Indesinence - III 01Whenever I say the words “endurance test,” what does that do to you, dear reader? Do you think of 26.2 mile marathons across metropolises like Boston, or even out in the barren sticks of Arizona? Do they bring back memories of reading books like War & Peace in the time span of a few days, in hopes that the book report will somehow miraculously score higher than the “C” you earned due to poor planning? Or do they make you think of whatever season of your favorite television show that you are about to binge-watch on Netflix starting, oh, after this here review? In this case, “endurance test” means seven songs at just under 71 minutes under the moniker of III, written by British doom/death merchants Indesinence.

And it starts off interestingly enough, at least for the first four songs. “Seashore Eternal,” being the shortest song at just over two-and-a-half minutes, readies you for what the rest of the album has in store: equal heaps of classic Peaceville Three-ness (My Dying BrideParadise Lost, and Anathema, for those not born before 1990) with little smatterings of classic Morbid Angel weirdness. Once Ilia Rodriguez growls his way through “Nostalgia,” the Anathema-esque atonality rears its head, with both his and Andrew McIvor’s guitar melodies cutting through the fog while Paul Westwood plods through the earth, causing the band to reach for the heavens while remaining grounded on the desolate earth below.

“Embryo Limbo” continues these good (horrible) feelings, even with a cool nod to Neurosis six minutes into the proceedings, making sure your bloodstream gets its daily recommended dose of silver. But remember what I said about those first four songs being interesting? Well, there’s three more after those that don’t quite reach the lofty, depressing heights, and they total 43 minutes and 45 seconds of runtime. The biggest offender among them would be “Strange Meridian,” an overly slow, ridiculously repetitive 17 minute and 30 second exercise in patience and staying awake, with Rodriguez’s voice changing from an otherworldly growl to a more shouty performance, which doesn’t seem to flow with the song at all (this malady also pulls down the second half of “Mountains of Mind/Five Years Ahead (Of My Time)”, the latter being a cover by The Third Bardo).

Indesinence - III 02

Greg Anderson (Esoteric) did a tremendous job producing this album at Priory Studios, with bass and drums so thick and guitars that cut just right, you wouldn’t notice the lack of dynamics. But for as good as this sounds, you could have shaved this album in half without any ill effects. In fact, final track “III,” an 11-minute all-ambient song is only notable for featuring Jason Mendonça (Akercocke) on santoor and bombarde.

I love doom/death metal. I love long songs that take me on glum, majestic journeys with hopeful endings. Sadly (in terms of disappointment, not the actual emotion of sadness), III left me very hollow on the second half. It’s a shame, as the first half was very promising indeed. Maybe their next journey won’t lose me halfway through.

Rating: 2.5/5.0
DR: 6 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Record Label: Profound Lore Records
Release Dates: EU: 2015.07.24 | NA: 07.21.2015

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  • Listened to the tracks available on Bandcamp and based on those this album is a disaster after Noctambulist and Vessels of Light and Decay.

    • Grymm

      I wanted to like this a helluva lot more than I actually did. The first four tracks were so promising, but over 45 minutes of “meh” material is just terrible.

  • Dr. A.N. Grier

    Marathons in AZ are fucking miserable (well, the southern part anyway). Also, seven tracks in over an hour? Only Midnight Odyssey beats that as the ultimate endurance test.

    • Vice-President of Hell

      what about a dopesmoker? one track in hour

  • Vice-President of Hell

    do you mean that War & Peace? this book is included in your school programs?

  • Indesinence

    Thank you for taking the time to talk about record, Grymm. Only a couple of things, if we may:

    – The album was produced by Greg Chandler, not Greg Anderson,

    – There are no santoor or bombarde on the closing track. Jason was sadly unable to participate in the end, due to other commitments.

    This aside, we appreciate the coverage. Hopefully the latter half will grow on you on time, but of course it’s no biggie if that never happens – lots of music out there to relish.


