Despite a stronger crop of records as the month of March inched along, 2013 is still not shaping up to be the best of years for metal. The dearth of ratings over 4.0 probably has something to do with my beating the “don’t overrate shit” drum loudly and repeatedly – it certainly has made me very conservative – but it’s also just that the crop of records hasn’t been super great.

Still, one record that doesn’t deserve to be mentioned among the other more mediocre fare we have reviewed this year has made the Record o’ the Month for March of 2013: October Falls‘ brilliant The Plague of a Coming Age. I reviewed the record here, and hell, I even liked it so much that I reviewed it over here. Now that winter is starting to slowly recede from Sweden, The Plague of a Coming Age feels perfectly placed and has continued to grow on me. The increased focus on smart song-writing and a feel perfectly exemplified by the beautiful cover art, October Falls is really coming into its own. I can’t recommend the album high enough and I’m even more excited about what the future holds for this elite project.

October Falls - The Plague of a Coming Age

Honorable Mentions: 

Persefone - Spiritual Migration - ArtworkPersefone // Spiritual Migration — An epic example of sprawling album craft, Spiritual Migration could easily have been the Record o’ the Month. It certainly will end up on a variety of year end lists. While the movement towards djent is a disappointment, it’s hard to be disappointed with the record as a whole. These guys will continue to climb the ranks of heavy metal royalty. Expect them on big tours in no time and probably on a bigger label sooner than later.

Wormed - ExodromosWormed // Exodromos — Not only does Wormed have one of the best artistic and visual profiles in metal these days, they’re also a wicked band doing wicked death metal. Exodromos continues to push the boundaries of their sound and Sgr. Franquelli was more than impressed with the album. It is recommended that fans of death metal – though, those who lack melodic inclinations – check this album out. An expansive album from a great band.

Victor Griffin's In-GravedVictor Griffin’s In-Graved // ST — An old and wily doom hound, Steel Druhm got on the scent of Victor Griffin’s In-Graved and loved it. “While it’s not a doom metal album in the traditional sense, it’s an endearing and addictive hard rock platter close enough to modern-day Pentagram to satisfy most doom fans, and the ’70s hard rock influences feel more organic and authentic than on all those ‘’70s occult rock’ albums.”

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  • Can’t agree with you more that some records in 2013 are a bit of a letdown; though there’s something to love out there if you look for it hard enough. And indeed, October Falls’ new one was one of those records, and I’m digging it a lot too.

    However, I’m wondering if In Vain’s newest (Aenigma) will get a review here? (or have I completely missed it) It’s also been released this month, and I think it’s really good. Give it a try!

    • You completely missed it. It was very good. Actually, it’s funny, I reviewed 5 records and 4 of them I gave a 3.5 and one a 4.0. March was pretty good: Persefone, In Vain, Finntroll, Thyrfing.

      • Ah awesome, I was already thinking that it was impossible for you guys to have missed that release whilst I didn’t (since I believe it was this site that got me hooked to Mantra a couple of years ago). I’ll go and check what you guys had to say about it.

      • Yeah I picked up the In Vain based on your review and it has quickly ascended to the throne of my fav album this year! Easily best metal month of the year. October Falls and Persefone are just killer.

        • Colin Stuart

          Yep, In Vain and Persefone are the tops of my list so far this year.

  • I’m sad that Gloryhammer’s album wasn’t reviewed, as cheesy as it was i still thought it was surprisingly good.

    • O RLY? I’ll give it a spin!

    • I think the Gloryhammer record should count as an April release anyway, since it’s still only half available worldwide.

    • It’s a great fun album. Reminds me of an extremely tongue-in-cheek Turisas. With undead unicorns.

    • Tanuki

      thanks for the heads-up. listening to it now. great stuff!.

  • Why is the move to djent inherently disappointing? I have not yet listened to the record, but if the djent elements are good, why are we complaining?

  • RU63

    That font bad, very bad. Ruins the art.


    2013 has had a pretty slow start for me. Rotting Christ, Intronaut, and Batillus have been my favorite releases so far. Kvelertak and Cult of Luna are in the mail and I anticipate greatly enjoying both those albums (despite everyone maintaining that Meir is a disappointment).

  • Finally a good background. The site hasn’t looked this good since Sophicide got record of the month. :)

  • I was waiting for Amaranthe to be posted as RotM because April Fools

    • Eryops


  • Well, I think his year there have been some nice albums (IMO) that sadly haven’t been reviewed here (yet?), to mind come Lighting Swords of Death, Portal, Intronaut and KEN Mode.

    But above all I would put Inter Arma’s Sky Burial as my favorite for this month, it’s just a monstrous album, probably will land somewhere in my top three records for this year.

  • Noooo….I can’t believe it’s this album… I listened to it twice and I loved it… great choice, great choice… but there’s other good records released in this month that this website didn’t reviewed yet… keep metal m/

  • Colin Stuart


  • I agree, 2013 isnt starting off too good for new metal releases, but March seems to be reversing that trend.

    I really am digging the new October Falls, but I can’t believe that In Vain – Aenigma didn’t even get an honorable mention. That album has been in constant rotation since I first heard it. I would probably rank it slightly higher than October Falls and make them the runner up.

    Perhaps even Persefone. Although I know its technically a March release, I just got it this past weekend, so havent had enough time to really let it sink in, but so far, its one of the best prog albums I’ve heard in a while. The instrumental passages are STELLAR!!!!

  • October Falls’ and Persefone’s are surely two of the best releases of March.
    You guys should check out Universe217’s Never album! It hit me right in the heart and soul and let me frozen, crying in a corner. Maybe this is funny :P but it is a very good album from an amazing and very special band.

  • WormwooD

    Quite surprised not to see Thyrfing among the suggested record(s). That was really a good album, a grower even – and somehow different from the usual fast paced viking/black albums, even if it is an already consolidated trait in Thyrfing’s music. I still have to fully grasp October Falls: while it is a very nice effort, i’m not getting mind-blowed that much. It’s leaving me perplexed.

  • you must have not heard End of disclosure by Hypocrisy. if you think 2013 so far has been bad?

  • RU63

    We (Wife and I) got this CD last week and we really like it. It is great with a glass of your favourite at the end of the day once the kids are in bed.