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  • Krzystov

    Whatever they are adding to the water in Poland…bottle me up some! This is the best thing I’ve heard all year. And that cover! Wow!

  • gustman17

    Surprising album. Also came in expecting something like Deafheaven, but the video for Fractal blew my expectations from South America to Australia. The synths at the end of the song were a highlight for me because they gave me a Metroid Prime feeling. Metal with synths inspired by Metroid should be a thing.

    …Anyway, I didn’t even think of the “Post-” genre tag on this. It felt more Prog-Avantgarde, Whatever it is, I hope repeated listens hold far better for me than for you Kronos. It is a very interesting album.

    • Krzystov

      Online everything new and metal has to have a prefix.

  • Rob

    I really like this. All writhing and thundering, it’s like what a panic attack sounds like.

  • One More Thing

    I love this band. Super stoked about this album!

  • Feytalist

    Well, the review made me want to check them out, and I wasn’t disappointed. Sounds good so far, it can probably only get better.

    The Prestige is also high up on my list of favourite movies. <3 Tesla-Bowie.

  • Kronos Sr.

    How many times have we watched The Prestige and this is the where I learn that Bowie was Tesla! I had to go back to IMDB to confirm. Throw the old man a bone once in a while.

  • Iliast

    You’ve nailed it…it’s a bit of punctuated equilibrium in terms of its evolutionary distance from Vesper (which was ok).

  • Thatguy

    The embedded song is very enjoyable – I hope the rest of the album is as good. There is indeed a good deal of change within the song but not to the gratuitous and annoying extent of BtBaM. Great review, Kronos.