If there’s one thing Dyscarnate have taught me, it’s that other modern death metal needs to step up its collective shit. Formed in 2004, this British trio first caught my attention in 2012 with sophomore full-length And So It Came to Pass, a record which may as well have invented the term “chunky riff.” Combining the immensity of mid-period Behemoth with the hardcore swagger of Dying Fetus, Pass was less an album and more a destructive force, a riff monster that grooved like a motherfucker and crushed like a two-ton hammer. After vocalist, bassist, and founding member Henry Bates departed in 2015 to be replaced by Arceye’s Al Llewellyn, Dyscarnate has now returned with third full-length With All Their Might. I was already excited by artwork that looks like it came from an Atlas Shrugged reissue, but what of the music – does the band continue to deliver the punishing and hard-hitting death metal that will hopefully kick September in its power metal-filled ass?

Anyone who’s heard first single “Iron Strengthens Iron” already knows the answer to that question. Despite signing to Unique Leader, Dyscarnate have not compromised by becoming more clean or technical. Instead, Might is just as dominating and furious as the group have always been, upholding the previous comparisons to Fetus and Behemoth whilst also evoking a more brutal Misery Index. Opener “Of Mice and Mountains” shows this from the start, kicking in with groovy battering guitars that will make Killing Gods fans cream their shorts. The dual vocal attack of Llewellyn and guitarist Tom Whitty is also ferocious, with Llewellyn delivering a nasty high rasp and Whitty roaring with the most commanding growl I’ve heard since Nergal proclaimed “Slaves shall FUCKING serve!” Aforementioned “Iron” is equally crushing, stomping along with Matt Unsworth’s pummeling drums and powered by riffs that feel like a cinderblock being smashed repeatedly in one’s face.

What’s most interesting, however, are the fresh stylistic experiments that Dyscarnate work in. “This Is Fire!” sounds like a Periphery song in more than just title, with an opening riff that could have been pulled straight from that group’s back catalog. What’s even more odd: not only does the track work, it’s one of the best on the album, with a hooky implied melody in its screamed chorus and a closing Abbathian riff that proves the aural embodiment of the term ‘elephants marching.’ Late highlight “All the Devils Are Here” also evokes djent with its rapid Meshuggah-esque chug that sounds like it’s trying to Destroy.Erase.Improve your face with the back side of a hammer. Meanwhile “Traitors in the Palace” and closer “Nothing Seems Right” slow things to a doomy crawl, inching along on malicious clean picking while still working in some catchy chugs and swooping chords that strike with the force of a wrecking ball.

Gym music, jock metal, whatever – ultimately Might captures a feeling of utter power and domination far better than anything else I’ve heard this year. There’s something commanding about the vocal patterns, but also thank the production. While a tad loud, the guitars are boomy and explosive, and the drums pound with a fierce clarity that’s perfectly fitting for the music. At 39 minutes and eight tracks it’s hard to complain about the length, but sadly the same cannot be said about the pace. While not a total Achilles heel, there’s a lot of mid-tempo stomping here, and though “To End All Flesh Before Me” hits hard by mixing Tucker-era Morbid Angel with the colossal chords of Vader, follow-up “Backbreaker” is a good song that ends up feeling largely redundant in the context of the album as a whole.

Yet while a few guitar solos or another quick cut in the second half would certainly have helped, ultimately Might ranks up there with Sinister and Dying Fetus as some of the best death metal 2017 has yet produced. In their five-year absence Dyscarnate have lost none of their energy or rage, instead returning as a quivering ball of sheer inertia, a juggernaut of potent riffs and pounding groove that steamrolls much else of what the current scene has to offer. The fresh twists are intriguing, the variety keeps things interesting, but the sheer blunt force is what truly sets them above. Forget about technicality, speed, or wild genre-fusing – sometimes all you need is a band playing with all their might.

Rating: 4.0/5.0
DR: 6 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: Unique Leader Records
Website: facebook.com/dyscarnate
Releases Worldwide: September 15th, 2017

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  • Norfair Legend

    Perfectly sums up how I feel about this album, it absolutely crushes. Their not reinventing the wheel so much as just slapping on some drag radials and flooring it.

  • brutal_sushi

    Between this, the new Archspire, Wolves In The Throne Room, and the new Kauan, im a be broke!!!

    • Monsterth Goatom

      Thanks for the heads up on the Kauan. I need to check that out.

      • brutal_sushi

        Do it! I have had that on preorder since it was available to. Love me some Kauan.

    • Ferrous Beuller

      Get on the new Acephalix, if you haven’t already.

      • wayne the devil

        I bought Acephalix but haven’t heard it yet…sounded right up my alley too. I have so much new and very entertaining music that I am suffering from Metal bloat and constipation today… and this Dyscarnate album is worth every bit of the positive feed back. It kills!!!

    • The Unicorn

      Archspire and WitTR are both great. Have to agree sushi man.

  • wayne the devil

    This album is next on my play list…right after Overoth’s new one, which is pretty damn cool, which was preceded by Satyricons’ latest which is kinda odd, but not bad. A great Metal day….

  • Monsterth Goatom

    Album is STRONG LIKE BULL!

