What’s this? Record(s) o’ the Month posted on the last day of March? This can’t last!

King Goat - Conduit

King Goat took me by surprise, and judging from the reactions in the comment fields and from other writers, I’m not the only one who thinks that Conduit is an awesome record. It’s special that King Goat came out of nowhere, unsigned and unheralded, with an album full of gripping songs. More impressive still, few debut albums are as artistically focused and coherent as Conduit, which continues to receive an inordinate amount of play at the Angry Metal Household. As I raved in my review: “Conduit is a slow burner that I liked from the start, but I have grown to love it. The blend of good ideas and great performances makes for an addictive album. King Goat may hearken back to the operatic drama of Candlemass, but Conduit is an idiosyncratic take on that sound and a conduit to another world.” Check out their Bandcamp to stream and order the album.

Runner(s) Up:

Inverloch Distance Collapsed 2016Inverloch // Distance | Collapsed — Death doom is not an easy genre to make work, but Inverloch impressed all of us here at Angry Metal Guy Industries with Distance | Collapsed‘s extremely heavy and gripping writing and performances. This album is well-crafted, with grimy riffs and brutal blasts offset by the kinds of dirges that only the best doom bands can get away with. Fortunately, Inverloch is one of the best, and Distance | Collapsed should leave no question in anyone’s mind about that. Grymm frothed at the mouth thusly, “the balance of invoking an atmosphere and providing brutal heaviness and speed when necessary can tricky … but Inverloch make it seem so effortless.”

Wormed - Krighsu CoverWormed // Krighsu — Wormed are worshiped and mythologized for their idiosyncratic take on the technical death metal genre, and Krighsu is another gold star on their metal cred report card. This absurd, extreme, and brutal addition to Wormed‘s discography is almost so dense at times that it’s difficult to get your head around. But a little patience, a little time, and a good set of headphones and the diligent listener will be rewarded. Once Krighsu unfolds, it’s a great album. Kronos is a bit of a fanboy, but I agree with his gushy description of Wormed: “This is a band that refuses to lift off the accelerator, constantly swerving at whiplash-inducing speed through four and a half spatial dimensions.”


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  • Fazy

    I am here to savour this historical moment and bask in glory of timely RotM. Incredible!

    • Don’t get used to it!

      • Kalsten


  • Pimpolho

    King Goat is fantaaaaaastic. Great pick!

  • This be the month of brilliant debut records. King Goat and Sunburst, two bands to keep an eye or two on in the future

  • Goldicot

    Shout out to Yliaster’s new album Soliloquy, which didn’t get reviewed here. They finally answered that question of “who else sounds like Gojira?” Also toss a nod to blues rock weirdos Druid; their new album Odysseus is tight.

    And for non-metal shenanigans, Glenn Jones’ release “Fleeting” is some fantastic folky stuff. And I don’t like folky stuff. Gustavo Assis-Brazil is also of note with his guitar gymnastics release, Chromatic Dialogues.

    Now that the random plugs are out of the way — I like King Goat and I’m not a huge fan of doom. It has to be sludge-y for me to get into it. That said, I can’t get into Inverloch despite really wanting to. Wormed, however, is the shit.

    • Bump for Glenn Jones. And that’s not just because I intern at his label.

      • Goldicot

        Hey, I think it was your post over at NCS that got me to listen to Glenn Jones! I couldn’t for the life of me remember where I heard of it. You’re the best, man. And you have a sweet job.

        • Sweet! Always happy to hear when a recommendation falls upon receptive ears.

    • Diego Molero

      I have to check out that Yliaster’s album you say sounds like Gojira. Can’t wait for the new record!!

      • Thatguy

        Sanzu sound like Gojira.

        • Kronos

          Sanzu sound like chugging and boredom.

          • Thatguy

            I didn’t say they were as good as Gojira

    • Name’s Dalton

      Glenn Jones of Cul du Sac?

  • I’m curious what other albums were in the discussion, if any?

    • Monsterth Goatom

      Guessing here, but I imagine Rimfrost, Vredehammer, La Chinga, maybe Moonsorrow? Conduit and Krighsu are awesome, but Inverloch’s latest doesn’t do anything for me.

      • tomasjacobi

        Moonsorrow is an April release…

        • Monsterth Goatom

          Ah, right. : )

        • Name’s Dalton

          So judging by its review and AMG’s taste, we can get April’s RotM out of the way by posting it tomorrow, yeah?

