What? It’s October already!? Just in time for the Record(s) o’ the Month, July edition! Now, you may be asking yourself “but did anything come out in July?” and the answer would be: “dude, do you even metal?” Hell yes it did. And we’re not even going to fuck around, we’re just going to jump right into the joy of bringing you the July’s best metal records (that we reviewed and also liked).

I’m tired.

Origin - Omnipresent
Oh shit yeah. Origin‘s Omnipresent was a blast of extremely good technical death metal that got everyone who heard it over here at the AMG offices worked into a pseudo-religious lather. After the human sacrifices and diabolical orgy, we managed to get ourselves cleaned up and assigned Kronos and his mad kale addiction to review the sucker. After a week of intense listening sessions, he was released from the closet and, covered in white powder and some kind of deep green paste, penned these nouns, verbs and adjectives: “Omnipresent […] make[s] me grin and sing along and giggle with perverse glee over just how good they are. No matter how many times I hurt my neck or am forced to walk around in public grinning like a psychopath, I’m going to keep listening to this because it’s so habit forming that it makes cocaine look like kale.” Oh. I get it.

Fallujah - The Flesh PrevailsFallujah // The Flesh Prevails [review | commentary] — Let’s all just bask in this art for a minute. (Good art month. That Origin record has cool art, too.) OK. Now that we’ve basked, I need to throw it out there that this record is, of course, a controversial item here at AMG Studios Inc. LLC. It has, you see… a DR3 rating. And while, yes, that might seem negligible to some people, we try to not encourage that kind of thing. But we guarantee that you will be pleased with your purchase if you check out The Flesh Prevails on vinyl. And let’s be frank, the CD—while possibly headache inducing—is chock full of extremely good technical death metal.

Overkill_White Devil ArmoryOverkill // White Devil Armory — Sure, Overkill is like older than your grandpa. And I think combined they’re the oldest man in the world, for sure. But even if they are dad thrash—they’re dad thrash on a fucking roll. Steel Druhm had OPINIONS about White Devil Armory: “Ladies and gents, this is one bona fide bad ass album. Not a weak track anywhere, just in-your-face, confrontational smack talk metal designed to make the drunk asshole throw the first punch. What else do you want (or expect) from a New Jersey band? Shit just got very real.” And when Mr. the Druhm tells you things got real… they got real.

Wolvhammer Clawing into Black Sun 01Wolvhammer // Clawing into Black Sun — You might wonder whether or not the blackened sludge gauntlet has been thrown down. You may lay awake nights running this over in your mind. Turns out you have your answer in the form of Wolvhammer. “Three years have done Wolvhammer a bit of good,” intoned a pleased Grymm. “Clawing into Black Sun raises the bar for others to attempt to catapult over, and they’ve managed to converge their ideas into a powerful new whole. The gauntlet’s been thrown, kids.” You’ve got your answer. Now go the fuck to sleep

Record I Am Intentionally Not Including Despite its Score: 

Vardan // Enjoy of Deep Sadness — No. I’m ashamed this was even reviewed. Look at that fucking title. Fuck.

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  • Enjoy of deep Record(s) o’ the Month!

  • Fazy

    What the hell, I don’t even like tech-death or death metal in general, but Omnipresent kinda impressed me in a way. Very intense and angry.

  • Adam Beasley

    Yay, OverKill!

  • AnimalShenanigans

    Damn. That Wolvhammer sounds promising. I’m still trying to catch up to July, as the only album I got into was Origin; picked it up on Kronos’ recommendation, was not disappointed. With Incantation, Mayhem, Falconer, Vintersorg, and Vader (yeah, it came out at the end of May, I got my copy in June) all releasing great albums that begged for repeated listens, it was very hard to keep up with July!

  • Pacal

    Just ordered The Flesh Prevails on vinyl; really looking forward to spinning the DR10 master!

    • DR6 I thought? The DR10 thing was just an experiment.

      • Pacal

        From the AMG DR10 Master review: “For those interested in getting this mix, you can buy the vinyl” The store page also lists it as a preorder for a second pressing, so that was my assumption: https://www.indiemerchstore.com/item/27560/

        • Yeah, Zack Ohren says that it’s more a DR6 on the vinyl. But the closest you’re going to get to the one he sent me is the vinyl.

          I apologize for misleading you.

