It came as quite a shock to wake up to the news of Chris Cornell’s untimely passing. Chris rose to prominence as the singer for Soundgarden in the early 90s as Seattle began to assert itself as ground zero for the grunge movement.¬†Forming Temple of the Dog with members of Pearl Jam established him as one of the scene’s leading figures as the style he helped create swept the country and altered popular musical tastes for nearly a decade.

After a series of successful and influential albums with Soundgarden, Chris went on to form Audioslave with Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine. A true artist with a one-of-a-kind voice, Chris also had a successful solo career and numerous musical collaborations across the spectrum of genres.

Chris passed away several hours after performing a show with Soundgarden in Detroit. As of posting, no cause of death has been reported. He leaves behind his wife Vicky and children, Lillian Jean, Toni, and Christopher Nicholas. Rest in peace, Chris. you will be missed.


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  • GardensTale

    I never got into any grunge in a big way, but I did love this guy’s voice. What a tragedy. R.I.P.

    • metalcasket

      Yep, I was never really into the grunge scene either but ‘Superunknown’ is objectively one of the greatest albums of all time and Cornell’s voice was incredible. R.I.P. Chris.

      • Meriyas

        I’ve been listening to Superunknown again today, it is indeed objectively one of the goats.

  • Luke_22

    Tragic loss. A true rock legend with an incredible voice. RIP Chris.

  • AgonMcDuck

    This really caught me by surprise. Terrible, terrible loss. RIP. :(

  • Paul VH

    Chris had incredible pipes.
    Another fixture from my teenage years gone too soon… sad.

    • Drew Music

      80’s baby here, I literally can’t remember life without the Cornell sound in it somewhere. This might be the first time I’ve been genuinely saddened by an artist’s passing, cold as that sounds.

      • Paul VH

        Yeah since Dio for sure.
        Especially if the rumors of suicide are correct. . . . . just sad……

        • Drew Music

          I don’t plan to read any more about it for a little bit. Take my metal card if you must, but this is a bummer to the point that I think part of me is honestly trying not to cry, it will help or change nothing for me to pry further into the matter for details that I neither need or want. Looks like it’s a Soundgarden and Audioslave kinda day to be spent away from the interwebz for me.

          • Paul VH

            As a huge fan of Sound garden, Joy Division, Manic Street Preachers and Nirvana I’m tired of losing my heroes this way……just tragic…..
            I agree, until all the information is out I should reserve speculation.
            Bottom line is another great creative soul is no longer with us…..

          • RuySan

            Well, it’s been confirmed by the Associated Press :(

          • Paul VH


      • RuySan

        Only Pete Steele and Dio’s passings brought a tear to my eye. Good sign that most of my heroes are still alive and well.

  • Dethjesta

    Been a huge fan of Cornell for over 20 years, very sad day.

    I’ve spent the last two hours listening to old Soundgarden.

    R.I.P. Chris.

    • Sean Sky

      I put on Badmotorfinger as soon as I heard. RIP.

      • Dethjesta

        Exactly the first album I went for too.

  • RIP. Soundgarden was my first show as a wee teen in the 90s. Lots of good memories. Sad news indeed.

  • Drew Music

    Man, I’ve been a fan of the man’s music for almost the entirety of my life, this just fuckin sucks. I don’t know anything about how he died and don’t particularly need or wish to, I thank the man for sharing his voice with us for so many years and wish the best for his loved ones during what’s always a shitty time for anyone to go through. RIP Chris, and thank you for the music.

  • Grymm

    Rest in peace, Chris, and say hello to heaven for us.

  • herrschobel

    oh man…hero of my sullen teenage days ….

  • I too, found out about his death this morning right after waking up. How sad. I was in 8th grade when the Seattle grunge movement started, and its weird to think that 3 of the singers of the “Big 4” Seattle grunge bands are all dead now. I’ve always been a metal guy, but Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and even Nirvana are pleasant reminders of my youth.

    • John W. Baylor

      Same here. He was unique.

    • RuySan

      Eddie Vedder was always the well behaved and healthy one. Pearl Jam was also the blandest of those bands. Maybe there’s a correlation somewhere.

      • Serjien

        Eddie used to down a couple of wine bottles per show, I wouldn’t say healthy… But I hear ya.

    • jetblindracos

      Those bands made me expand my horizons in music,and still are among my favorites.So sad.

