Job for a Cowboy // Demonocracy
Rating: 3.0/5.0 — Job for a fanboy
Label: Metal Blade
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Release Dates: EU: 2012.04.09 | US: 04.10.2012

What is the Job for a Cowboy? Is it an euphemism for a mercenary mission taken on by rogue gunslingers? Is it an exaggeration of the daily routine for some scruffy farm boy? Or is the name perhaps a raunchy joke leaving out the word “blow” on purpose? Well, whichever it is, in the context of reviewing this album, it’s a job for a fanboy if you’re expecting copious adulation.

While it is almost universally agreed among death metal fans that Job for a Cowboy’s switch to a (mostly) full-on death metal style post-Doom was a great improvement, that still doesn’t mean that they are peddling some incredibly creative or innovative brand of death metal. Guitarists Al Glassman and Tony Sannicandro are no doubt extremely proficient with their instruments. Their riffs and solos have the technical edge of modern technical death metal bands such as Spawn of Possession, and the melodies heard during their solos are furious, masturbatory moments of shredding tinged with dark tonal colors reminiscent of The Black Dahlia Murder. But this is simply not impressive enough in today’s overcrowded modern death metal scene, because guitarists like them are as common as Zubats in Mt. Moon. Being technically proficient with one’s own instrument is not a benchmark for guaranteed success—it is but a mere requirement to start off on the right path. Bands like Revocation have extremely technical guitarists as well, but why does David Davidson stand out so much from the rest of his technical death/thrash metal crowd? It is because he has a knack for coming up with insanely memorable riffs, grooves and solos; and he doesn’t simply bombard the listener with a constant stream of generic motifs (a thing one unfortunately cannot say for Glassman and Sannicandro on Demonacracy).

With that said, there are a few notable tracks that sound pretty creative. Rather than diving straight into the death metal madness right from the first second (a sin truckloads of modern death metal bands are guilty of), “Nourishment Through Bloodshed” and “The Manipulation Stream” both start off with drummer Jon “The Charn” Rice taking some of the spotlight for himself. The former hears Rice crashing the cymbals twice before leading right into a series of groovy guitar riffs and a lick that will make you want to gut a cow and eat its innards raw, while the latter hears Rice dishing out a brief drumroll as an introductory usher into an eventual series of multiple underwear-wetting guitar solos (you’ll probably need to change your underwear thrice).

One thing I am disappointed about, however, is how Jonny Davy doesn’t utilize any of his deathcore vocal techniques on this record. His pigsqueals and hysterical scream heard in the introduction of “Entombment of a Machine” are the most memorable harsh vocals I’ve ever heard in deathcore, as they bring your mood down to dirt-low level one moment and then send a rapid chill up your spine the next; just like going on a drug-induced vigilante rampage in a criminal hotbed before realizing in the aftermath how your hallucinations disguised innocent civilians as the very “criminals” you slaughtered. Davy does an okay but monotonous job of death growling on this record, which gets boring quickly and makes you want to concentrate on the guitars and drums instead.

Kudos on the light-blue color scheme of the band logo this time round, the wordplay on “democracy” in the album title, and the sex change of the traditional Job for a Cowboy humanoid mascot (well, I always assumed it was a male). The bonus nipple slip seen on the ravaged and twisted depiction of Lady Justice on the cover is quite extraordinarily arousing in the context of politically-themed death metal too [Maybe that H should’ve stood for “horny” not “happy.AMG]. The brighter graphics are a welcome move away from the clichéd theme of dullness seen on previous Job for a Cowboy album covers, and it goes pretty well with the music too. Aside from a few hiccups, Job for a Cowboy don’t look like they are falling too deeply into the bustling nest of generic modern death metal bands yet.

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  • Eh. I haven’t been able to get into these guys, and the tracks that have been released around don’t really impress me enough, I think I’ll pass on this one. Good review though.

    • Yeah, you can save your money on this one for sure. Gorod and Spawn Of Possession are still the kings of modern tech death metal for this year thus far…

  • Job for a Jerkoff.  fuck these tools.

  • these riffs aren’t memorable?  gotta disagree with ya on this one.

  • mike gager

    Deathcore sucks, plain and simple and unfortunately its getting harder to distiguish between NWOTDM and deathcore. I havent heard this one yet but if you say theres a lack of pig squeals that has to be a positive thing right?

    • groverXIII

      There’s no pig squeals or breakdowns… they’ve gone straight death metal, which is an improvement. There’s still a lot better albums out this year, but this isn’t terrible.

      • I wish they could incorporate a little of their deathcore sound from the past though. Not too much, just a little of the breakdowns and the deathcore vocals.

  • Nicholas Tafazoli

    I stopped reading after you said that you are disappointed by the lack of pig squeals. That makes your entire review invalid.

  • Hahaha Zubats! and wow dude I was just gonna mention “Entombment of a Machine” myself. I perfectly get that deathcore as a whole is a silly genre – and yet, I have to agree, that track was just awesome beyond words.

    I will never get why these guys decided to go all technical, its like they wanted to beat the Tech Death “game” just for the sake of it. The thing is, by trying to escape monotony and play a more varied style, they actually fell into a different kind of trap! haha!!! Its so absurd it feels like a parody.

    Come on guys, leave technicality to Gorod Cynic and Muhammad(necrophagist)..

  • Dull colours on previous album covers? Have you even seen the cover of Ruination? One of the most colourful death metal covers I have seen. I also disagree entirely about deathcore vocals, in particular pig squeals. You have my approval for the Pokémon reference however.

  • Zadion

    Man, between this (actually WANTING pig squeals and breakdowns) and Kontrust, I’m wondering how you even have a job here.

  • bad review man. i think they have a unique sound and have a come a very far way from what they stared as…. you have deathcore bands like whitehapel and suicide silence that have lost thier way and are not worth listening to anymore and then you have band like jfac that have stepped their game up and are releasing some pretty awesome stuff. for to want them to revert to some of the deathcore sounds makes your whole review seem silly.

  • Not really a genre pig myself, But this pure death metal and its great. Mean review to lol