Here at Angry Metal Guy we try to keep you on your toes. One of the ways that we do that is by randomly publishing the Record(s) o’ the Month whenever we want to. It’s a great way to really cause problems for those who set their schedules by it, tell jokes about how late it is, or generally reference it in any way that isn’t reading it when it has the good grace of being published. This is all done with the sure intentionality of a surely intentional person who is not unreliable, but instead totally reliable and is absolutely 100% in control of when the Record(s) o’ the Month get posted. Under no circumstances should other conclusions be drawn; if such conclusions are drawn, you would be foolish to have drawn such conclusions and I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you

Myrkur - M

Myrkur‘s magnificent M has me all atwitter, and despite stupid debates about trueness and metal cred and all the rampant bullshit that having a (*gasp*) woman who also makes (*gasp*) indie rock making black metal stirs up, we here at Angry Metal Guy give absolutely zero fucks. is a great record, which shows off its mastermind’s vision; beautiful and terrible to behold. With its own unique voice, captures the feeling of the second wave of black metal without ever being derivative and, as L. Saunders wrote, “the album’s glistening melodies, addictive hooks and gloomy melancholy make deep impressions that are not easily shaken.” That feels like an understatement to me. Obviously, Mr. Saunders desperately requires lessons in hyperbole!

Runner(s) up: 

Cattle Decapitation - the Anthropocene Extinction 01Cattle Decapitation // The Anthropocene Extinction: During the month of August our dear little Kronos handed out 4.5’s like Donald Trump gave out other people’s phone numbers: with a gusto and bravado that would be admirable if it didn’t reflect so badly on the rest of us. He slathered Cattle Decapitation‘s latest with high praise, calling it “an incredibly compelling listening experience and the most quotable extreme metal album in recent memory,” before threatening everyone who doesn’t buy it with Left Wing Extremist Violence: “If you don’t buy this album, myself, Smokey the Bear, and Captain Planet will show up at your house with some choice words. And claws.” It was documented here and will appear in the court documents later.

Blue Öyster Cult - Plus SatanismBlue Öyster Cult // Plus Satanism:  August saw the release of not one, but two records that follow this beautiful formula to the Unholy Land, producing records that get Steel Druhm worked into a righteous lather. Year of the Goat‘s epic The Unspeakable was hailed as “one of the bigger surprises this year,” which was “good enough to send me preaching their merits to the notoriously hostile, jaded and maladroit AMG staff.” This was followed up by fellow Swedes (though, from the other ___köping) Ghost‘s most excellent of third releases. Meloria means “better” in Latin, and the band is right about that. Meloria sports some of the poppiest satanic rock this world has ever known, and yet isn’t so simple that one doesn’t want to come back and spin it again. Say what you want about the hype, Ghost‘s songwriting and approach are slick, gripping, and entertaining as hell. Between these two platters, I think the market has been cornered.


You totally annihilated our  monthly view count for August. As a reward, I’ll let you in on a little secret. The word of the month was “throbbing.” Thank you so much for your continued readership and for helping us throb our way to the top of the metal blogosphere.

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  • An indie chick from New York City?? Get a rope!

    • Monsterth Goatom

      Man, you’ll probably be able to catch her in concert.

      • [not a Dr] Gonzalo Salazar

        (I think he wants the rope to make a lasso out of it)

        • Kronos

          Little known fact; Steel Druhm is a master of oversized crochet sweaters.

          • Monsterth Goatom

            Clancy Brothers fan?

          • What can I say, I like to wear hemp.

          • [not a Dr] Gonzalo Salazar

            You should, at the very minimum, try crocheting copper wire: it would be way more metal.
            And if you upgrade to razorwire, you would have the most br00tal sweater ever.

    • Excentric_1307

      There’s a pretty good interview with Myrkur over to the MetalSucks podcast. Yes, she lived in NYC at one point. And no, you likely won’t see her in concert.

  • RagE

    Chelsea Wolfe is album of the month and year for me, with Cattle decapitation right behind. Mgla and Symphony X have had great releases too, but other than that I haven’t really been gripped by any other albums. Guess i need to give Myrkur another spin. really liked the first EP she put out

    • tomasjacobi

      The new Mgla album hasn’t been released yet. It comes out this Friday.

      • RagE

        Yeah i know, but there is a full album stream available on the yourubes! :D

        • Martin Langley

          Thanks for talking about Mgla. I’ve never heard of them before, what a great band. I’m a massive Skogen fan and Mgla sort of has a similar vibe.

    • Luke_22

      Tend to agree about Chelsea Wolfe for pick of the month, but it’s not an easy sell for some. Cattle Decap album is phenomenal but cool to see Myrkur get the honors. Also Mgla sounds excellent but is a September release.

    • About that year thing, what about “In Times” ? It’s been the best black material I’ve heard in ages!

  • Deelirious

    Isn’t it Meliora? Seen so many different interpretations of the name that I am not sure of the original anymore.