    • Thatguy

      Thanks Grymm for the review and thanks Indesinence for the good natured comment

      I think I will give this a serious look

    • Grymm

      1) Talk about a massive brain fart on my part (that, and I wrote this review just hours after putting one of my pets down). That will be fixed. Sorry about that!

      2) I went by the promo lyric sheet sent by Profound Lore saying that Jason did play on that track. We will definitely make a note of that.

      3) Thank YOU guys for the kind response to the review! And like I said, those first four tracks are ace. You caused me to hunt down your back catalog, and I am looking forward to more music from you guys!

      • Indesinence

        Sorry to hear about your pet, dude. Everything else discussed here feels very unimportant in comparison. Hope you are OK!

        That promo sheet is outdated, by the look of things. No worries, these things happen. If you edit the review, feel free to delete this whole comment thread if you like, so as not to confuse readers; we don’t mind.

        • Thatguy

          And I’ve had good listen and I like it – I actually really like the emotional arc that slowly draws the listener in on ‘Mountains of the Mind/Five years Ahead’ – not too long at all – and repetition is variation

          I disagree with you Grymm but thanks for bringing this to my attention

          Now back to to band camp to buy the album

        • Indesinence

          Guys, can you please follow through and amend these errors?
          We really don’t want anyone to buy this album expecting guest musicians or instruments that aren’t there.
          Much appreciated.

      • Tom Hardy

        Talk of embarrassing, especially when name-dropping for an album review. Puts a question on how much time you actually spent listening to this. Either way, the track below the review sounds the opposite of your review and rating. First a Shape Of Despair review gone wrong and now this. Rather than calling the site Angry Metal Guy I wonder if it should be changed to Site To Anger Readers.

        • AlphaBetaFoxface

          I swear every comment you make is negative. ‘Either way, the track below the review sounds the opposite of your review and rating.’. If you are gonna leave an angry comment, at least justify yourself.

        • Do you enjoy being a dick? Keep it up and you’ll have to enjoy it someplace else.

          • Tom Hardy

            Well mate, Mr. Druhm, I make it a point not to suck up to people usually, so if I don’t agree with someones opinion and actually have one that differs, I’ll say something. On other reviews where either I’m unfamiliar with the band or their music, I keep silent. At the end of the day, it’s just an opinion. I’ll respond to AlphaBetaFoxface in length when I have a little free time since he wants a lengthy justification for my post above, which I’m really not obliged to give but I shall. Cheerio.

        • Grymm

          1) Twice a day for a solid week.

          2) I replied about my mistakes and the circumstances surrounding them.

          3) There’s a difference between disagreeing with a reviewer and, as Steel Druhm put it so eloquently, “being a dick”. Should I have written the review just hours after putting down a pet we’ve had for a long time? Probably not. However, you have proven, time and again, that your comments come across as extremely condescending to both writers and readers, and that was well before this review.

          • Celaeno

            Agreed, one hundred percent. There’s a huge difference between disagreeing and being a dick. At least have the manners to disagree gracefully. I haven’t been reading this site as long as many others, but one if my favorite aspects is that the community here can and does disagree, but they do so with tastefully. You seem to be the only one that doesn’t. :-( These writers take their free time and work hard to review music. Shame on you, Tom, for making malicious digs at them.

  • Oscar Albretsen

    I simply LOVE that album cover. Song wasn’t too great. Did mention how much I love the album cover? I do. Pyramids and purple. It’s like one of my dreams.

  • hubcapiv

    Whenever I say the words “endurance test,” what does that do to you, dear reader?
    Makes me think, “one-man black metal project.”

  • Mark Hunt

    Vessels of Light and Darkness was sublime, can’t wait to check out III.

  • The Path Less Traveled Records

    I picked this up yesterday on a whim seeing as it was from Profound Lore. So far so good. I always appreciate the candid reviews. So far I agree with your assessment. I will give the latter tracks time to settle in. If not, the first 4 tracks total about 26 minutes which is more than enough to justify my purchase. Thanks to you all!