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  • I would add Vyrion, who are overdue for a follow up to their very impressive debut.

    • Kronos

      Didn’t know about them because I’m a black metal casual. Good stuff.

    • Kronos

      Actually, The new record is out now! D’oh! Add it to your things we might’ve missed.

      • tomasjacobi

        Yeah it came out on Bandcamp in June. I listened a lot to it back then. It improves on the debut in every way IMO.

      • Whoops, that went right under the radar. Too bad.

        • Kronos

          Yeah, there’s so much cool stuff out there and I always feel annoyed when we miss it.

          • DrChocolate

            Well, don’t feel too bad, because that little link above made my day. Haven’t heard about these guys until then and I am sold. “Pit” just crushes. This is a contender.

  • Semyon Vodyannikov

    Yes, a lot of good stuff missed, but a lot I found thanks to you, guys and lads. And lot of good new CDs (and likely vinyls in future) not laying forever in my local music store, thanks to you again.

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    Australia has long had a fantastic live hard rock / punk scene which has often overshadowed other scenes including metal. Cheers for casting a bit of light on Aussie metal
    TSA are an exciting act and Im really looking forward to their next release its going to be a killer!

  • TminusEight

    There’s no risk of Be’lakor being overlooked, but just an FYI in case anyone hadn’t heard via their website – they are going to put out a vinyl pressing of Stone’s Reach soon :)

  • Stefano Kevin Prince Vitali

    there’s a new Ne Obliviscaris record on the way too… and the sample was as good as Portals, even better

  • Angel R. Suarez

    ‘Vela’ is a beast of a record. Also, I think this is the ‘Drone’ I was looking for.

    • PropsToOrpheus

      Well played. Move along. ;)

  • Luke_22

    Great piece. Sometimes you tend to neglect bands from your own background and I’ve been guilty of this over the years with Australian metal. There is indeed some great stuff on offer, aside from the big guns, as this rundown attests. I’d also throw in Aeon of Horus, Hadal Maw, Gaped and Eternal Rest as bands well worth checking out. Also the mighty Captain Cleanoff have a new one due out soon.

  • Tim Coates


    • I was going to say Ouroboros. Their masterpiece Glorification of a Myth is ram packed full with riffs and deserves a lot of attention. Can’t wait to hear more from the band.

  • Satan Spawn

    Check out Aberration Nexus. One man bm.
    Also, aussie has some good brutal death and grind acts. Off the top of my head, I would suggest Super Fun Happy Slide and Corpseflesh

  • Wizeguy

    Beyond Creation are scheduled to release a new album? For real? By Golly, that just made my day. Fantastic band, their “Aura” album is still on my regular rotation list. Is there an approximate release date?

  • DrChocolate

    I’m a little baffled by how much I like what I’m hearing from Polaris. Metalcore has been dead to me for a over a decade now. I wasn’t ever expecting to get into “new” stuff, what with all the scene twats and their Devil Wears the Motionless Horizon bullshit. But I can’t deny that this, with it’s In Flames cribbing and skinny-jeaned keyboards, put a bit of a smile on my face. I feel weird.

  • Avk Ward

    As an armchair statistician, someone who spends far too much time thinking about how to derive unbiased estimates (of various sorts) of samples and populations, and pretty much an asshole, I’m not convinced the term ‘sampling bias’ is germane to which albums are and are not reviewed/mentioned by AMG. Something like “shit we didn’t get to when it first came out” is more apt.

    Here’s one example of how ‘sampling bias’ could be relevant. First and foremost, let’s say AMG defines the population of music it chooses to review/discuss as “all metal releases from all countries.” Next, let’s assume AMG is provided a list of all metal records released worldwide each week (it’s probably a shitload), and randomly selects 20 releases to review each week. But let’s say the AMG powers-that-be decides to not review 3 of the 20 randomly selected releases (for some unknown ‘biased’ reason). So those 3 are tossed out of the sample and are replaced with 3 more. Arbitrarily excluding samples randomly drawn from the pre-defined population of interest means that the overall population, as it was defined in this example, is sampled with bias.

    Any by the way, Vyrion kills.

    • Kronos

      That’s kind of how it works around here, to be honest.

  • Grymm

    Levitation Hex (featuring a former member of the oft-overlooked Alchemist) and Tzun Tzu (Nile via feudal Japan) are also great Australian bands to check out.

    Great article!

  • markus o

    i’m too lazy to use F3 and check, but at least at a first glance it seems noone has mentioned Twelve Foot Ninja. and that’s no good, so i do it for you. :)