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  • Bart the Repairman

    We need more horns in our metal. They can turn a boring track into something pretty decent, by evoking strong associations with movie soundtracks.
    At the beginning of the song above, I was expecting Julie Christmas to start singing “We are not conquerors, we float with the tide”, but at 1:04 I was immediately moved into some rainy night, with the light of the street lamps reflecting in the puddles and tired detectives (in obligatory worn coats) hanging around in the haze of cigarette smoke.


      Acrania’s Fearless has the best horns.

      • Kronos


      • Necrocustard

        There’s a few other good choices too. Personally I think Bison B.C.’s Stressed Elephant works well and a number of Beyond Dawn tracks are worthy if Trombone counts?

        • brklyner

          Also, the new AMSG has some great sax parts!

  • brklyner

    If nothing else, this band proves that you can add the syllable “-um” to any word in order to come up with a name for your proggy sludge band.

    The Angryum
    The Unicornium
    The Isisium

    (Also works with “-ist.”)

    • Grymm

      I like Insomniumium myself.

    • Stefunal

      Omniumum Gatheriumist.

  • Am I going crazy or is this album currently priced at 1000 Euros on bandcamp?