Incinerate Eradicating Terrestial Species 01Growing up in the American Midwest, I’ve heard the state of Minnesota described variously as “beautifully forested,” “Canada’s outie,” and “in the way.” It is not a hotbed of controversy, a breeding ground for sin, or really much more brutal than the surrounding area; as Metalocalypse’s Pickles points out, the upper Midwest’s primary source of non-atmospherogenic brutality is probably crystal meth. Incinerate have endeavored to contradict this truism, and towards that end largely succeed with Eradicating Terrestrial Species. But are they more than just ok? Do they sleep all night and work all day? All of this will be considered as we finally answer the traditional kōan: if a brutal death band plays in the forest, where no one can hear you scream, then, frankly, my readers, should we give a damn?

Eradicating Terrestrial Species is up to spec from a numbers standpoint; nine songs, 30 minutes long (about 25 of which aren’t samples or patchy interludes), a DR of 6, and a frontispiece that’s mistakable for about seventeen others. Tonally, everything is in line as well. The bass is chunky and clear, the guitars cutting and enthusiastic about their pinch harmonics. Snares resonate with subtly metallic overtones and you’re hard pressed to decipher anything being growled out, not that you’d really care to. Check, check, and check.

Brutal death lives off of groove, which explains the otherwise mysterious existence of slam as a genre. On “Eliminating the Indigenous,” Incinerate spit out the grooviest material that Eradicating Terrestrial Species has to offer, which should make it a standout track on the album. Should. Here is where we come to the inherent issue with this LP: the riffing. Count this band among the horde of brutal death groups that labor under the perpetual delusion that good riffing comes from nothing more than stringing chugs, sweeps and occasional tremolo together without regard to anything even resembling structure. The guitarist can’t seem to spend more than a measure on something before he changes what he’s doing, so not a single note has impact. He garrotes every groove with unnecessary shuffling about on the fretboard, and the rest of the band buys in and plays a bunch of notes that are impossible to care about. “Cultivation of Human Offspring” is one of the worst offenders in this regard, although it’s difficult to distinguish one song from another on this record because of just how unremarkable every cut is.

Incinerate Eradicating Terrestial Species 02

Music, it is often said, is about tension and release. In post-rock, you have a formula of massive dynamic buildups and subsequent explosions of a more straightforward riff or melody. In Meshuggah‘s music, tension is created by the polyrhythmic and polymetric structure, building tension as lines drift out of sync and releasing it as they fall back together again cyclically. In Eradicating Terrestrial Species nothing even remotely similar to these cycles exists. The riffs don’t have any drama, the songs no spectacle, and the presentation not an iota of tact or invention. Since every aspect of a riff is so unlinked to the rest of it, you’re never set up to expect anything at all from one second to the next, and therefore you can’t be excited by something that you were or were not expecting to happen.

This album is just fucking bad. From a standpoint of musical effect this makes the field recordings and abstract clanging of Body Hammer look like a catchy Fair to Midland single. If you’re a brutal death fan, please do yourself a huge favor and just wait for the upcoming Wormed album. This shit is embarrassing.

Rating: 1.5/5.0
DR: 6 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: Self-Released
Release Dates: Out Worldwide: 04.21.2015

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  • Francesco Bordoni

    Forgettable album, outstanding review and… was that a Monty Python quote? You Sir are one Blackadder quote away from EPIC

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      A review so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a fox

      • Francesco Bordoni

        I can’t even put into words how much I love this site

        • Martin Knap

          if only the were more timely on the Record o’ the Month thing :-PPPP

          • Francesco Bordoni

            It’s all part of the charm XD

  • Prostidude

    This music feels like somebody recorded a bunch of guitar chugs / effects and just hit the shuffle button.

    I have to say this must be one of the best reviews I’ve read on AMG to date. I wholly agree with the ‘tension and release deficiency disorder’ (is there potential for a new AMG trademark here?). Likewise I loved Beyond Twilight’s Section X album with its build-ups and epic releases, but I couldn’t get into their For The Love Of Art And The Making album because it was just a heap of song ideas scattered on a cd in random order.

    • Kronos

      Thanks for the kind words. It’s thoughtful commenters like you that keep me writing.
      Well, that and the threat of disembowelment from SD.

      • Tom Hardy

        If you wanna tingle your senses with some face melting music, there’s a band I submitted on the site a few days ago. Check em out, Kronos. It is meritorious for you to have written a review as long as this for a band unworthy of it.

    • Monsterth Goatom

      Agree about the review. Good deconstruction. Analytical and entertaining. Well done, Kronos.

  • Wizeguy

    Thank you for working a lumberjack song reference in there! #workalldayandbeokay

  • Alexandre Barata

    Yep listened to this album and thought “well, nothing new, not good neither bad”. Still all the songs are so much the same it becomes boring after the 1st couple of them. The only thing that makes you know a song ended is that there is a closing quotation or an opening one on the next song. Hannibal is always a good source of nice intro’s, but this one doesn’t seem to make much sense in the concept of the album… lol All in all it’s not what I would consider a bad album, in the same way I wouldn’t consider “Zombie Strippers” a bad movie.

  • Dr. A.N. Grier

    Great review Kronos. Bummer the album is no good…

  • AlphaBetaFoxface

    I loved this review. You built up the album to an intense climax by pushing out everything great about it and I was genuinely convinced it would score well. Simultaneously, I noticed not a single comment was left about the musicianship.

    Kronos, you sneaky, sneaky man. Your tom-foolery is going too far. 11/10. And this album is freaking messy man, holy heck xD

  • Requiem

    It would appear Incinerate put on women’s clothing and hang around in bars. Dissapoint.

  • MNmetal

    I don’t know about the music but your description of my state is just so wrong. No brutality? Clearly you haven’t been here during the winter when it gets to -40. Or during the summer when its over 100 with dew points in the 80’s.

    • Kronos

      It’s just as brutal in WI and Canada.

      • MNmetal

        This is true yes….at least we have Prince. :P

  • I have to say, I expected an even lower score. Still it was a great read, kudos Kronos.