JeffIt’s with a heavy heart that we report the passing of Jeff Hanneman, founding member of iconic thrash band Slayer. Along with battery mate Kerry King, Hanneman was instrumental in creating and defining the “Bay Area Thrash Sound” as well as the thrash genre itself. His frenzied guitar duels with King became a cornerstone of the style, imitated by countless other acts. During their musical prime in the 80s and early 90s, Slayer set the standard for aggressive, edgy and ferocious thrash metal and their Reign in Blood album is regarded by many as the final word on the topic.

Although Hanneman was on leave from the band as he struggled with health issues, he was still an integral part of Slayer and he had hoped to return in time to record the next album.

It goes without saying Mr. Hanneman was a hugely influential member of the metal world and his passing at the tender age of 49 is a real loss for the scene. He leaves behind an impressive legacy of music and although he will be sorely missed, he will never be forgotten. We at AMG extend our condolences to the Hanneman family, friends and band mates. Rest in peace, Jeff.

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  • I don’t think I’ve seen so many people as sad as today. Maybe the day Dio passed away was close, but it was somewhat expected. It was a very ugly surprise for this day.

  • KingKuranes

    Holy shit… What a shock. I saw him play a song or two at Big Four and didn’t realize things were that bad.

    • RU63

      I hope you don’t lose that memory.

      • KingKuranes

        Yes, I just discovered that was his last performance… I was very lucky.

  • oh nooo, oh not Hanneman. I just woke up and this just got me sad for the rest of the day. R.I.P Hanneman

  • Tanuki

    Sad day today. 49 is way too young. Shred on .ψ(`∇´)ψ

  • Can’t believe how shocked I am to see this… He (and Dave Lombardo) were the only two members of Slayer I held in high regard. No, seriously, this man had written music that was my gateway into everything extreme in heavy metal. Yes, I’m talking about Angel of Death. It literally changed my life and this is the first death in the metal scene that actually moved me…

    It’s raining outside, and I can only hope that blood is falling from the sky in honour of Jeff Hanneman… R.I.P.

    • squirmn

      chuck schuldiner’s death did not “move you”?

      • I was too young at the time to know anything about metal, let alone Chuck :P

  • No Hanneman and Lombardo, no Slayer. RIP Slayer, RIP Hanneman.

  • AugustHolderlin

    NO NO NO. RIP Jeff. RIP. I met you only once and I am so happy I got the chance to tell you how much you and Slayer mean to me.

  • Amelia

    I went to see Goatwhore on Thursday evening and didn’t know he had died until the vocalist from Ramming Speed said something. It definitely
    made the whole show feel a lot more somber, but it was nice to be in a
    room full of people who understood and were also mourning. Slayer was one of the bands whose music not only got me into metal, but that has stayed with me. It is hard to believe the man whose music made my teenage years so much better than they would have been otherwise is gone.

  • This is one of those moments when you didn’t know someone personally, but what they did had been a part of your whole life in one form or another. It is always a day someone is gone before a single person saw their time expiring.