  • Jaime VG

    The sound is a little bit too tiring, maybe a mastering issue? but this album is a monster. Similar to Misery Index, Fetus etc…as the review mentions but it has it´s own flavor.

  • Septic

    I look forward to reading the comments because of all the different bands that are name-dropped… So, I will add to the list. Montfaucon’s ‘Renaissance’. It was mastered by Dan Swanö!

    • GardensTale

      The most boner-inducing six word sentence known to man.

    • Terminate

      Very surprised the album didn’t get much attention. It’s an A+ for sure.

    • Project Ross

      Wow holy shit thank you for this one. This album rules.

    • Spoetnik

      The only band who used a keyboard and was good..

      • Septic

        I never got into them…maybe I should give them another try.

  • The Unicorn
    • Robert Cochran

      I agree, as usual, with the Unicorn.

    • Spoetnik

      I love Ren & Stimpy.
      I like Dyscarnate and.. Disincarnate (with J. Murphy)

      And yes i am following you around on the web now too.
      Your opinions are wrong and the world needs to know !

      • The Unicorn

        Oh lord. You are here now? There goes the neighborhood.

        Pro tip- this isn’t Metal Sucks, ya Canuck. Keep it fairly clean and the rants to a minimum, or you’ll find the banhammare swings quickly.

        Peace brah.

        • Spoetnik

          Yeah they banned me randomly for some reason.
          I still have no clue why.
          It was odd because i was usually the only guy sticking up for them over the years and agreeing with everything they posted.

          I always thought it was BS that they banned people who did not go along with their narrative but, well.. it sure seems that way.
          Tolerance of other peoples opinions is what it’s about..

          • The Unicorn

            Total honesty dude – some of your rants on there were pretty far out there. And a lot of attacking people, questioning atheir “metal cred” and speking very egotistically to people – this may have earned you a bad rap. Everyone deserves a fair shake, none of us are perfect. We all love metal, so theres no reason for infighting. Peace, and welcome to the wonderful world of AMG. You’ll find its fun here, and the writers (unlike MS) are very cool.

          • Spoetnik

            Your not being fair or accurate.
            And you know damn well “metal cred” was 99.99% meant as a joke.

            Nor did that have anything to do with being a problem.
            Many of you were often triggered if i said that but MS ran TONS of stories discussing and referencing “metal cred” ..they agreed with me.

            YOU on the other hand countless times flamed me to death with vicious insults and more.. maybe look in the mirror before wasting time trying to criticize me.

            I know exactly why i got banned after a decade and it was because of one comment i made.. related to sexual assaults.
            I said i have know women who faked them for attention etc then came back and i was banned.
            Simple as that.

            And you just typed out a rant to me here and now.
            You see hypocrisy runs rampant.. you can rant at me about my so called “rants” as though i am doing it and you are not.

            I am far more tolerant.. and honest than others online.
            And smarter.
            That eats people alive.. your insecurity is not my problem.. see a shrink.
            ..and learn to take a joke.

            Do you forget how many nasty personal vicious insults you posted directed at me ?
            Are you banned ?
            How many did i post to you ?


          • The Unicorn

            Peace dude.

          • Spoetnik

            I think you know i hold no grudge but i was just calling it how i see it.
            I don’t pick on people or try and start trouble.. i get jumped on for my opinions though.
            Which is why i got banned on MS.
            Some are timid and i am rather outspoken.

            Nor does it matter.. there is a whole internet out there so if get banned i go to the next site and one and on.. forever.
            It’s not my loss.. it’s theirs.

            I just said this because a HUGE amount of people are on a MANY of the metal sites.. using the same Disqus accounts (i recognize LOTS of people on a dozen sites)

          • The Unicorn

            Dude, either leave me alone or I block you and report you. Ive had enough. This site is very cool and doesnt need people like you acting this way. We are here to be friends and talk about metal. Take your nonsense elsewhere.

          • Okay, you’re new here so I’ll cut slack. If you feud with folks in a malicious way or start with insults and bad behavior we will ban your IP address for all eternity.

            We appreciate feedback, comments, criticism, and generally intelligent interactions. We leave the trollery to other sites.

            –The Management

          • Welcome to AMG. Now play nice with others or meet the dreaded Banhamma.

          • The Unicorn

            Steely, watch this guy. He’s a handfull…

          • Spoetnik

            Unicorn trolls with personal attacks and i have been victim of it many times over the years.
            And i had the first computer a TRS-80 and i am 42 years old.
            I know how to play nice.. but we were talking about MetalSucks.
            A place where they farm trolling and condone it.
            ..then ban your for it LOL

            My conduct is perfect unlike the Unicorns.
            He doesn’t like me and has bent over backwards insulting me randomly unprovoked.
            I would suggest you keep an eye on him not me.. because i do not nor have i ever engaged in that type of behavior.

  • Goldicot

    Reminds me of a more serious take on what Replacire was doing earlier this year with Do Not Deviate… which is amusing, because if Dyscarnate does anything it’s not deviation.

  • Eli Valcik

    The album cover just throws me off.