          • Pacal

            If your guarantee about the vinyl edition of The Flesh Prevails (from this page) holds true I’m not complaining. I’ll happily take DR6 over DR3.

  • Zadion

    This has been a pretty good year for techdeath, hasn’t it? I think multiple techdeath albums have appeared across your records o’ the month lists.

    • I’s got me some biases.

    • Kronos

      Yeah, I’m a big tech-death aficionado and this year is really exceeding my expectations. Keep in mind as well that this fall we get music from Revocation, Beyond Creation, and The Schoenberg Automaton, all of which will most likely be AotM and possibly AotY contenders.

  • Wolvhammer is the one I like most from this list, followed closely by Overkill. But I have to push Diocletian’s Gesundrian forth as my absolute favorite of the month, it’s a shame you guys didn’t get a promo for this. Maybe for a “things you may have missed” in year’s end?

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      Yep the Diocletian record is really enjoyable.
      The first half of 2014 was the angry metal marriage content crisis. So Im expecting the ‘things we may have missed’ piece to be a doozy. Other than Diocletian, I can think of a few prominent releases in Cormorant, Artificial Brain, Inferi and SAOR that warrant a write up.

      • Yes to all of the above and also Vindensang, Thou, The Great Old Ones and Thantifaxath.

        • Also The Botanist.

        • Carlos Marrickvillian

          adding to the list!

        • Kronos

          I’m planning on doing things we might’ve missed for Thanifaxtath, Artificial Brain, and Inferi at least. Cult Leader, Archspire, and Serdce round off what’s going to be a busy fall for make-up reviews.

      • SAOR, Artificial Brain, Inferi and Diocletian are all promos we didn’t get.

        • Carlos Marrickvillian

          I retract the crisis comment

          • It blows, man. Dunno when we became the third rail of promotion, but we just don’t get all the stuff we used to.

          • it’s bullshit considering sites like Sputnik get loads of inferior content based in what I assume to be leaked material. And sites like Pitchfork will only review a fraction of the metric asston of metal promos they must get. The game is unfairly stacked.

          • Carlos Marrickvillian

            Swings and roundabouts…
            Better to be and stay credible

  • Dad thrash. ROTFL. You guys….

    • I gotta say, I borrowed that from Jordan Campbell. Love that guy.

      • Grymm

        Jordan’s the proverbial shit. Highly endorse his writing.

  • Feeblejocks

    This was a really excellent ‘Record(s) o’ the Month’ article. I often just come to see which records got picked and don’t pay a great deal of attention to what’s written (because it’s mostly just summaries of reviews I’ve already read), but this month I really enjoyed reading the whole thing. Well done, AMG, there were a lot of funny lines this time out.
    As for the picks this month, I liked ’em all except maybe the Wolvhammer, which I’m not to keen on. I’m not much of a fan of sludge.

    • Awesome. I enjoyed it, but I was writing it when I was very, very tired. I maybe get a bit more snarky, then.

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    Good to see Overkill in there.
    I thought Panopticon might have found a place on this list.

    • Panopticon was officially released the first day of August. Also Pale communion is not released until the 26th. That is going to be an interesting list.

      • Grymm

        And don’t forget that Pallbearer’s new album drops this Tuesday as well. :)

        • Oi, I heard that stream on pitchfork and it’s clear that this month’s favorites gonna come down to personal preference. Just between those three there’s a lot of good music.

        • Carlos Marrickvillian

          I’d count my self as being more excited about Pallbearer, I still regularly go back to S&E great record, one of the best from 2012 IMO.
          Heritage on the other hand was okay/pretty good at best. I couldn’t help but feel that it perhaps represented the start of a downward arc for that band. Mr AMGs comment above encouragingly seems to suggest otherwise.
          Looking like a good month ahead!

          • And I’m just remembering to add YOB to that list, this month is almost godly.

      • Yeah, no. Hint: Opeth has it in the fucking bag.

  • Feytalist

    The Origin album also makes for a pretty sweet background for the site.

  • Caesar

    DR3 (!!!)
    -Are you fucking kidding me?

  • David Rosales

    Really? Origin’s piece of shit generic album?
    and a few months ago the new bland Tryptikon which Tom G. Warrior himself condemned for explicit reasons (with which I happen to agree)?

    Pop metal website~

  • Our Fortress Is Burning

    Great album. Technical Death Metal done correctly. Another quality release from Origin.