This one has been a long, long, long time coming. Indeed, one could certainly have expected this on the 1st of October as we’ve been pretty good about that in the second half of the year here. But no, it took me a long time to get that Ayreon review done, and I didn’t want to to make the Record o’ the Month for October a record that hadn’t yet been reviewed, forcing you to sit around and wait for a review to show up. That seems unfair. Anyway, October was a pretty good month. It had some top notch releases, coincidentally Ed Warby is featured not once, but twiceHow ’bout them apples?

Ayreon - The Theory of Everything

The Record o’ the Month for October is The Theory of Everything. It was released at the end of October all over the worldses, and so it needs to be the RoM for October. It is a truly impressive and entertaining piece of art from my favorite Dutchperson to whom I’m not related. Obviously I am running out of superlatives, given the glowing tone of my review, but let me just say that this record is really one of my favorites that I’ve heard this year and easily the best record I’ve heard in a long time. If you haven’t been convinced to check this out by now, there’s no convincing you.

Runners up: 

Hail of Bullets - III - The Rommel ChroniclesHail of Bullets // III – The Rommel Chronicles Steel Druhm was mighty taken with this Bolt Thrower influenced slab of death metal. “This is a death metal album for the death metal fan and if you haven’t gotten on the Hail of Bullets war wagon yet, you’re collaborating with mediocrity and deserve to be shot in the foot and/or leg. That’s the only way some people learn to support good music! WAR!”

Inquisition - Obscure VersesInquisition // Obscure Verses for the Multiverse — Jordan Campbell is not a man easily impressed. In fact, he’s kind of a crank who likes his fare disturbing, underground, and damned near perfect. So it’s with a pretty massive pair of iron cajones that you ignore praise like this: “Obscure Verses is easily the most accomplished record of the band’s career. The production is robust, the packaging absurd, and the scope? Infinite.”

SkeletonwitchSkeletonwitch // Serpents Unleashed — Happy Metal Guy might have some terrible taste in music, but he sniffed out a winner in Skeletonwitch‘s newest record, and lauded their similarity to a parasite: “Serpents Unleashed should have a spot in one’s must-buy list for this year. Once let out of their physical cage, expect those sonic snakes to slither into your ear canals, coil around your brain tightly and stubbornly refuse to leave.”

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  • Kyle McDonald

    Really liked the Ayreon album and glad it made it to the top. One of the best albums I’ve heard in a long while.

  • Christofer

    Dammit! Now I must buy that Ayreon-album after all. Can´t …resist… any longer…

  • Feytalist

    Oh hey, a Records of the Month!

    …Almost in time for Records of the Month November :D

    Guess I really should check out that new Ayreon, huh?

    • It’ll get to sit there until mid-November.

      • Kyle McDonald

        I don’t care about it getting put up late, but you guys forgot to change the background this month. A change of scenery from random surgical tools might be nice…

        • We didn’t forget. These things take time and skill. And what’s wrong with some nice surgical tools anyway??

          • Kyle McDonald

            Nothing most of the time… But it’s been a while…

            Besides, all us readers know you guys do nothing but write reviews for AMG all day, so it’s not like you can’t take the time to change it up a bit. Eh?

          • Yep, the site has made us so wildly rich, we do it as a paid hobby now. I’ll get our website design department on this immediately!

          • Kyle McDonald

            Yeah, as a paying customer, I kind of have to demand it of you.

          • That reminds me, we didn’t receive your most recent payment. Please resend.

        • I didn’t get forget. I’m fuckin’ busy, yo. No respect!

  • André Snyde Lopes

    I have yet to listen to Ayreon’s latest but Skeletonwitch definitely deserve to be on this list, probably along with Toxic Holocaust, both of which I greatly enjoyed. Inquisition however… seemed like nothing special compared to other black metal albums that came out, even this year.

    Also, you probably meant “1st of November” on the top. Doesn’t make much sense to release the Records O’ The Month of October on October 1st. :)

  • sathriel

    New Ayeron so good, eh? Can’t wait to give it a listen then.

  • Jay Alan Goodwin

    That new Skeletonwitch album sounds so much better on vinyl IME. I don’t know if it’s a different master or just EQed differently but it did something to me on the record that I don’t get on the digital download.

    I’ve listened only listened to the LP once and won’t be playing it again until I get a new ADC and preamp so I can do a proper digital rip of it. (Don’t want to carve out all those high frequencies before I do.)

  • Gustaf Lundström

    The new Ayreon is definitely one of his best, though it’ll take some time before one can truly judge if it’s indeed his best. Right now it kind of feels like it but if replay value is to be considered it’s hard to tell. I know I loved The Human Equation to bits when it came out but for some reason the replay value wasn’t as high as for Electric Castle for me. Vocalist wise I think it’s the most consistent. Music wise it’s probably his most ambitious, and we all know the guy can handle musical ambitions alright. Replay value, though? Get back to you in a year for the final answer on that one!!

    • Joe W

      Here I am, about a year after it came out and still love the album. Probably third after Into the Electric Castle and Final Experiment.

  • Anon Bananon

    Another great one from October would be the Avatarium album (the new side project of Leif Edling). Sounds a mixture of Krux and Candlemass, but with a (quite awesome) female vocalist. Some occult rock vides to it as well. Deserves more than the complete silence that has accompanied it’s release.

    • That will be done as a Thing You Might Have Missed next week…because we blew the deadline.

  • Barry Neilson

    AMG, have you heard the latest MyGrain album, Planetary Breathing? Was wondering, if you have, what are you’re thoughts, because I am massively into it right now.

  • Robotron2084

    I’ve been running this through some new headphones (about time).
    Absolutely amazing. It really does get better each listen.

    I haven’t listened to my vinyl of this yet…..yet.

  • We don’t review stuff we don’t get promo of. Listening to this now, it sounds pretty cool, but we never got promo.

    • johnproc

      just thought id throw it out there cause it was my favorite october release. we gonna get a best of 2013 list soon?!

      • I bought this record, sounds pretty damned good.

        • johnproc

          indeed it is

  • Mike Eckman

    I know you dont take requests to review things, but the FAQ says that at the end of the year you’ll take recommendations, so if there is a chance that Kauan’s newest album, Pirut, comes across your desk, I highly recommend checking them out.

    Theyre a Russian band that sings almost entirely in Finnish. The music is very atrmospheric and folky. Kinda remind me of a cross between Empyrium and Agalloch, but with a lot of My Dying Bride-esque violins.

    As winter sets in, this music fits the mood of a long, cold, winter day.

    • I don’t think we ever received a promo for it and I don’t see it available in the promo pools I have access too. If it pops up, I’ll give it a listen and see if time permits.

  • brutal_sushi

    SO happy this got your ROM. I have been listening to this non stop since its release.