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  • Paddlin’ Rites ov Beargod

    I have heard two advance tracks and I was beyond bored by both. Which is sad, unlike you – dear Dr. – for I enjoyed their previous album.

    *I only seem to post either disagreement or disappointment here, I vow to make an attempt this week and post at least one positive comment against my nature.

    • Dr_Fisting

      It’s OK, everything I post here is disagreement and disappointment too, and no one seems to mind.

  • Olly P Johnson

    The more I look at the album cover the more it seems like a funny picture….anyone else?

    • Stefunal

      It is kinda hilarious.


      New Year’s Eve at the copy shop

  • I actually downloaded this album last week and wondered if this would get reviewed here. I think this album is better than a 2.0 rating, however I agree with pretty much all of what the Doctor said. This ablum is best enjoyed a track of two at a time. If you attempt to listen to it from start to finish, you wont be able to do it. The songs aren’t bad, they just all seem to sound basically the same. If you were to make a compilation however, and put one or two of the tracks from this album on it, you’d probably have a higher opinion of their music. On another note… WORST…ALBUMART….EVER! Bring back the spheres!!!!

    • Prostidude

      Just imagine the lips on this album cover are pressing up against the sphere that is you buttcheek.

      • This actually make me laugh out loud for real! :)

  • The Lascivious Snape

    I’ve got this album but still haven’t given it its due effort. This review would seem to confirm what I already feared (and expected): that Hanging Garden are following the path of their last EP by further diminishing the metal elements of their sound.

    I like the other side of their sound as well and will very likely enjoy this record for what it is, but it’s such a shame when a band can deliver a lightning strike like “Ten Thousand Cranes” and then somehow not realize that’s where they should be spending all of their time.

  • Wilhelm

    The embedded track is right up my alley, sounds very Katatonia like. It’s kind of sad to hear there’s not more variance between the songs, but I’ll check this out regardless.

  • Diabolus_in_Muzaka

    It looks like the photographer captured the magical moment right in between the guy on the right saying “hold on a second, gotta fix my trousers real quick, they’re riding high” and the same guy saying “you took the picture and are putting that one in the promo package, aren’t you?”

  • Vice-President of Hell

    bout cover:
    still better than anus pressed to glass

    • Vice-President of Hell

      or no?

  • With the near-absence of clichéd and well-played-out death-clone-vocals I’m hopeful there will be plenty “to latch onto within songs” and to “separate one song from another.”

    The embedded song is a refreshing break IMO.

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      Yeah I like the vocals, off the back of this one song I’d say he may even have more going for him as a vocalist than Renkse…

      • Dr_Fisting

        I think this guy’s a really good singer actually, and the embedded track IS nice. But the album kind of feels like that track, 9 times in a row, which is my main issue with it.
        (also, Jonas Renske kinda sucks at singing IMO).

        • Carlos Marrickvillian

          Lucky he writes good songs!

  • Mark Hunt

    I liked this album. Sure, it does lack some diversity over it’s entirety, but it’s a lot better than their previous one.

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    cat lady-core…lol,
    This could be just what we all need after the WASP/Holmes bashing we’ve all just had.
    I’m not really in the mood for this sort of thing at the moment, though If it’s a whole album of songs like Embers, then I think fans of Anathema, Gazpacho and Katatonia would probably quite enjpy it.

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      I had a good laugh at tha cat-lady core jib too.

  • Arjan Zwamborn

    Fair and well-written review. However, it seems to me your disappointment with this album seems to stem mainly from the fact that it lost a lot of its death metal influences. Though, again, this is a fair point, I personally look at this album just how it is and not how I would’ve wanted it to be, and found myself liking it far more than I initially thought possible.

    I still prefer their sound on I Was A Soldier (EP), but this material is pretty stellar on its own right.

  • Simon Shrimpton

    I’m actually pretty disappointed by this album. The last album was one of my favourite albums – Ten Thousand Cranes was an immense song from the first listen. In comparison, although not unpleasant to listen to, I don’t find a lot to draw me back to this album. For me this album really needed more aggression both vocally and musically to counterbalance the increased melody

    On a side note I actually really liked the growled vocals on the previous album.. The number of times I happily drove my car growing along to myself before realising my windows were open and I’d pulled up to some traffic lights.. No risk of that here!

    • Sh0ck-wave

      Totally agree. At Every Door is a staple playlist when I’m driving to and from work, and blasting out 1,000 watts of ‘Cranes or Ash and Dust makes every trip enjoyable. But this album is like what the picture of the band suggests, guys in suits playing instruments rather then angry men shouting out at the world. It’s missing what set them apart, what made them sound so much larger then life. I’m hoping regular services will be resumed on the next album.