• Bas

    I had the same feeling with their debut.. Its a pity that this one appears to have the same issue, cause they have good musicians, such as the drummer of serpentcult and death penalty, a very cool name (i am dutch speaking) and its a style of music that i should like (but usually most are boring or neurosis clones .. I should check out russian circles though..). Thanks for the review Grymm!

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      Russian Circles are excellent you won’t be disappointed!

    • Grymm

      Russian Circles are awesome.

  • Reese Burns

    I like when albums have instrumental tracks, but I really am not s fan of purely instrumental albums. I like having vocals with lyrics you can connect with, or at least delivered in a way that speaks to you. I find it really hard to connect with the music when there’s no solid message, like with instrumental albums.