I just got this video from the excellent Guger of Guger Art (which does art for Hail of Bullets, Vomitory, The Project Hate and others and is super badass at it) who is at House of Metal up north, where I can unfortunately not be despite fully intending to be there. One of the bands that I was really looking forward to seeing and reviewing was Ghost, who are pretty much the coolest thing that’s happened to retro metal … ever. Here’s the beginning of their show and the two tracks “Con Clavi Con Dio” and “Elizabeth”.

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  • dheim

    uhmmm… am i the only one on earth who finds Ghost simply irritatingly abysmal? :(

  • dheim


  • antic

    Met guger and helltrain vocalist Pierre Törnkvist outside “studion”, always nice to see them. Dunno if guger stayed the entire show but Pierre reviewed the show for a local paper, 4of5: http://www.kuriren.nu/noje/Default.aspx?articleid=5824962

    Best show of the festival imho.

  • Thanks to the review I’ve read on this site, I am now a huge fan of Ghost. Their album just got released and I can’t wait to get more. So here’s another band I’ll be the only one to love among my friends, along with King Diamond and Mercyful Fate. Fools.