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  • Dethjesta

    Interesting stuff – Embedded video didn’t work for me (apparently I live in the wrong country). But I checked out some tracks from Cosmic Child and I think this band could be for me. Cheers.

    Also, I love The Forever War – one of my favourite sci-fi novels.

  • Tom Hardy

    The embedded track sounds like basic Pink Floyd flair of psychedelic British Rock from the 70’s (Echoes/Atom Heart Mother), not that I don’t dig that style. Good review, never heard of em but I’ll give em a shot. Given more time for both the written review and the point you make in your closing statement, would this go higher/ lower than a 3.5? Are you happy with this being your final view?

    It’s an interesting conversation to have about how review deadlines may not be a full view of what the reviewer thinks of an album at the time of giving the review. Once it’s out there in the open, it’s a version of an expressed view that could go on to influence a reader’s perception, especially on a high traffic, respected site such as this … or it’s quite possible it really makes no difference too in translating to viewers buying it depending on the sort of buyer/ non buyer fan base the site welcomes. Of course, it’s just a thought and there’re various other factors I wouldn’t discuss to keep this short. A writers meeting I have to step into, so cheerio Madam.

    • Mark Nagy

      You can’t help that scores shift, which is why they go at the end and only take up a small part of the review. Words are a bit more consistent.

    • I’m very happy with the review. As I mentioned in a previous comment, I can see this being one of those growers that you keep coming back to and I suspect it’ll get some sort of mention come year end.

      • Tom Hardy

        Looking forward to seeing if this can stay up top, somewhere in the stratospheric presence of other bands to be chosen in April.

  • Bart the Repairman

    There’s something very disturbing in this video (especially old school space shots). Great material. I’ve been waiting for that solo you’ve mentioned, and there isn’t any. Edited version?

    Besides, your review contains four Opeth references, this is already enough to intrigue me.

    • tomasjacobi

      There’s certainly a guitar solo starting at 8.14 in the video I just watched…

      • Bart the Repairman

        You’re right. I guess I was expecting something more obvious and in-your-face than these few notes wandering in the background and somehow I overlooked it. Thanks for pointing me out, I corrected my stupid comment.

  • AlphaBetaFoxface

    More bands need to keep in mind that the best album artworks in history (the majority anyway) are generally just fairly simple, metaphorical summations of the music at hand, but have aged well due to said simplicity. Really like the art on this record, and the album itself is sounding pretty dang tasty from what I’m hearing! Great review!

    • Thanks! Yeah, I love this album cover, it certainly deserved an artist mention.

  • Mark Nagy

    I hadn’t realized this was a soundtrack, and was mostly just disappointed that it wasn’t Cosmic Child Pt. II

    it’s great in its own right, but Cosmic Child is such an great and unique album that my hopes were in the wrong place.

    • I had a similar problem going into this. Once I spent some time with the book and gave the album more time it all came together. I feel like this album could be one of those growers that lurks its way onto year end lists.

      • Mark Nagy

        Maybe I’m just ignorant, but Cosmic Child sounds like nothing else I’ve encountered, obviously it has influences, Floyd, Mastodon, ect… But that sort of psychedelic doom with pianos and acoustic guitars… They could rename that 10 times and I wouldn’t get bored.

  • Blueberry Balls

  • Phil Daly

    Not familiar with the novel, but have spent the evening listening and re-listening to this and really enjoying it. Don’t tend to venture into proggier (Roger) waters that often, but would be interested in any recommendations?

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      Nice proggier waters joke…

    • The Ichthyologist

      Yup, that joke was great!

  • Loved these guys since Calydonian Hunt and they just keep getting more amazing.

  • Nukenado

    I can’t believe there would be more than one Nobou Uematsu name drop! I’m just hoping that he’s going to make another Earthbound Papas record and somehow AMG can review it.