          • tomasjacobi

            Who knows? I certainly have a hard time seeing how anything released in April is going to be anywhere near as great as Jumalten Aika…

      • Tom Hardy

        Inverloch’s album only made me want to put on As The Flower Withers which’s gloriously cold with a mix of chafing to my heart.

    • Tom Hardy

      Hey mate, what did you think of that new Cobalt?

      • Here’s my comment on review from another blog:

        “Some of my thoughts on the album:
        – when they released ‘Beast Whip’ I was actually a little concerned, pre-ordered anyway on blind fan-boy faith
        – fortunately, ‘Beast Whip’ albeit a good song, still seems like one of the weaker tracks on the album
        – I love the use of samples in metal and ‘Iconoclast’ could become one of my favorites
        – the two longest tracks on the album are phenomenal
        – I think the album grows stronger towards the second half
        – i’m glad Fell’s vocals sound different than on Lord Mantis. They are two different bands and I’m glad Fell was able to tap into something different and show a little more dynamic (he still sounds crazy af)
        – ‘Siege’ is a great finale”

        I’ve heard people gripe about the obvious Tool influences, but I grew up listening to Tool, so that’s no issue. Other criticisms have been the length of the album, but to me it feels like it goes by fast and I don’t think any song over stays it’s welcome.

        Time will ultimately tell how it stacks up, mostly because I know that I very much wanted to love this album and that could be influencing my opinion of it. I’m also one of those nerds who obsesses over year-end lists and ‘Slow Forever’ will very likely make mine.

        You have a chance to listen yet?

  • Iain Gleasure

    It’s the return of the sphere AND the levitating, faceless man!

  • Nick Maestas

    Am I in the twilight zone? What’s going on with these on time record of the months? If this continues I think the earth will explode!

  • Brett Minnie

    King Goats frontmans pipes… Holy shitfuck, good enough for us to warrant Sunday trains to watch them live

  • Brett Minnie

    King goat is the type of voice you’re willing to bl brave national rail on a Sunday for

  • Thatguy

    I’d put Inverloch before King Goat but these are three great albums.

  • Alex Benedict

    Imma let you finish, but Hope for the Dying had the best album this month and year with Legacy.
    Check it out, could be a great tymhm at the end of the year

  • Tom Hardy

    Are ya happy now Kronos?

    • Monsterth Goatom

      Aaaaand…. to make Kronos even happier, Plebeian Grandstand just released a new album. Haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet.

      • Tom Hardy

        It sounds a lot better than Lowgazers. Pre-ordered the CD and I hope I don’t have to sell it off like I had to with Lowgazers. Still have the record but it’s goin on the chopping block.

        • Kronos

          What’s your beef with Lowgazers?

      • Kronos

        I’ve had the promo for some time. Review forthcoming.

        • Monsterth Goatom

          I should have known you’d be on top of that. : )

          Signing with Columbia last week was a big coup for the band, but I wonder if they’ll sell out now.

          • Kronos

            Didn’t know about the signing. I’ll check that out.

  • Monsterth Goatom

    Thanks. Will check out.

  • Name’s Dalton

    There’s more than a little Louder Than Love-era Soundgarden going on at times in King Goat’s sound. And I dig it.

    And that Wormed record is immense.

    • Name’s Dalton

      Hang on. Apparently, I shouldn’t be dog tired while reading this post and listening to Crypt Sermon, for it’s the latter whose music recalls at times Soundgarden.

      Off to sleep I go.

      • Sharp-Blunt Boy

        Interesting you mention crypt sermon. I really couldn’t get with their candlemass worship. I reckon it’s the uncanny valley of metal: so close, yet empathy turned into mild repulsion.

        Kinggoat, on the other hand take some distinctive elements of the mass and combine them with cool progressive ideas and great song writing skills.

        Those later qualities remind me of soundgarden at their best.

        • Name’s Dalton

          I’ve never actually listened to Candlemass.

      • Carlos Marrickvillian

        Thats a good call with Crypt Sermon, I hadn’t thought that before but now that you mention it, it could be why I liked that album so much.