  • Such a tragic loss, feels like the end of an era :(

    • DrChocolate

      This. It’s like that adolescent, confused, coming-of-age 13 year old that was still kicking around inside my nearly 40 year old head just suddenly calmed down, blew out the last candle, and quietly shut the door on his way out.

  • Dr. A.N. Grier


    • This.

      • h_f_m


    • Rodrigo Soto

      yeah. Fuck indeed.

  • The Grand Galactic Inquisitor

    Cry, if you want to cry
    If it helps you see
    If it clears your eyes

  • Westpaceagle

    If this doesn’t make you free
    It doesn’t mean you’re tied
    If this doesn’t take you down
    It doesn’t mean you’re high

    If this doesn’t make you smile
    You don’t have to cry
    If this isn’t making sense
    Doesn’t make it lies

    RIP Chris, thank you for the music

  • Jaime VG

    He was THE voice. Loved Soundgarden and most of his solo stuff too, even Audioslave has some really good tracks, but Temple of the Dog will be the best album ever made, and he was the main pillar.

  • brutal_sushi

    This sucks. Dude had such a killer voice. I still constantly spin the self titled Audioslave album. That album is fantastic start to finish.

  • defjam

    Oh damn, another great gone. Just last night I was listening to Badmotorfinger after many years and was amazed once more by his vocals and today this? RIP Chris.

  • LExpoZiod

    One of the all time great voices of rock music. Rest in Peace, Chris.

  • Huck N’ Roll

    One of the rare times I read about a musician’s death and am actually shaken by it. Partly because of how important and vital his output was, but also partly because the dude was only five years older than me.

    • Personally, I was also pretty shocked when Dio and Prince died. I was into both at the time.

      • Dr. A.N. Grier

        Dio and Lemmy’s passings devastated me. Both took me weeks to get over.

        • sir_c

          And definitely Bowie. Still check his wiki occasionally to see if it was some bad April fools joke

        • Both Lemmy and Bowie bummed me out, but I guess I kind of expected it with Lemmy. I’d had a feeling it wasn’t going to end well with all of his sickness. He just looked so weak for the last couple years.

  • lrn2swim

    Went to my first big concert back in August of ’94. Soundgarden, Screaming Trees and Reverend Horton Heat. Just look at that setlist! Very sad today..

  • De2013

    Very very sad news. Devastated to learn it was most presumably self inflicted (not saying he wanted to).

  • The Unicorn

    I wish this was just a sick joke…

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    I’m gutted by this. RIP Chris,

  • Serjien

    Really sad indeed. One of my friends called me and said: Dude, we are getting old, our heroes are dying! It is scary!

  • Norfair Legend

    Chris Cornell will always be the greatest/most powerful vocalist as far as my opinion is concerned. Loud Love will always be one of my too three albums and the Badmotorfinger tour at the Riv in Chicago will always be my greatest show.

    Not too often I say this but it is truly a sad day, if it was mental illness, I feel it doesn’t get enough recognition. RIP

    • Norfair Legend

      *top three*

  • Bryan Stroup

    Sigh. Yet another in my top ten list who’s saying hello 2 heaven. And to think, just last week I gave my aunt the Temple of the Dog album.

  • Innit Bartender

    Great singer, but most of all great songwriter and lyricist.
    4th of July, Blow up the Outside World… just two songs of many penned by Chris that have been constant companions of my life and my evolution as a human.

  • Meriyas

    Has anyone heard Chris Cornell’s cover of “Nothing Compares 2 U” by Prince? It’s so good and so fitting for this. RIP.

  • Bryan Stroup

    The timing of the release of Below’s Upon a Pale Horse couldn’t be more uncanny. It’s hard to listen to a few songs off of that album and not think about what Chris might have been going through. Not sure the two will ever be unlinked for me now.

    • Yeah, kind of an unfortunate link for sure.

  • Dudeguy Jones


  • Jeff Kent

    A tortured artist in the truest sense. We should consider ourselves lucky that he decided to share his demons with us in his music. It’s a shame that he couldn’t escape those same demons. I would gladly suffer the loss of his music if it meant he’d find his peace on earth.

  • Vassago Gamori

    … crying from my eye teeth and bleeding from my soul and I sharpened my wits on a dead man’s skull.
    I built an elevator from his bones, had to climb to the top floor just
    to stamp out the coals…