Some ancient live videos of folk metal icons, the defunct Otyg has been posted online and I just thought they were too cool to pass up. I loved these guys at the time (and still do, really, both full lengths are folk metal classics) and wish I could’ve seen them live myself. But I guess I’ll have to do with this. This is from a show in the Netherlands in 1999. That’s Mr. V from Vintersorg and Borknagar (and Cronian, Havayoth, Waterclime, Fission, am I missing anything?) singing and Mattias from Vintersorg to his left. You can download a bootleg of the show here: Otyg – Live in Asten-Heudsen 1999.

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  • Xurathar

    Great folk band. I’m always listening to the new Finntroll record. I’m falling in love TT.

  • dheim

    i really love Otyg, and still listen to their albums and demos… they had what 90 % of active folk metal bands lack… great vocals and killer grooves! fejd turned me down a bit… excellent musical values, but not so exciting vocals. just manegarm can compete with mr vintersorg, in my opinion… until fenriz awakens from his alcoholic slumber and makes some folk metal again!