  • Rasmus Steinke

    I hear no similarities whatsoever

  • Qiyamat a tawil

    Inverloch and Wormed do it for me this month. Krighsu replaced King as my go-to gym album for the month, and I find myself return to Inverloch every second day for another listen. Still waiting for both on vinyl as well, for that extra quality.

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    It’s always great seeing unsigned bands taking out the honours!

    I’m a bit surprised as I was fairly sure that the Danimal Cannon album was going to be at the top of this page, or at least be somewhere on it.
    It’s been all about EPs for me, with Voivod, the Panopticon split and Dawnbringer being my favourites for March.

    Anyhoo heading over to band camp now to get me some Goat.

    • Monsterth Goatom

      Like AMG says, they seem to have come out of nowhere, and yet the album radiates such confidence and complex song structures as if they were seasoned pros. I wouldn’t be surprised if this goes on to be AotY, which would make AotY falling to two unsigned bands in a row.

      And yes, good sir, hurry forth and get your Goat on!

      • GardensTale

        I guess you are currently not surprised then.

        • Monsterth Goatom

          Ha! Forgot about this, so I guess I am surprised. : )

  • Dethjesta

    Conduit is superb. Of all the albums this month, there is no question that, this one struck me the most.

  • Dethjesta

    I was POEM (supporting Amorphis) a couple of weeks ago. They were pretty good, but didn’t take my breath away.

  • Kalsten

    And…now we have a facepalm background for another month. At least is better than the facial pores of Abbath.

    • madhare

      Come to think of it, a facepalm is the perfect background for any website. Sums of the nature of online discussions etc. So, every site should have a facepalm background! (I’ll just call Tim Berners-Lee and have him enforce it.)

      • [not a Dr]

        And King Goat’s CGDude’s facepalm is so extreme that it buries into his (spherical) skull.

  • Kryopsis

    I am disappointed by the exclusion of Vredehammer’s Violator. It came out of nowhere and I already listened to it more times than to the new Amon Amarth and the Abbath albums combined!

  • Bas

    King Goat is good doomy classic metal. Wormed is not my thing. The Inverloch album is just so extremely heavy.. whow.. .. as I am still busy listening to Oranssi Pazuzu’s last album I have no stamina at the moment for another dense ear assault… ( for lighter listening I have the new Motorpsycho album.. finally a
    great album after a couple were heavy but not very surprising). My pick this month is the new Boris/Merzbow, and also the La Chinga album (kinda reminds me of Fu Manchu rather than Death Alley, the latter was one of last years best albums, maybe the best!!)

  • ferrousbeuller

    The King Goat is right up my street – it’s already a promising beginning to a year hopefully full of original doom tinged awesomeness! I just got back from seeing My Dying Bride play with Oceans of Slumber supporting – killer show.

  • AlphaBetaFoxface

    Unfortunate Cobalt didn’t get reviewed, but March has been brimming with good-to-great releases so it’s understandable.

    Looking forward to seeing how April pans out. The new Howls Of Ebb record though… hot damn.

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      Cobalt got reviewed…

      • AlphaBetaFoxface

        Amended. Didn’t even realise! Pretty disappointed to see it only rocking a 2.5, but subjectivity is just that; subjectivity.

        • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

          Subjectivity… what can I tell you? Some people like the black album better than “Ride The Lightning”…

          • [not a Dr]

            And they are subjectively wrong, plus all other kinds of wrong.

          • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

            Including “just plain fucking” wrong

    • Bart the Repairman

      I feel that competition will end in a week. Winter is coming back with the new Ihsahn’s record.

  • So glad this wasn’t an April Fools’ Day joke.

    • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

      Or is it?

  • Congratulations on keeping your promises with this column, huehuehuehe.

  • IronBerserk

    Completely agree. Good pick AMG :) The vocals were incredible (the smooth transitions between rough and cleans blew me away) and the overall performances are tight.

  • sir_c

    Vredehammer should have been here too methinks, but having Disembowelm… ehm.. Inverloch as an honorable mention is fine for me as compensation.

  • Kill The King

    I want to be Angry at the new Amon Amarth not being #1, but I can’t. I come to AMG to discover new bands/music (plus I like the review style). I must listen to King Goat this means.

  • Vicente Urrutia

    I’m surprised Oceans of Slumber – Winter isn’t here… What happened? I thought you loved it AMG!

  • Fuzzybunny

    For a change something sounds interesting.
    I may just check this out.