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  • Matthew

    “During certain passages, particularly when Myrkur’s clean singing is overlaying a speedier section, there’s a detachment between the vocals and music that sounds frankly a bit odd.”

    For me this was the main problem with the EP. The clean vocals aren’t bad, the instruments aren’t bad either – but almost every time they’re put together they just don’t work. ‘Dybt i Skoven’ is probably the only track with clean vocals that I felt worked really well, aside from Frosne Vind which doesn’t really count because it’s not a metal track anyway.

    Like, ‘Latvian Fegurð’ has a great opening right? Really powerful, interesting guitarwork, drums that get you going – but then at 1:40 the clean vocals come in and in an instant it’s all ruined – all the intensity and pace she’d built up was gone.

    I’m definitely interested in what she does in the future though.

  • euthanatos

    “In the end I’d rather deal in cold hard facts then speculation.”. THAN, MAN, THAN, JESUS.

    In all seriousness, though, good review. I’d seen the marketing for this here and there, but never really paid attention to what exactly it was. The review got me curious. Was just listening to “Natters Barn”, and you’re spot on about the drum sound. That really does sound like programmed drums.

    • KingKuranes

      No, he meant he’d rather deal in cold hard facts, and then after that engage in some wild speculation.

      • I was going to go in and edit that, but your comment amused me far too much to change anything.

        • Luke_22

          My bad on the ‘then’ ‘than’ stuff. I should be ashamed. And I’ll be sure to speculate with a little more restraint next time…Maybe…

  • DrChocolate

    Spot on with regards to the guitar tone. There’s something in it that reminds me of the new Wolvhammer, which isn’t entirely a bad thing. However, I’m on the fence with this one. I can’t tell if it’s a grower that in 2-3 months I’ll adore, or if I’m trying to like it more then I actually do. Whatever it is, the jury’s still out.

    On a side note, I kind of dig what’s Ex Cops are doing as well – whether they’re related or not.

    • Luke_22

      Hard to tell. Although the EP’s flaws, particularly with the production, were fairly apparent from the get-go, my enjoyment of the music itself was pretty immediate. Maybe worth sticking with a bit longer, there’s definitely potential with what she’s doing here. Yeah Ex Cops aren’t bad for a dreamy, chilled-out indie fix.

  • 7 songs is an EP now? Somebody in the Relapse PR is being coy.

  • Pascual Villaseca

    it was an instabuy for me xD
    The melodies of this album remind me a bit of Krimh.. although some lyrics are a bit over layered, the album in question its quite something.
    Thanks for the review

  • If you ask me, this is just more of the same boring Alcest-inspired bullshit that has been pelted at us for the past five years.

  • Pascual Villaseca

    “….the drums aren’t programmed, but man, they are mixed badly during the blasting sections, sounding both artificial and overbearing…”
    About this, i guess it really depends on the setup you are using. With headphones (Q701), it sounded awesome, but in the car it sounded like crap.. Maybe with a different setup the sound could balance a bit.

    • Luke_22

      I agree that a really top of the line sound system could nullify or atleast mask some of the weaknesses. But for me a dodgy recording/mixing job is exactly that and can’t be fully rectified. In saying that it doesn’t make this EP unlistenable just a tad frustrating, There’s still plenty of good stuff here.

    • Recording 101: Listen to your album/EP/demo on the shittiest boom box you can find to judge how it is going to sound. Not awesome headphones or studio speakers.

  • Feytalist

    I hadn’t heard of Myrkur at all prior to this review.

    Music is pretty good. Like the harsh parts, love the clean vocals. Production isn’t great, but what they hey. It’s still the first EP. They can sort that out I hope.

    I’d be pretty interested in seeing what happens next.

  • Turns out you were right about the secret identity! Nice sleuthing and speculating, Saunders!

    • Luke_22

      Thanks man. Turns out I’m not completely full of shit.

  • BilboBaggins

    in regards to the production and mix… I’m by no means a black metal scholar, but I’ve been around it since the mid-90’s (underground music store clerk days) and am fascinated by the BM scene enough to read books and watch documentaries on the subject, even though I’m very picky on which bands I like (I probably could count them on one hand)… but it seems that the lo-fi production/mixing is part of the BM sound? Bands like Burzum were recording vocals on headsets and the music on 4-track or whatever. I realize this isn’t straight up black metal, but influenced by it in the same way Chelsea Wolfe is.

    Anyway, what I love about this EP and the potential of this band is that it reminds me of being back in those mid-90’s, especially not having to deal with a overly compressed master mix “loudness war” garbage we have to deal with as of late. The music breathes pretty well, IMHO. The EP isn’t perfect, but I’m at least Myrkur has caught my interest.

    Also the LP artwork and bone white/green record is gorgeous enough that I bought it without even owning a record player. It’s even better looking in real life.

    As far as her real identity? I don’t really care. It’s not like it’s Britney Spears. And it’s not like BM bands make crazy money that she’s trying to cash in on the craze and “selling out”. There are a lot of bands that have certain influences that maybe isn’t fulfilling one of the musicians in it, so they have solo projects or another band going. She’s not famous enough for it to really effect the overall music audience as say Mick Jagger suddenly doing rap music or Britney Spears doing metal because that’s what they’ve always wanted to do in their heart and mind. The only people ticked off about it are BM scene snobs. I guess she need to go burn some churches or kill someone in order to be accepted with open arms?