BobbySad news comes to the metal world as Bobby Hicks, long time vocalist of Maryland’s progressive power metallers Mystic Force passed away on March 5th at the all too young age of 52. Although Mystic Force never garnered a huge following, they were an exceptional band and a big part of their appeal was Hicks and his powerhouse voice. On albums like Shipwrecked With the Wicked and Eternal Quest, his unique and varied delivery carried the songs to levels they couldn’t have attained with a lesser front man.

Although Hicks parted ways with the band in 1995, there were ongoing efforts over the years to reunite and record with him again, and I for one wish there was more material with him at the helm.

The¬†Angry Metal Guy staff and I extend our deepest regrets to Bobby’s family and friends and we all wish him a peaceful journey. Rest in peace.

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  • Kevin Lewis

    I count myself extremely fortunate to have played with Bobby in his last band project, Cryptameria, back in 2003. He still had the immense power and range that he was known for in Mystic Force, but started having some issues both in the band and away from it that brought on his decision to leave. I attempted to contact him at a Salisbury, NC address I found for him, but never got a response. He will truly be missed as both a great musician and a friend.

    • Kevin,
      Very sorry to hear about your loss of a friend and bandmate and thank you for sharing that with us.