  • tomasjacobi

    Great list. Oh, and its “Meliora” not “Meloria”…

  • Monsterth Goatom

    Impeccable choices, and hello to all fellow throbbers!

  • Monsterth Goatom

    This is easily Ghost’s best work since Agents of Fortune.

  • It’s a shame I don’t like black metal more, because butthurt trve metalheads are my life force. Also, I think Ghost’s album is something like 8th on Billboard album sales. (Both are good, and I enjoyed them, just not that much ‘my genres’.)

  • Monsterth Goatom

    Next month’s word will be “cesspool”

    “Oh yeah, says who?”

    • Dr. A.N. Grier

      Ha! You wish…

  • Well, this was a real surprise.

  • André Snyde Lopes

    Let me tell you why this sucks: background of shadowy trees instead of Ghost’s epic cover artwork.

    …and also because M is not that good.

    • If we’re going on album cover artwork I’d have enjoyed the sphere from Dalkhu or the cloaked death looking dude (dudette?) that is possibly being hit by a fan from the left (right?) on the Deathwhite EP.

      Also Ghost is not that good.

      • André Snyde Lopes

        I haven’t listened to Dalkhu but the website background hasn’t repped the great sphere since Origin got ROTM so I’d be on board.

        Ghost is super fun, yo! I’d personally give ROTM to either them or Chelsea Wolfe. Or Dr. Dre’s Compton, just to screw with everyone.

        • Dr. A.N. Grier

          The Dalkhu cover is pretty slick… Spock’s Beard is my vote for awesomest cover art without a sphere that is way better than any sphere or even the spherist of spheres.

          • André Snyde Lopes

            A guy looking at clocks? Really?

          • Dr. A.N. Grier

            He’s tinkering. He’s a tinkerer. And yes!

        • Kronos

          This year has been pretty skimpy on the spheres. I checked yesterday and we haven’t reviewed an album with a proper sphere on it in ages.

          • André Snyde Lopes

            Yes, aside from the double dose of sphere we got last week (Dalkhu and Moon), this year there haven’t been many honest spheres.

            I think it’s because Druhm only gave Jorn’s Dracula a 2.5 at the start of the year.

          • Curse of the Lande.

          • Doomdeathrosh

            Well there was Dalkhu’s latest….but it wasn’t a sphere per say.

          • Grymm

            Moon, dude! MOOOOOOOOON!!!*

            *-I’m referring to the band, not commanding you to moon.

          • Kronos

            That was more of a hole than a sphere

        • Carlos Marrickvillian

          If we were giving it on album art Ahab should get it hands down!

        • I can’t get behind Ghost. It reminds me of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult. For some dark, horrible reason.

          I’m really sad no one else thought the Deathwhite cover was awesome. I just assume it’s supposed to be death, staring at John Lennon from his reflection in the white album, while Yoko blows on him.

  • RuySan

    You pushed this so early so you can take out the Biology teacher’s t-shirt from the background, right?

  • AndySynn

    Big fan of both M and The Anthropocene Extinction. Good stuff. Good stuff.

  • Danny Becker

    Hey Angrymetalguy! I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

    • GooberMan

      I don’t think we can post links here, but Google “Bustin” and click on the Youtube result.

    • Irineu Carvalho

      Is it true that you guys stopped doing the record of the month?

  • fgt

    While I liked all the above albums (especially the Cattle release) Lychgate was the best album for me this month and maybe the year. Honestly if you haven’t listened to it, do not pass it up, absolutely astounding album.

  • Lasse Momme

    Both Myrkur and Cattle Decap made some blistering fucking records this month, and while I would probably put Cattle on top it’s great to see them both get their Due. I also think Mutoid Mans record this month was a standout release for making a record that basically felt like Queens Of The Stone-Age crashing into Converge on acid. Thy Art Is Murder’s record was also pretty darn slick. Even August Burns Red did pretty damn good.

    this was a good month, now that I think about it.

  • FutureBeyondSatan

    Can we agree that Cirice is song of the month?

    • Kronos

      As someone who wanted Cattle Decap to be ROTM, yes.

    • Definitely.

      • gustman17

        A song(s) of the month feature would be really cool.
        And what about a “Cheesiest lyric video” award?

    • Nyet!

      • Monsterth Goatom

        Да , товарищ Druhm!

    • ASesz

      Try as I might I don’t enjoy this song at all.

      Listened to it like 4 times, I cant seem to find the groove.

    • JWEG

      And that video.

      If I wasn’t already sure that the world needs a (pun half intended) Ghost-written full length Hammer-style throwback horror flick, that video would prove it.

    • Semyon Vodyannikov

      No, because “He Is” is meliora.

      • Hideous destructor

        I agree. It also sounds like an awesome, long lost, malevolent Simon and Garfunkel song. Does the closing track not sound like house of fun by madness to anyone else?

    • Monsterworks

      I rarely get “obsessed” with a song/band but this track just does it for me. It’s like everything my mummy warned me about “the devil’s music” when I was six years old and listening to Kiss (who I haven’t listened to since). I am now in Ghost lockout until the LP arrives.

