Since we’re all busy people, I’ll cut to the chase. June was another big ass month for metal with a plethora of satisfying releases and one in particular that really bowled over multiple AMG staffers. Since that happens less than you might think, eyebrows were raised, fingers were pointed and notes were furiously scribbled.

The more observant and OCD amongst you may have noticed we’ve been slow to add May’s Record o’ the Month to the page banner and change the lovely H.R. Giger wallpaper. Sure, we could claim it was a tribute to the late, great artist, but the truth is only AMG himself knows how to do that and he was off getting Angry Metal Married™. To make up for our laggardly ways, we now present the Record(s) o’ the Month for June in a relatively timely manner. We’re all about customer service here at AMG (until you annoy us).

Darkest Era_Severance


Darkest Era // Severance — This one really shook the rafters here at AMG. Darkest Era is the little Irish band that could and Steel Druhm summed up their sound as “Primordial‘s To the Nameless Dead and Atlantean Kodex in a head on collision, with Immortal hovering around the wreckage making funny faces and wrestling poses.” The songs are loaded with powerful, emotional vocals and riffs that kill all day long and the entire album is epic as hell and classier than a Hamptons polo match. It’s got an endearingly regal and lofty bearing and plenty of that special something that makes an album great. Since His Steelness was at a complete loss finding things to criticize, this is clearly a band to watch and watch closely. Do not miss this potential Album o’ the Year!

Runners Up:

Vintersorg - NaturbålVintersorg // Naturbål — Always a consistent and reliable name in metal, Vintersorg is back with an album AMG describes as “chock full of what Vintersorg does best: melodic black metal work with extraordinary and catchy choruses.” Even a crunched-to-death mastering job can’t derail the quality song writing which sports the most black metal vibe Vintersorg has rocked in a long while. AMG summed it up thusly: “Naturbål hits all the highlights and has its own unique feel; it’ll set the soul of long time fans aflame, and could even pave the way for new ones.”

The-Atlas-Moth_The-Old-BelieverThe Atlas Moth // The Old Believer — Following a highly regarded album is always a tough task, but The Atlas Moth did it well with The Old Believer, which JF Williams dubbed “an introspective journey of startling complexity.” Stoner sludge with true emotional depth and musical nuance is rare, but that’s exactly what you get as the band examines human loss and sadness. In the process, they created an album that “helps solidify The Atlas Moth as one of the most unique, exciting and daring modern metal bands playing now….”

12 Jacket (Gatefold - Two Pocket) [GD30OB2-N]Tombs // Savage Gold — Post-rock, post-punk and black metal all get tossed in a box to fight it out on Savage Gold, and it’s the listener who wins out. This is gritty, dirty and tough music from the rough environs of Brooklyn, NY and the resulting abrasive edge is what sells the material. Grymm was highly impressed with the “more effective refining of an interesting formula that pays off greatly over repeated listens.”




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  • maelanthe

    Really good list… I myself really enjoyed Vintersorg’s Naturbal…
    He keeps on producing quality stuff

  • RagE

    Solid list. only had Vintersorg for a coupld oif days, so i cant really say anything else that its really good, even with strange production.

    For me, this month has been filled with
    A Hill to Die Upon – Holy Despair
    Anubis Gate – Horizons
    Allegaeaeoeean – Elements of the Infinite
    Voyager – V
    And the last two days –
    Novembers Doom – Bled White.

    Really enjoying all of these releases. Quality stuff that will be in heavy rotation for the rest of the year.

    • The Vintersorg is great, and even the mastering isn’t really holding it back for me. It’s on par with his other material of late, so if you like it, you’ll probably dig it.

      That said, a lot of my diehard Vsorg fan friends are saying 3/5. We’ll see.

      • RagE

        yeah after further listening it is sounding pretty good. In fact i think it is the best i have heard from him in some years. Its like a strang emix between “Anthems to the Welking at Dusk” and Falconer.

        My biggest problem now is that my headset died on my, and i only have shitty cheap earbuds for listening, and i can only play Vinyl on my stereo.. Think i need to get this on vinyl.. and get new headpones, and get a mini-jack for my stereo. Fuck its expensive being a metal head nowadays :P

  • Guest

    I was expecting Voyager’s V to be somewhere on this list, perhaps even at the top. Darkest Era does definitely deserve the top spot, though.

  • Ernesto Aimar

    Vintersorg and Darkest Era will definetly make it to my Records of the Year list. I also really dig the new Septic Flesh, even when it’s pretty much the same as “The Great Mass”.

    • Zadion

      bruh, Titan isn’t anywhere near The Great Mass.

  • Gustaf Lundström

    Is there a reason why you guys didn’t review the new Misery Index album?

    • Manpower shortages.

      • NeverBlack

        Manpower shortages sounds like an euphemism to erectile dysfunction! (well, at least to a non-native speaker).

        • Yep, we had dysfunction and then felt so badly about that we missed Misery Index.

  • Zadion

    Solid list and about what I expected. Voyager is definitely my record of the month as well (although I knew it wouldn’t show up here) and is aiming to be my record of the year at that. I am kind of surprised not to see Mastodon.

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    What I’ve enjoyed most this month was a release by Canadian outfit Tumbleweed Dealer named ‘Western Horror’. Fantastic driving music and cheap as chips on Bandcamp. Would be good to see an angry metal opinion on this one…

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    Tombs is cracking good record too…

  • Very nice list, one of the best months for this year without a doubt. I’m a little more partial for The Atlas Moth, it was such a weird and intriguing listen that gives a lot of satisfying discoveries each time you hit the play button.

  • Zadion

    Oh yeah, did anybody here check out the new Saor album, “Aura”? It was released in June and one of the finest records I’ve heard this year as well.

    • Grymm

      I’ve heard nothing but great things about the new Saor.

      It could end up being a “Stuff You May Have Missed” by year’s end.

      • Grymm, definitely an AOTY contender.

  • T.J. Barber

    Is it odd that a number of these weren’t reviewed in June?

    Tombs and Darkest Era reviewed in May, Vintersorg in July?

    not complaining, just saying

    • Well, we try to review albums ahead of release when possible, so albums released in early June would be reviewed in late May, etc. Vintersorg got held up.

  • Michael Haas

    I’ve been enjoying Allegaeon’s ‘Elements of the Infinite’ quite a bit. I know you guys didn’t review it, but did any of you guys at AMG get a chance to listen to it and have any thoughts?

  • Thatguy

    Sorry to be negative with my first post – love AMG of course (the site, never net the guy) – but I found the Darkest Era really pedestrian. Stale old gallops.

  • Our Fortress Is Burning

    Looks like July was strong month. It’s December now, and Darkest Era,
    The Atlas Moth, and Tombs are being singled out in many year-end “best of 2014” lists.