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  • David Christian Dalton

    Best review I’ve read of this album yet! It’s all I’ve been listening to that is not the first three Amorphis albums. Can’ wait to see her on Friday the 13th. Spellbound!

  • Baltech

    Another band I have not listened to yet. I may need to investigate. There is simply too much metal for one life!


      Chelsea only barely edges over the metal line – maybe more on this one. Most of her other stuff is either acoustic or firmly goth/industrial/darkwave, but she’s difficult to pin down.

      If this floats your boat check out Apokalypsis.

  • AngryMetalBird

    One more reason to wish it was Friday already!! Abyss was one of these albums that seemed to be ‘not my thing’ and then ended up being one of my favorites of the year. I’m very excited about this one!

    • I too was not into Abyss for a while and now I seem to “get it.”

  • Daniel Figueiredo

    Best of 2017 for me. While not necessarily a “metal” band, Chelsea Wolfe has been pushing the genre’s boundaries for many years now, and this is their heaviest, angriest and most sour album yet.

  • Excentric_13073

    I’ve been pre-ordered for a long time now; the preview tracks have been in the exact direction I was hoping Chelsea would take her music following Abyss. So stoked for this album!

  • The Unicorn
    • Excentric_13073

      You win.

    • Eli Valcik

      Is AMG going to do a cover album?!

    • André Snyde Lopes

      The only comment worthy of existing.

    • John

      I just laughed out loud in court. Made my morning.

      • The Unicorn

        The question is, did the judge hear you?

        • John

          She did, but is such an old hag that she didn’t think much of it.

          • The Unicorn

            Liberal venue I take it? YOURE IN METAL CONTEMPT! REPORT TO HR!!!!

          • [not a Dr]

            You should have answered that YOU were the judge.

    • Nukenado

      I like the added cleavage.

      • The Unicorn

        l’ll have you know this was not augmented- AMG is naturally well-endowed.

    • Hats off.

      • The Unicorn

        Huge, huge compliment from you and I am humbled man!

  • madhare

    Damn this sounds good. I’ve struggled a bit with her in the past. Like I’ve always been close to liking her a lot, but then not quite. I guess I’m not arty enough. But this just a tiny bit “more accessible” approach might be right down my alley. Also, a very good video. Nothing original on the idea-level but very well executed and fits the song perfectly.

  • AgonMcDuck

    Man am I excited for this. I loved Abyss and am slowly loving her older stuff too. Really been digging the singles released thus far, if the whole album is as good as they are this is a lock for my year-end list.

    • AgonMcDuck

      My impressions thus far: Abyss is a wee bit better, but of course it was gonna be. This album has some very good songs though, 16 Psyche and The Culling are two of my favorites of hers to date. Record is a bit front-loaded for me, but the dip in quality is not big, it doesn’t get monotonous, and I am so buying this and giving it a chance to grow on me. In short, I like this very much.

      • David Christian Dalton

        “Twin Fawn” and “Scrape” are two of the best and they sorta bookend the back half!

        • AgonMcDuck

          Point! “Scrape” is good though I wish it were a minute longer. “Twin Fawn” is a late-album highlight. I’m giving this more listens once I finish my work for today.

  • Fabio Danieli

    4.5? Serious?

    • The Unicorn

      7 comments, all trolling. Serious?

      • Julien Robitaille

        Where is the Banhammere when we need him ?

    • David Christian Dalton

      I am older than King Fowley
      I am older than Chris Black
      I am older than Black Sabbath
      Prepare for my heavy attack

      Yes, the new Chelsea Wolf merits a 4.5. At a half-century, I have witnesses much. Witness to the Word of the Law.

      • Nukenado

        I don’t know what “heavy attack” is supposed to imply but I’m uploading anyway.
        The lack of periods is disturbingly funny to me.

        Edit: Actually I know why I find this funny now. I can imagine a power metal vocalist screaming “PREPARE FOR MY HEAVY ATTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!” while reading your comment.

        • David Christian Dalton

          You are doing this correctly! (Although, personally, I read it in the voice of Tom Araya very specifically on “Show No Mercy.”)

          • Nukenado

            ……Ashamed to say I haven’t listened to any slayer album in full.

    • herrschobel

      back to your cave troll

      • Fabio Danieli

        Yr mommy?

      • Fabio Danieli

        Back to WORK, sadly….
        Work, do you know?

        • herrschobel

          Work ? no..i have minions for mundane nonsense like that. i just rule

  • Fabio Danieli

    Cardinals Folly 2.5 … This artsy thing 4.5
    I can’t handle… AngryArtsyGuy?

    • Nukenado

      No. AngryMetalHipster, actually. We start our day off with a healthy jerk to Pyrrhon, then drink our organic free-range mochas while breathing in Dodecahedron. We then eat our gluten-free sandwiches and polish our ponytails to the soothing sound of Eremita. At dinner, we wear bright yellow scarfs and comment on AMH how much we enjoyed the latest Igorrr offering.

      No we’re not biased against pedestrian tastes, dude. Young Dionysos (which is the review right before this) got a 2.5, and that would have made Sunbather seem like Vulvodynia.
      Also… Chelsea Wolfe is artsy? Even my mom could enjoy Chelsea Wolfe. She just makes good moody music.

  • Ta2dlam

    I, like a few other commenters, haven’t been able to really delve too far into her work. This track, though, has a ton of things I dig in metal, industrial, doom, and music in general. I may finally have a starting point for Chelsea Wolfe to invade my brain.

