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  • Diego Molero

    Embedded track is good, but I’m not sure if it’s a 4.0. Will have to listen to the whole thing. I’m surprised that the record doesn’t consist of 4 tracks and 10 hours. Good review.

    • Dudeguy Jones

      Definitely think other songs on this album shine and show their sound a bit clearer than the embedded song. Thats just me. I also don’t like the screamed vocals as much, even though thats usually all I like in most metal. Check out earlier stuff like Blood Is Bright EP and The Fires of Antediluvia from the first LP. Love those.

      • LExpoZiod

        Agreed on the vocals. Both the screams and cleans sound a bit too thin for my liking.

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      Nice to see you around Mr. Molero. How have you been? Did you get a new cellphone yet?

      • Diego Molero

        Yeah, I’ve kinda busy, that’s why I don’t comment very often now. Plus, my computer utterly sucks, so I hate to use it. As for the new cellphone, nope, not yet.
        Btw, I want to talk to you about something that you will like quite a bit. I’m writing you on FB!

        • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra


  • Eli Valcik

    this is fun

  • Dudeguy Jones

    Wow. So psyched Junius is still making music. And its good! A personal fave of times past that I hadn’t thought about in a bit. Thanks for reviewing this. I feel like its not the usual fare, but quite appreciated.

    • basenjibrian

      Me too!

  • Holy smokes that video

    • herrschobel

      well it´s a bit random…

      • They must use a different meaning of the word random where you live. I would say that video lacks subtlety and gives no fucks.

        • herrschobel

          i live in the Universe…where do you live ? ;-) no seriously….with ‘random’ i meant there is no development, no story arc…just a random series of ‘we dont´give a fuck’ imagery…which is not a bad thing by the way…check out the work of Romain Gavras if you are interested in these things…very violent political videos that are more coherent …

          • I think they were doing a chaos v order pastiche to go with the song, and included the Nazi stuff to indicate their favored side. I think the Dakota access pipeline video should have been interspersed earlier, and probably the Nazi imagery occur toward the end if you wanted to give it something to develop into. But chaos and order will always be at war, so to show them “developing” would be inaccurate.

          • herrschobel

            well i prefer this to most other Videos in any case…tough i also appreciate the occasional flower and little Puppies


            in any case it´s nice to see that some people actually care about the Visuals…being this my profession

          • Jeffrey Dean

            The video actually turned me off so much that I had to scroll down to enjoy the music. Glorifying those Antifa fucks by putting them into a metal video after their assaults on the metal community and common decency? Fuck that shit.

          • basenjibrian

            Michael Moorcock has an awesome theology based on Order vs. Chaos.
            With neither side being entirely “good”by Christian/ Western cultural standards.

          • herrschobel

            ohhh….a great man that is !

          • So does Peter Carroll…

          • basenjibrian

            I will look for his works!

          • Lol he is the father of chaos magic. But you should read liber null if you haven’t

          • [not a Dr]

            The Ultramarines know which side is correct.

  • Unfathomable Procrastination

    Keen as to hear the whole thing really enjoyed the last couple.

  • Paul VH

    Junius scratch that itch between Cult of Luna’s waves of sonic pummeling and Katatonia’s melodic moodiness.
    Early fav for album of 2017 for this Angry Metal Guy.

  • AndySynn

    This is REALLY good… but I don’t think it’s going to topple “Reports from the Threshold of Death” in my preferences.

    • Paul VH

      Reports had some killer songs for sure.

    • Paul VH

      I love the added dimension of the harsh vocals on this one though….

  • seasonsinthesky

    Good album, great cover art, but god damn do I hate the mix. It needs the entire mid channel dropped 9dB.

  • basenjibrian

    Speaking of Circle…will they ever release another album? Adored the two I have.

  • Gage


    • Nermin


  • Innit Bartender

    I loved and still love their EP, (Dying Sun something?), but this one leaves me cold… gotta listen more.

  • Feytalist

    This is… surprisingly good.

  • Bas

    This is post-metal ???
    …but I quite like that track… what happened…
    Tears for Fears influence ?
    (I actually liked ‘sowing the seeds of love’ despite already getting into metal… I was a bit ashamed of that when I was young)

  • Wow this is so spiritual , dark and surprisingly heavy. The album has a mind blowing end track that is a perfect soundtrack for a beautiful death.

  • Reese Burns

    Sorry, you lost me at “emo tinged Post metal”. My tolerance for post metal has worn really thin over the years and adding emo flavoured shlock into the mix ain’t gonna help.

    • Greg Hasbrouck

      I would say that’s a terrible description. I wouldn’t pass based on that alone..

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      I recommend taking an unprejudiced listen at the embedded track.

      • Reese Burns

        The reaction here seems to be positive enough that I just might have to.

        • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

          Let me know what you think after giving it a go.

          • Reese Burns

            You know what, I’m really happy to admit I was wrong, I’m into it.

          • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

            I’m glad to hear that! I was about to zone off as soon as I read the word “Post” but I played the embedded track while reading the review and it clicked.

  • Greg Hasbrouck

    Great band. Seeing them in a few weeks.

  • Rather than Tears for Fears this is more Gary Numan. Reminds me of the song he did for Dark City.

  • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

    By “controversial theorist” you mean “certified nutcase”?

  • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

    I really like the vocal work on the embedded track. I like it so much that I went as far as to call it “vocal work” instead of just “vocals”.

  • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

    This is no triple album! it is part three of a trilogy of conceptual albums and it took them six years to release them! clickbait!!! CLICKBAIT!!!!!

  • Pumpy Pumples

    Dana Filloon plays drums on this recording. I know the promo materials say it was all Joseph Martinez, but it’s incorrect. Just letting ya know.

    • Huck N’ Roll

      Yes, sadly Martinez didn’t make that fact known until my review was in the can. We knew Filloon was still his touring drummer, just not the part about studio work. But good call. :)

      • Pumpy Pumples

        I was confused myself when I got the promo materials. I was considering reviewing it and wanted to be sure. Dana’s lady is an old friend of mine so I called her up and verified..which is the only way I would have known. Lame PR mistake! Anyhow…you made me want to give it a few more spins, maybe I’ll present the idea for review to my editor. Rock on…or…Huck on, I suppose.

  • sir_c

    the first sentence tricked me into thinking it was a hyperbole, but you actually liked the album. The clip stirred up my interest, so thanks for the review

  • Óðinn

    This is good. Thanks, Huck N Roll.

  • You wot m8?

    Fucking excellent.

  • Wasn’t aware of this band. Great stuff. I hear some Type O Negative influence there, which might be why I’m drawn to it. Thanks for the review!

  • Serjien

    This is totally my cup of tea! But, after spinning this album a few times it does sound very repetitive in my opinion. I have to check the earlier two albums to see how they mesh together.

  • Requiem

    This is amazing, but the fascists in the YouTube comments are genuinely terrifying. 2016 was the year the comments went from ‘lol ur gay’ to ‘the Holocaust never happened, fascism is honourable and anyone who says otherwise deserves death.’

    I don’t really have anything to add to that. Just that I’m scared, very scared.