So, this kid is 5 years old and while he’s not necessarily covering the best stuff in the world he’s pretty impressive. In fact, so impressive that I’d say he’s better than a couple of grown drummers that I’ve encountered in my days. Hopefully he’ll grow up to be awesome and un-jaded, despite being thrust onto the stage at such a young age without the ability to actually consent to fame.

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  • As a drummer I must say: great for you, kid, I had to wait 21 years till I got my first kit!!!

    Not the best drumming-wonder kid I’ve ever seen, but the kid even makes up a couple of fills. Check out his light-speed face on the most brutal part of the song, so sweet! Hope he stays apart from the breakdown kidz, a black Thomas Haake will always be taken in great consideration :D.

    • Yeah, pretty awesome for the kid. I mean, seriously.. he’s fucking 5. That’s some pretty serious double kick for a five year old. :P