    • nunka

      That moment in the chorus, where Papa III sounds all sad and his voice rasps and cracks a bit while singing “in yerrr heart”? Makes me cry. No joke. Something about Swedes and those hard r’s creates a special kind of magic.

      • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

        You must like Sabbaton a lot.

    • Refined-Iron Cranium

      I have barely listened to Ghost before and I’m more than willing to agree. That song got me hooked worse than a crack addict in a glam rock band’s van. Too good.

    • Ywen

      Can’t tell. The whole album is awesome.

  • Dr. Scorpion

    Can’t you just use the Tardis to post this on time?

    • I find the use of the word Tardis to be offensive.

      • Dr. Scorpion

        Tardis tardis tardis. You piece of tardis.Tardis you.May you be tardis.Botany.

  • robpal

    Someone forgot about Royal Hunt!

  • Handy Donut Hole

    Goddamn, do I love seeing Cattle Decapitation get some recognition for their latest album. I still wake up soaked in sweat with Travis Ryan’s vocals howling in my ears. Bloody brilliant.

  • Oh snap, why don’t you just take away all my hard earned oreos ?

  • Doomdeathrosh

    I think its safe to say M was the best AND the most surprising of this month’s black metal releases (Of which there were many). Totally deserves to be ROTM.
    Then we have Cattle Decap, what is there to say about these gentlemen! Except probably Travis Ryan sounds more beastly this time round!
    Ghost and Blue Oyster Cult went to town with Poppy Satanic Rock and came back with some awesome stuff!
    Would’ve liked to see Chelsea Wolfe in here and (MAYBE) Draugurinn, but that is expecting too much I guess…..Wait, Pentagram, Riverside, Royal Hunt….AAH FOR FUCK’S SAKE!
    Btw: Thank You for helping us help AMG get to the top of the tree. Cheers all!

    • An all-woman ROTM for september would have been amazing. But yeah there are many that have more universal appeal than Chelsea Wolfe and Draugurinn.

      • Doomdeathrosh

        Last month was quite good for the one-woman surprises, and each had so much to offer! And such variety too!

  • PFC

    I really enjoyed Tomb of Finland, actually. That, and Ghost.

  • JWEG

    I was quite certain ‘meliora’ was translated as ‘a better woman’ (feminine singular). But then I read it’s supposed to be neuter plural (things).

    That it supposedly refers to ‘the pursuit of better things’ just reminds me of The Pursuit of Happiness. No, not the American thing, or the Will Smith film. The indie Canadian band from the 80s.

    Then I get this vision of PE3 singing ‘I’m an Adult Now’. I almost hope that’s a B-side cover in progress…

    • Carlos Marrickvillian

      I wanna get on your logic train!
      I haven’t taken the skin heads bowling in too long a time

  • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra

    I once read Ghost described as “Scooby Doom”. Dest description ever?

    • ALSO BANNED: Howard Dean


      • Juan Manuel Pinto Guerra


        • ALSO BANNED: Howard Dean


  • CyberJesus

    Where’s the Chelsea Wolfe love!?

    • I personally tried and tried to get into it because way too many people are blathering on about how super her stuff is. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t listen to more than two tracks…it’s just grating.

  • Rise

    It is great and all, but what about Wolfheart? Majestic Downfall? Ahab? Fuck, even Scythian (with proper replay button rape)!

    I have a strong feeling that September will be a strong month. I just added two new bands to my list, namely Plague Rider (a technical thrash/death metal) and Morbid Slaughter (black/speed metal).

  • AlphaBetaFoxface

    Can you let us in on when we get a ‘Yer Metal is Olde’ article on Jorn Lande? Sure, Jorn himself isn’t a record but if there were one thing that could leave me throbbing, it would be an article dedicated to Jorn written by Steel and Kronos.

    Might not be a healthy idea but come on. Even the author name could be a pun, ya bunch of Kronees. Hah.

    • sir_c

      all i can see is that jornext

  • sir_c

    So now we also have a WOTM besides a ROTM?
    That would keep us throbbing well into the back end of October [/pun]

  • Meriyas

    You’re throwing off my calendar AMG, it’s not October yet!

    Also, M is my choice of albums this month too. I really need to give the new Cattle Decapitation a proper go, but I’ve never really clicked with their music too much.

    • Meriyas

      The Anthropocene Extinction is literally the bees knees! I’ve listened to it over and over again. It made me revisit their previous album too, and while it’s pretty good I think their less grindy, more groovy style on The Anthropocene Extinction is much nicer.

  • ALSO BANNED: Howard Dean

    Wow, whole lotta flushing needs to be done on your picks for August.

    *flushes toilet*

  • buttsguy

    cattle decapitation was my jam last month. so good.

  • Ywen

    Wow ^^ I bought the album of the month without knowing it. That’s a first.

  • Meloria no! Is “Meliora”. In catalan, “Millor”.

  • Davy Bonnevalle

    Really loving M, nice tip!