Alex Webster did. I just reported it you, the loyal reader.

      If I was saying it, I’d use a clinical term like “kitten cozy” or “love garden”.

      • Monsterth Goatom

        Ah, yes. It’s clear now.

  • Alexandre Barata

    I know it won’t happen, but any change at all on CC sounding would be great, as they’re playing the same song since 1991

  • Guest

    I don’t recall this current lineup having been addicted to vaginal skin.

    It will be interesting to see some fresh subject matter, but I do hope they can find similar variety in their musical offering.

  • Gonzalo Salazar

    Anyone else it is!
    Sounds good. Will need to listen when I can give this my whole attention.

  • Nick Maestas

    Thought this was serious until I saw the date hahahahhaahaha