Dyscarnate // And So It Came to Pass
Rating: 1.5/5.0 —It Did Not Pass
Label: Siege of Amida Records
Website: facebook.com  |  myspace.com
Release date: Out now!

I’ve been thinking a lot about confidence lately. How it affects our behavior and how we react to those who project it. The entire confidence spectrum can be found in the metal world, but you just can’t dismiss how much confidence there is in hardcore. It’s something that has always baffled me because, for a sub-genre as musically poor as hardcore, they seem to have unhealthy amounts of confidence overall. Hardcore is all about chest-thumping attitude, but talking the talk is much different from actually walking the walk. And of course, the more you talk without actually being capable of walking, the more of a pretentious douchebag you are. This air of false confidence prevades all too many hardcore bands, especially those only capable of coming up with a couple of washed up riffs, uninventive drumming and overbearing vocals. Like me, you’ll reflect on all of this while listening to Dsycarnate’s And So It Came to Pass.

Dsycarnate is a band from southern England which plays death metal with a lot of hardcore influences. I wouldn’t call it deathcore though, because it doesn’t succeed in mixing death metal and hardcore properly like All Shall Perish or the late great Despised Icon [so, you’re saying it’s failed deathcore! – AMG]. It’s like they’ve found two things that could mix well together, but exerted no effort to actually mix them. Instead, its death metal riffs with lots of vocal lines, and I really mean LOTS of vocal lines. You’ll find a lot of online hype singing the praises of And So It Came to Pass, with various superlatives to describe their skills and chops. However, as the score above obviously declares, I found this repetitive, shallow and uninspired.

The introductory track “The Weight of All Things” fulfills the requirements of being an anthemic opener meant for huge stadium concerts. The chugging is confident and the beats are plodding enough to get the crowd jumping, though they sound a bit too metalcore-ish. After this two-minute opener, the formula becomes more and more obvious with each song. The vocals are a bit more on the hardcore side and have way too many lyrics. The tracks don’t let the instruments breath because they’re too short and crammed to overflowing with vocals. The guitar tone never varies or changes, the vocals take up too much space and fail to provide anything engaging. The bass is almost completely inaudible, while the drums are stuck in closed loops of blasting, 4-strokes-per-drum breaks and hardcore-friendly double bass patterns.

I hope the future brings some much-needed musical maturity to Dsycarnate. Given their young age and individual technical abilities, they can be much better with time, but a lot of work is needed at this point. While I can imagine enjoying these guys as openers for bands that are actually worth my time, I really couldn’t find anything engaging on this album. I’ll probably not be coming back to this anytime soon, unless someone asks me what does bad metal sound like.

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  • As allways, it is a pleasure to read you, AMG. It is the first time that I decide to leave you a comment (probems with disqus + extreme lazyness = fail) but I have actually been reading your reviews for more than a year now. I really enjoy how you write, even if it is about a record  I have zero interest on.  I’ve found that this blog has helped me quite a lot to gain the past metal culture of which I was unfairly deprived due to my age (17). So, you see, there are a few things which I feelt I needed to thank you for. I’ve been listenting to metal (serious metal) for about 4 or 5 years, and so far, I have not found any site wich is better driven than yours, it gives me just what I want: intelligently written reviews of practically every metal subgenre, full of personality, and with a touch of humour.  You know? At my age, it’s sooo difficult to find other people with my same tastes (and even more so here in Spain, where the scene is practically non-existent) , that when I found this, it was a relief. So thank you, AMG. Expect me  from now on.

    By the way, sorry if I offended someone with my painful english, or with my excited-teenish attitude. Respect, man.

    • Thanks for the kind words about the site. AMG himself didn’t write this particular review (Rusty did), but all of the writers here appreciate your readership and we are happy to hear you enjoyed our humble attempts at metal blogership. Respect!

    • OzanCan

      You are in good hands son, keep reading, liking and commenting this AWESOME METAL BLOG!!!

    • Glad to hear it! Hope you find tons of great metal on this site and have a blast reading it (and that it helps improve your English!). 

      I get being a loner listening to metal and not having a lot of buddies who are into the same kind of stuff, but it’s cool that you’ve found great stuff here and I hope you join our little community of commentators, debaters and metal nerds.

    • Kalsten

      As another Spanish who loves this blog, I have to disagree with you about one point: the Spanish scene.

      There are plenty of very good bands, both in Extrem styles (Avulsed, Angelus Apatrida, Darkness by Oath, Stravaganzza, Kathaarsys…) and more commercial ones (Saratoga, Leo 037, Warcry…). I mean, there are plenty of bands around, some more underground than others, but some of them are really kick ass.

      When I moved to Denmark, I though that this would be full of metal things, but I was really dissppointed. In my Spanish city, Santiago de Compostela (small city, for the ones who don’t know it) is a lot of good metal concerts (Motorhead, In Flames, Symphony X, Arch Enemy…), whereas in Odense (third biggest city of Denmark) there is nothing.

      Keep on search, man!

      • Best Spanish band IMO was Vidres a la Sang. Whatever happened to them?

        • Kalsten

          I barely know them. I didn’t even know that they were spanish haha.

  • I expected to hate this cd, and I ended up loving it.  Reminds me of Sothoth and Kronos with a hxc tinge.  Got shitfaced one night spun it 3x in a row and it stuck. Really surpised and feel like I am betraying my metal cred but I give this a solid 3.0

  • I am going to have to disagree with you about this band.   While  I admit they have been overhyped a bit, I find the music refreshingly simple and I think that’s the point.  In the death metal scene, technical riffs are dime a dozen and I think this band intended to stand apart from the pack with this album.  I do concede a few points that you make, but on the whole I think there is more to this album than you give it credit for.  That’s my two cents.

    • Yeah, I heard some really good things about this band, as well. But it wasn’t a super record, IMO.