I thought I should make a post in reference to a thing that I feel pretty strongly about, which is the Wisconsin Metal Alliance.  Something that always peeved me (and still does, to some extent) when I was in my old band, was that bands were very much in it for themselves and a lot of people were using those around them in order to get ahead, but never helping others out or giving them the cred that they deserved.  Frankly, I think this is shitty as metal as we know it is all about the underground, and all about the ways that we’re able to come together, have a good time and appreciate truly excellent music together.

There are a lot of different local scenes, and I’m sure that they have some great bands.  However, some bands that I think are pretty bad ass are involved in an organization called the Wisconsin Metal Alliance.  I have put a link at the top of the page to it, and I just wanted to talk about it a little bit.  First, I think it’s bad ass that bands are coming together and working together and one thing that I really dig is that the WMA is basically democratic.  It’s got a kick ass forum, where yours truly, and others of my calibre like to hang out, and BS about metal and a lot of random stuff.

But the one thing I truly dig about the WMA is the calibre of bands that exist within it.  One of our ranks, and one who has actually been in it for a long time, just got picked up by Century Media and put out a record (that I will be reviewing soon, and doing an interview with as well)–that’d be the great progressive band Luna Mortis. And others are headed in that direction, as well. There are some really killer bands involved, and I strongly suggest that everyone go and check it out.   And that’s why I’m going to feature Wisconsin bands on here from time-to-time, because I think that there are some really great bands from Wisconsin, and there have been really great bands in the past that never got their proper time in the sun, despite their kickassatude.

Anyway, I hope that people who aren’t part of the WMA start to see the bands from this scene and they get some more attention from national labels and stuff.  Sure, it’s a pipe-dream.  But it’s a little something I can do for a group of people who spend so much time amusing me with their spamming, their arguments, and their incredibly random and irrelevent humor.  Be forwarned, there’s some Northwoods Metal heading your way.

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