Angry Metal Lisa by UnknownSo it appears that we are back. Though, shit is kinda fucked up right now. It took me a long time to get this blog looking the way it did, even if it wasn’t really that pretty. I will do my best to get everything back up to speed, but I don’t know how well that’s going to go. So, slowly, slowly, we will overcome this hacking horseshit.

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  • Dave

    Why would someone hack this site? I dont get it at all. Sorry man, good luck and kudos for getting back up quick. Fuck hackers.

  • Yes!!! We shall overcome.

  • Welcome back. Are you aware of the garbled characters here and there? Charset issues are always a fucking pain. 

    •  Yeah, it’ s a super mess and I’ve got no fucking clue what to do about it because it appears to be on all of the posts.

      • My guess is that the backup was restored using a wrong collation. Try publishing a new review with ratings and all, and check if that looks OK. If it does the backup is the problem.

        Disqus is probably not affected but: æøåÆØÅ.

        • Editing now, that’s fine. There was no backup, I just had to redirect the config file to the SQL database.

          • Oh, cool, good to hear.

            The current template also looks nice, but I have a thing for black and red :) The font is a little too small imo, that is the old dude with glasses speaking.

          • Which font, the comment font in Disqus?

          • That one too, but I meant the main font. The one from the old template was perfect.

  • Welcome back! Hope you can get things up and running well.

  • Hacked? Argh, that sucks, hope the recovery effort goes well.

  • Alfonso Almenara

    Sorry to hear this, I also have a blog  of my own and would hate to be hacked…. hope you can save your excelent work. Good luck

  • Like what you did with the backdrop. Keep it that way. Feels more….METAL. m/

  • I run a blog too and wanted to ask what precautions you are now going to take and what should others take?

    • Yeah, well: I have changed my whole password regime using super hard passwords, I’m going to be super anal about updating everything else, but I think this was actually my host’s problem.

  • ZacP

    What bullshit. Who would want to hack this excellent site? Thou shalt not tread on AMG!

  • Are you sure it wasn’t the video you added for the new song from Hail Spirit Noir on Saturday, Haire Pneuma Skoteino, cos my Norton antivirus kicked me straight out when that loaded and said “I was under attack from some fucking virus”. Wouldn’t let back onto your site while that video was there. Just a thought!

    • Those two things kinda happened simultaneously. That file was just at YouTube so I can’t imagine that it was infected with any kind of virus.

  • Mikko Kukkonen

    I might be the only one with this kind of problem here, but I have always hated sites with white (or any color for that matter) text over black background. That kind of combination is very hard for my eyes and I always have to “paint” the text with selection to be able to read it. I know the background color is one of the defining things on any website but I was very happy with the older, brighter design, as there is a lot to read on this site. END OF COMPLAINT, thank you.

  • Glad you are back.  I missed your writings.

  •  Hi mate, just a word of support from a french metal lover who read your blog on a daily basis and had discovered many amazing bands thanks to you and your work. Black hats sucks dicks, they better destroy justin bieber or amaranthe homepage.