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  • “Think more like: I am remarking upon it.”

    HA, awesome! Geniune lol XD

    • Not that kind of remarkable. I had to laugh at that part, as well.

  • Nice review! Ill try my best not having to hear this :)

  • Anonymous

    Boy, 2012 is getting off to a terrible start.

    • No man, 2012 has a great start..check Alcest new album, THAT’S FUCKIN AWESOME

      • No it doesn’t. It’s boring as hell. 

        • Anonymous

          Amen to that. I’m all for people having different taste, but shoegaze puts me right to sleep.

    • I agree.

  • surprisingly enough, the gents seem to disagree with you, AMG. From their Facebook (I checked for a song, to see how grating the vocals really were):

    “Dies Irae (Official): Dies Irae have given a release that will leave many undecided as to whether it is a great album or an exceptional one but Secret Veils of Passion will definitely evoke a positive reaction of some degree in most and definitely should be sought and experienced.”

    • Yeah, the crazy shit is the number of really awesome reviews that they’ve gotten. I’m astounded. 

  • OzanCan

    “We obey our Master!”
    in a metal chantry way! :D

  • OzanCan

    “We obey our Master!”in a metal chantry way! :D

  • Anonymous

    Now you make me curious….
    Is it really that bad? :)

  • Chris Cox

    wow… had to see for myself.  Appalling.  (Yes, that kind of appalling.)

  • Anonymous

    This is my review of the album, let’s open our minds.

    I saw the special edition artbook and I have to say that it is the best piece of work I’ve ever seen in a long time, I can believe the band just did 60 copies, this demonstrates professionalism and desire to do things. 

    “Want”, will surely be surprised. The opening of the album it is a Jazz influence interlude also atmospheric and has the enough intensity that will leave you wonder. Is this a Metal band?; Since first hearing the answer will come to your mind is not. It looks more like an experimental sound, a band that mixes Jazz to rock and cannot be classified as Metal sound. 

    Two songs that deserve more attention is: “e7en” and “night”, this two great songs lead me to a passage of deep contemplation that only happens when I listen to classical music and alpha frequency music. 

    Dies Irae really deserves more attention, but i think they must remain unknown (underground). Because when a band becomes big, the essence loses significance and loses the reason for making music; do not misunderstand me, please. This guys do not know the potential and creativity they have, they moved a little bit outside the typical Swedish sound, to a sound more of theirs ,that’s the reason this guys will be more recognized in the world, the only thing they need is patience of the audience. 

    This album is a really good bought, especially if you are in progressive and post- metal bands. 

    Secret veils of passion it’s really interesting, mixing elements of Dark- Doom, Melodeath, progressive, and lot of 70’s jazz music. Sometimes reminding Cynic, but with the difference of less twin guitar heroism and a better work in musical structure and feeling. 

    This is for a non-judgmental ear, and balanced minds, this kind of music goes beyond the genre so I challenge you to listen it.