  • Fabio Danieli

    Unicorned boy… Maybe the troll is you?
    I post ever with my name and ideas… Sorry for that!

    • AgonMcDuck

      Half your posts are some combination of crass and useless. Idk if you’re a troll, but goddamn are you obnoxious.

      • Fabio Danieli

        Thanks for the immense you propagate in yr posts… I’m incapable of that greatness.

      • Fabio Danieli

        Obnoxious maybe is yr mommy…
        Go catechism if web language offend you!

        • AgonMcDuck

          I’d be more offended if I could understand the other half of your posts. You type with the accuracy and nuance of a human ouroboros with head and tail having switched positions. Inside your ass cheeks is preserved a long-forgotten decade when “yo mama” jokes were actually funny.

          • HeavyMetalHamster

            Yoda maybe he is Hmmmmm?!

          • Fabio Danieli

            On Mascharat comment you don’t understand … Beeing not Venetian you don’t know venetian carnival like me… It’s my fault? Were sorta test for paisa presence here.

    • Fabio Danieli

      I confront reviews around the web … Here… LastRites… Etc… While not my home I feel free to say my views… For sure I listen again to this.. But 4.5 MEH!

    • The Akerstache
    • The Unicorn
  • wayne the devil

    Everybody seems to dig this but what I want to know is does she cover Goatcraft Torment?

  • The Akerstache

    September is getting a whole lot better. This is the first highly rated album of this month to really resonate with me, and I’ve been greatly enjoying Caligula’s Horse and Dyscarnate. Plus we have the new Mastodon EP (it leaked and it was on youtube so I gave it a listen, North Side Star is easily one the best tunes they’ve ever penned) and The Ocean are finally releasing a new album on the 29th.

    • Handy Donut Hole

      I am hoping Caligula’s Horse gets a review on this site. Their newest is a fantastic example of modern progressive metal. I would give my left nut to see both them and Haken on tour.

      • GardensTale

        Count on it.

        • Serjien

          Are you reviewing it? I have been eagerly waiting for the review.

          • GardensTale

            Nope. There’s only one person on AMG powerful enough to still be working on a review 5 days after release and face no repercussions…

      • The Akerstache

        I’m in love with it, it’s utterly fantastic. It’s not often I get as excited about a prog album as I am about In Contact, it’s really special.

      • Ghio

        It’s rare that I’m glad to be a metal fan in Australia! Haken and Caligula’s Horse are both coming through my city in the near future!

    • tomasjacobi

      I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’m pretty sure The Ocean is not releasing a new album this month. I think they’re recording a new album but there has been no word on it being ready for release.

      • The Akerstache

        Nevermind, I was wrong, they’re merely releasing a new song. My bad.

    • Zach Ward

      Wolves in the throne room on the 22nd as well.

      • Tom Wahl

        It’s a great album too!

        • That is what I hear too.

    • Serjien

      The new CH is pretty great indeed. That song Graves is amazing and Songs for No One may be their best song yet!

    • Anarchist

      New Archspire album lands on the 22nd as well. The tracks they’ve released so far have me excited.

    • Tofu muncher

      In Contact is so good.

  • Hideous destructor

    Album cover looks like a strange little doggy with big ol’floppy ears.

  • The embedded track is solid. It sounds a bit like 90s grunge. I’ll give the rest a listen as I don’t feel this is going to be representative of the whole album.

  • Brian Hudson

    Some quality tech death in Archspire on Friday.

  • Shrümpelstiltskin

    I never got into Abyss. I should try again though. I really like the songs that she has released so far for this new album.

  • Sargent House shipped the vinyl early, so I’ve been listening to this since Monday. I’m a huge Chelsea fan and since she kind of found her fan-base within the metal community it seems logical she would one day record a ‘real’ metal album. This is the one and sounds pretty good… it somehow reminds me a bit of Apokalyps, albeit a bit louder. So far more interesting than Abyss, which I really liked, but I didn’t go back to as much as her older material.

  • HeavyMetalHamster

    Had this playing all day…..maybe 7 times through. Great atmosphere and all but again the songwriting was lacking to me.
    Just nothing that stuck with me afterwards. Reminded me a bit of the Darkher album…..lots of feel but I couldn’t hum you a tune from memory.
    Maybe I’m missing the draw but I likely will not return to this for a while.

  • Hair shirt! So evil

  • Lithophyte

    OMFG! I am transported. Will buy the whole discography.

  • h_f_m

    With this and the new GY!BY dropping on 9/22, that’s turning out to be a great day!

  • Def Batface

    I thought Abyss was pretty great but this is on a whole different level. I was gonna do a bunch of stuff tonight but instead I’m on my 3rd spin (No pun intended heyoooo) just sitting here looking around on the god damned internet for people who are as excited about this as I am. Seriously. This is AOTY type shit. Ballou on the boards too and it seems to have totally pushed this thing over the edge. Fuckin. Fuck yes.

  • h0ttentot

    What happened to Marilyn Manson?

  • DeadHead

    How is it that she can make such simple music sound so damn good? Impressive as always.

  • AgonMcDuck

    After several spins, I’m calling it right now. Hiss Spun will be RotM for September. And that would be a choice I would be totally down with.

    Unless the Caligula’s Horse (which I have not heard) comes in a la Ayreon.