As Angry Metal Guy, He Who Needs No Titles but Has Them Anyway, Angry Metal Emperor of Angry Metal Internetia, I take it upon myself to give a single recommendation of the best album that was released in a single month which I put up on the sidebar. However, May has been a particularly good month. So while I am going to recommend a single record and stick it on the sidebar, I believe that it is important that we actually tell you about four records that deserve your attention. So let me get to it.

Record o’ the Month goes to Diablo Swing Orchestra // Pandora’s Piñata which has been in pretty constant rotation now since I got it. I gave it a perfect score and have no complaints about this decision yet. It definitely deserves the honor and you should purchase the album.

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pandora's Pinata

Runners Up: 

Blood Mortized - The Key to a Black HeartBlood Mortized // The Key to a Black Heart — Had Pandora’s Piñata not come out in May, this crusty, old school death metal record would have won the title. It is a chunk of old school death metal that both Steel Druhm and myself have been spinning with glee. Also should be purchased.

Ne Obliviscaris // Portal of I — Only because of the hand of an Angry Metal Fascist did this album not receive a 5/5 rating. Happy Metal Guy strongly recommends the album and even Angry Metal Guy has to admit that despite HMG’s usually poor taste in metal, this album is worth listening to. Don’t overlook it.

Sabaton // Carolus Rex — It is true that the English version seems to be a bit of a whitewashed historical version of that which shows up on the Swedish version. But still, it’s hard not to love this album and recommend it. Do not be fooled by the silly dude’s mohawk, this is actually a great modern power metal record.

  •  Listened to Ne Obliviscaris and I completely agree with your review.  I’ll have to check out these other albums when I get a chance.

    • ‘Twas not my review, I’d actually probably have given it a 4 and not a 4.5 or 5, but it is worthy of noting.

  • Kevin Swenson

    Diablo String Orchesta blows.

    • Blows your mind because of how awesome they are? Agreed

  • SuperBakaKing

    Glad that you recognized all of these albums. Glad to see the avante-garde record get the recognition it  really deserves. What a great month for metal music.

  • Couldn’t agree more about DSO. It takes a hefty chunk out of the usual macho metal credo of ‘it’s more important to look tough than to have any fun’

  • I have to thank this site again, this time in the egregious person of Mr HMG, for the Ne Obliviscaris review. I didn’t know them, but their album literally blew me away. Concentrated awesomeness and amazing ability in composition!

  • michaelcallavaro

    Not my cup of tea. Im all for some progressiveness , but this is pretty out there.

    Number 2 and 3 on the list are solid tho..