It comes as exceptionally sad news that Mark Reale, founder/guitarist of New York metal legends Riot, passed away last night after being stricken by severe complications related to Crohn’s Disease.

Riot was an enormously influential band and their Thundersteel album was, IMO, one of the best pure metal albums ever released. Riot had just reformed that classic Thundersteel line up and recorded the very impressive Immortal Soul album a few months ago. Mark was preparing for a tour in support of that album when he was hospitalized. He leaves us at the young age of fifty-seven.

All of us at Angry Metal Guy extend our condolences to the Reale family and bandmates and wish them all the best in these difficult times. Mark is now an immortal soul and his music will live on forever. R.I.P.

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  • I’m gutted – A tragic loss of a truly immortal soul.

  • I feel so sad… I will remember him every time I hear one of his beautiful songs. He was 57, as old as my father…

  • This is sad.  I always enjoyed the hell out of Thundersteel, it’s such a great and classic metal album!  Another legend of metal laid to rest.  R.I.P. Mark Reale

  • Anonymous

    I am happy that i had the chance to see them live with mark reale.

    May you rest in peace, and may we, the metalheads, not lose any more great musicians the next many years!