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  • Ah, I am so glad Monsterworks got the AMG treatment. They are a band that really cares about delivering high quality dynamic metal. And though this style may not be very everyone, the record sure as hell sounds good.

    • Pleased you mentioned that. One of the early reviews said, and I quote: “the mix is shit. The drums sound like cardboard.” I almost wept.

      • You forgot the last line and most important sentence in that paragraph you quoted, “I don’t get it.”

        EDIT: There are many things this album may or may not be, but the mix is not shit by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Vassago Gamori

        That “reviewer” probably needs to make an appointment with an Otolaryngologist.

  • Kronos

    I’ll have to check this out, if seems like something I’d enjoy. Great review.

    • Name’s Dalton

      Same here.

  • Nate Sweet

    Thanks for the review! I will definitely be listening to a few albums from these guys!

    On a side note, could someone describe what the term “proggy” means? I am a huge fan of progressive rock/metal but whenever I hear the term I have no idea what to expect. Is it synonymous with weird? avant-garde?

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      Tough luck with that one, Nate. Usually “proggy” means “whatever the writer associates with progessive rock/metal”. So it could be long songs, unusual time signatures, high pitched vocals, keyboards…

  • bolok

    interesting review and great sounding track :) lol now even more music to make time to listen to XD

  • Dobbie03

    I used to go to school with the brother of the original lead guitarist, Ian. Great band.

    • Would that be Chris Brock…who was in fact our first bass player? …Or the other one (Steve).

      • Dobbie03

        Steve Brock. We were the same year at High School.

  • Innit Bartender

    I like the band photo, they look like regular dudes. No false aggression. Or maybe it’s because I just came from naked-butt-photo from yesterday…

  • Wilhelm

    I really didn’t think I would like this, but wow, am I wrong – the composition flows very well, somewhere between extreme metal, prog and alt rock…the Mille like vocals are also appealing. The production is where it’s at though, holy shit does this sound warm, dynamic, full … most modern bands seem to think this is unimportant, but it’s maybe the most important thing about an album, great job guys!

  • Exitium

    I don’t know if it’s intentional, but I’m hearing some extremely heavy Ihsahn influence with the black vocals. Those death growls are actually extremely competent too (which is actually pretty rare in such an over represented genre as death). I prefer to actually understand what Cookie Monster is saying, instead of the puking/burping/grunting that’s all too prevalent; and just noise to me.