    • wayne the devil

      My thought was Ayn Rand for some reason…the Devil shrugged…

      • Frost15

        My thoughts aswell!!!

      • Same

    • Spoetnik

      Reminds me of a Metalocalypse video

  • AngryMetalBird

    Ok, you name-dropped me into submission, I need to get this!

  • ben

    Fucking killer album

  • Planex

    Woah man this is exactly what I want. 2 days in a row of great stuff.

  • The Akerstache

    Ever since Strapping Young Lad I’ve had trouble finding music that rocks my hairy anus, but this scratches that itch.

    This is proof that even if you aren’t innovating, if you do something really well it can still be exceptional. This is meat and potatoes death metal prepared by some of the best chiefs in the world, and right now I’m hungry for some meat and potatoes.

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      I’m glad to hear you found music that scratches that itch in your hairy anus…

      • The Akerstache

        It’s a wonderful feeling. ;)

        • [not a Dr]

          That’s one advantage of physical media formats.

    • sir_c

      Watch out for the Klingons though

    • [not a Dr]

      Are you sure you want to eat the fine cuisine meat and potatoes with which you just scratched your hairy anus?

  • Ferrous Beuller

    “…Destroy.Erase.Improve your face…”


  • I keep hearing this album referred to as jock metal or brocore or whatever. Not sure what kind of gyms other people are going to, but the “bros” at my gym sure as fuck aren’t jamming anything CLOSE to Dyscarnate! More like Rage Against the Machine, Tool, stuff like Shinedown, various rap, and watching ESPN for sports highlights on the TVs.

    • GardensTale

      My favorite crosstrainer song is Tyr – We Ride, the only downside is that I start running faster than I intend!

    • AndySynn

      Yeah, I think someone just wrote that once and everyone’s just been aimlessly copying it ever since. Surely if this is “brocore” then Misery Index are also “brocore”?

      • Scourge

        I’ve never read it anywhere and the first time (and only time, and last time) I listened to this a couple of weeks ago I thought, “This is bro-core! wtf?” Because that’s what it sounds like to me.

        • AndySynn

          Sounds like a “you” problem.

          • The Unicorn

            I have to agree this is in the realm of “bro-core” – no “you” problem, people have different opinions. Rock on, metal brother.

    • Nola Trash Talk

      I just got back from the gym actually. Wore my sleeveless God Dethroned shirt and was listening to Destruction’s new Thrash Anthems II.

      • Today was a Texas Chainsaw Massacre shirt for me, and In Flames’ Lunar Strain. Two nights ago it was a Cannabis Corpse shirt and, fittingly enough, Cannabis Corpse’s Left Hand Pass.

    • John

      I don’t look/dress like a stereotypical metal head, but at the gym today I played some White Ward, Riftwalker, Ice Howl, Undrask, and Temple of Void.

    • Mollusc

      I don’t attend a gym but all the guys I see coming/going from/to gym (while I lurk in the shrubbery) are the types listen to drumnbass, hip hop and chart music. I’m going to have to carry out a survey!

  • Nola Trash Talk

    Had me at ‘gym metal, jock music’.

  • GardensTale

    I was sold in about 10 seconds. This actually reminds me a little of 1-800-vindication era Illdisposed somehow, probably the meatiness of the riffs. Gonna get this for sure!

  • Mollusc

    The embedded track seemed about a minute too long. But I’m going to give it another try. The chaps from Dyscarnate WILL be pleased.

    • Mollusc

      PS Why are the guitarists more beefcaked than the drummer?

  • Kevin Taylor

    I was hoping to see a review on this. I like their sound and aggression, but too many of the songs sounded the same after the halfway point to me. I should listen to it a few more times. But I’d have this at a 2.5 Imo. I thinking I’m not hearing something so I’ll check it out. Still spinning that new Fleshkiller “Awaken” album though. Hot damn.

  • John Mosley

    You sold me. I want this.

    • John Mosley

      Nope. Not for me. Pedestrian.

  • Thatguy

    Sounds great and nice clip.

    I’m feeling nice today

  • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

    I could bet these guys like Helmet.

  • Nice energy and feel to the embedded track. Absolutely makes me want to hear more. Great review!

  • One More Thing

    Damn, this is awesome!

  • GWW

    The main riff here is boring but is broken up with double time and some interludes that break up the monotony a bit. I’d like to hear more variation other than a Hatebreed riff ad infinitum. As far as the gym, i’m Lantern, Epoch, John Frum, Phrenelith, Immolation…

  • Jeremy Freeman

    I don’t see anything special here. Or HEAR it I should say.

  • Brian

    *Elitist mode on* I have known about these guys since their ‘Annihilate to Liberate’ ep!!!! *Elitist mode off*

    I had forgotten all about these guys, tbh. Picked up their first album way back when but it never really grabbed me. It just didn’t have the songs that the EP had. Grabbed this one from bandcamp and after one listen… fuck yes! This is good. Very, very good! Welcome back, gents. :)

  • Spoetnik

    I agree their last one was a stand out for me so when i seen this coming i made a note to check it out.. i haven’t yet but will.

  • h_f_m


  • Andrea Fanti

    that’s death metal !