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  • Drew Music

    Do they arbitrarily give you all the coolest stuff, or are you just that good with the promo bin? Seems like all the reviews with the X Factor are the most unique, out-there gems to be found, and once again I am not disappointed. Excellent review as always, this should kick off my weekend nicely.

    • In the words of the great Homer Simpson… I have powers, political powers!

  • Sean Sky

    “Longhouse focuses on Quebec, thought they hail from Ottawa, Canada.”

    Found a typo =O

    • Fixed. My bad.

      • Sean Sky

        “and boy what a difference it make!”

        Found another one. Y’all should hire me as an editor (jk I assume none of you get paid).

        • My bad! Fixed along with the “an/and” one sentence on.

        • No we do not.

          • Sean Sky

            You must get a share of the profits from the AMG porta-johns, though… right?

          • You’d think we’d sell more of those right?!

  • rumour_control

    “This is most noticeably exacerbated if you’re listening to the album as a concentrated effort in a review-type environment. I suspect that if I put II: Vanishing on as “background music” this would have plagued me to a lesser extent.” — Excellent point about ‘listening environment’, and what works/may not to the ears/noodle in a particular context. Another well-written review, too. Cheers!

  • Embedded track is fantastic when the clean vocals are shining through. All I can hope for is Khemmis keeps up with the annual releases, as this almost scratches that itch. (Got a bad case of the Khemmis Itches doc)

    I found AMG about 8 months ago and I regret it. The cognitive dissonance you’ve fostered, now purchasing copious amounts of music before I (barely) make the mortgage payment.

    (Seriously though, thank you)

  • You wot m8?

    This is great.

  • RDP

    I really like the pace of this album and the obvious sludgy-doom influences of the songs. But those harsh vocals are really bad. It almost ruins it for me. At least the cleans are more prominent.

  • Absolomb

    Great review Madam, this is certainly an interesting album.
    Thanks for putting me on to this.

  • sir_c

    The harshly creaking vocals are a bit distracting (though not what I’d call bad), I like the haunting cleans better.
    But for the rest, fuck me running, I really dig that The Vigil track. Great guitar tone and song progress, well done.

  • I’ve had the chance to listen to all of this now and I’m really impressed. I love the guitar tone and the music never drags. The only thing I would say is that I don’t think the clean vocals are as strong the reviewer thinks. I think they work best as background vocals. They are almost very good, but as they are, I prefer the rasps. I would probably give this a 4.0 based on my admittedly limited number of listens.

  • [not a Dr]

    Fun “fact” only known in the Ottawa region: Maniwaki is an Algonquin word that means “Where the asphalt ends.”