Katherine the EditorWe lost a great one today, folks. Katherine Ludwig, the  founder and Editor-in-Chief of the seminal and groundbreaking Metal Maniacs magazine lost her battle with cancer this afternoon.

As readers may recall, we highlighted her struggle back in August of last year and helped raise awareness for a crowd fund to pay for her treatment and medical expenses. Many of you responded and donated generously and those funds helped Katherine through a very difficult time. Sadly, things didn’t have the happy ending we all hoped for.

During her time at the helm of Metal Maniacs, the magazine became an indispensable companion to the pre-internet metal fan, and her wit, insight and warmth made the publication feel like a community of friends. The joy and passion she brought to her job spilled off the pages, and her style and approach have always been a big influence on my work here at AMG.

The importance of her pioneering role in the male dominated field of metal journalism cannot be overstated, but more importantly, she was a kind and gentle person and a woman of strong ideals and principles. I’m a better person for having known her and she will be missed.

Safe travels, Katherine. Rest in peace.

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  • Oberon

    There goes another member of the Old Guard. We’re all worse off for it

  • El Lado Oscuro

    sad… but god people last in our memory… she will be remembered

  • Damn, horrible news. I wish the best to her family in these trying times.

  • HippieOfDeath

    This sucks. Best wishes for her family. I hope they can at least find some solace knowing her daughter will be remembered fondly by so many people.

  • This is terrible. Terrible.

  • Argh, I grew up reading MM…. just gutted. Condolences to her family.

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    Very sad, condolences to her family, time to think back on the good times

  • Styler

    Sad news indeed, I feel like I should listen to something classic in her honour.

  • Ralph Plug

    This really sucks, damn it.

  • BaboonKing

    Damn… the death of someone so young always feels so unjust… a sharp reminder of how fragile our lifes are, how brief. All the best to her family and friends.

  • Refined-Iron Cranium

    It’s been said millions of times before, but this really is a case of “only the good die young”. But it’s clear that her influence lives on, which is a testament to her time in this world.

  • Wilhelm

    I read Metal Maniacs religiously back in the day… RIP

  • Grymm

    Not only was she an influential “take-no-prisoners” writer who lived and breathed metal, she was also an incredibly good-hearted, awesome individual. I’m blessed to have been able to call her a friend, even if it was just for the last year of her life.

    I’m gonna miss her.

  • Jeff Kent

    Does anyone know if the You Caring site is still actively taking donations or if there’s another way we can help?

    • You can leave a message/question there and I’m sure Alicia Morgan will respond.

    • Grymm

      I read on her YouCaring site that yes, they are still taking donations to help with her funeral expenses and to help build a trust for her 16 year old son.

      Every little bit helps!

  • Really sad to hear this news. R.I.P. and thanks for everything!

  • chuck

    RIP. MM and KL introduced me to many bands.

  • Jeff Kent

    Oh no! This is terrible news. Metal Maniacs was such a crazy thing to find in the supermarket as a kid. My first real memory of black metal was from reading the letter columns, and being intrigued by all the the complaints about how it was the stupidest and most primitive music ever made.


  • Gloomer88


  • Danno

    I used to hide copies of Metal Maniacs from my less-than-approving ‘rents. Now, I feel both sad and old. All the best, K.