Septicflesh - Titan - 01WARNING: The following review contains excessive reference to Septicflesh.

My favorite Greek giants of atmospheric, Rotting Christ flavored symphonic death metal are back, and right on schedule with the delivery of their latest force of nature. And to add to my fangirlism, the album’s fittingly titled after the most ancient of all the gods – yes you read right, TITAN! Does it get any bigger, heavier or more metal than that? Septicflesh‘s 2008 release, Communion, with its epic orchestral arrangements, elaborate classical composition, persistent melodies and death-dealing drum and guitar-work marked a dramatic and unequaled comeback for the band. A mere three years on, my appetite was again satiated with the release of The Great Mass, which didn’t knock Communion off its pedestal, but it showed a band committed to their sound development and impressive songwriting. Titan marks my latest tryst with  Septicflesh and I’m left wondering whether this vociferous deliverer of death will live up to its name.

“War in Heaven” breaks out, swells and grows in intensity, giving you the impression that the album will indeed be titanic. The opening track, along with “Prototype,” “Prometheus” and “Confessions of a Serial Killer” show off Seth Siro Anton’s immense, accent drenched growls and Sotiris Vayena’s cleans, that have become such an integral part of Septicflesh‘s grandiose personality since reuniting. Much like the vocals used on the bands recent releases, Seth Siro Anton’s growls are consistently menacing, controlled, hostile and as cold as the iceberg that took out the Titanic. That said, they don’t quite hit the deadly reaches of his vocals on Sumerian Daemon. Titan makes use of a feast of vocal styles from the operatics and “beauty and the beast” schools to electronic, disconcerting and just plain creepy as hell in “Burn,” that there’s something in here for just about everyone.

Instrumentally the album’s a grower, with a little over half of it reaching the level of pretty damn good and the rest falling just short. The repetition of earlier albums steals some of Titan‘s thunder, but the addition of oddities like the sound of Mozart hammering madly away on his keys in “Order of Dracul,” the stalkerish melodic struggle between good and evil on “Confessions of a Serial Killer” and the fired-up bizarre contrast of “Ground Zero” work around the repetition and do their damnedest to inject individuality and cement Titan in your subconscious. Outside of these moments of weirdness, Fotis Benardo picks up where Seth leaves off, epitomizing the image of a titan. His drum work is a synergy of aggression and just plain thrill factor and ends up a definite high point on the album.

Septicflesh Titan promotional photoThe biggest downfall for Titan is that the album is so perfectly consistent with what Septicflesh delivered on The Great Mass, from the tracks right down to the album art – at quick glance it’s even tough to tell the two apart. Even the production style is a dead ringer for that of Communion and The Great Mass. And satisfying my suspicions, I see the album was once again recorded at Devasoundz Studios in Athens and masterminded in Los Angeles by Dirty Icon Production’s Logan Mader (Gojira, Fear Factory and Soulfly).

If you’ve enjoyed  Communion and The Great Mass, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll enjoy Titan, and can consider this a good safe buy. If however you’re craving something more from Septicflesh, like an injection of the variety of Sumerian Daemon, then Titan is going to sound sadly enervated. Whoever heard of titans playing it safe?

Rating: 3.0/5.0
DR: 6 | Format Reviewed: 320 kbps mp3
Label: EU: Season of Mist | NA: Prosthetic Records
Websites: SepticfleshOfficial |
Release Dates: EU: 2014.06.20 | NA: 06.24.2014

  • Nice review.

    I loved the last three albums (wish I had Communion and Sumerian Daemons on vinyl) so I’m definitely preordering through Prosthetic. It’s interesting that Prosthetic is handling the North American releases; I’ve never had a problem finding Season of Mist stuff at my local record store. No complaints though because Prosthetic does a decent job.

    • Madam__X

      Thanks for your kind words :)

      Hearing Communion and Sumerian Daemons on vinyl would be an absolute treat!

  • Madam X, was that you or Steel Druhm who inserted the warning!? Classic!!!

    Too bad about the record.

    • That was all Madam X.

    • Madam__X

      I couldn’t resist!

  • Great review Madam X. Surprisingly I am just getting into Septicflesh recently and I’m excited about this release. From what I have heard so far this does sound very similar to their last few releases, but they have a unique sound that I accept it. I prefer the other Greek giants but Rotting Christ has always been one of my favorite bands.

    • Madam__X

      Thank you!

  • Refined-Iron Cranium

    Spiros Antoniou looks like a Greek Batman.

    • Azyral

      F**k off.

  • There was one particular review (I forgot which, but it was a big name metal site) that claimed that this was the best sounding Septicflesh album to date.

    I wholeheartedly agree, though it does sound an awfully like the last two Septic Flesh records.

    Oh wait…

    • Arjan Zwamborn

      They went on hiatus after Sumerian Daemons – or disbanded actually, as they communicated at that time. After a lot of fan pressure they decided to pick up the instruments once more, resulting in Communion back in 2008. However, when they re-signed with a record label they discovered that their original name was taken in use for another purpose (I thought it was another band) so they had to change their name to prevent any legal issues. Which resulted into Septicflesh, which is of course hugely different from Septic Flesh.

      • Thank you!

      • Madam__X

        Good to know!

      • Are you sure about this? According to other sources (including an interview with Christos), it was purely for aesthetic reasons.

    • Madam__X

      I’ve noticed a lot of hype around the album too – promises of its grandeur exceeding what’s come before … such is the world of marketing I guess.

    • john

      Due to the fact of bands reunion before communion album

  • Zadion

    What, really? I’ve only given it a couple listens, but I was hugely disappointed. What I really noticed is that the soaring guitar harmonies that made Communion and especially The Great Mass (one of my favorites of recent years for sure) so delicious have been replaced with generic death metal chugging. This record basically seems like a much more restrained version of the last two to me.

  • Kalsten

    Since when a Titan is a Greek God? Titans and gods were different things. I got quite lost at that point of the review.

    Anyhow, I will give a spin to the cd if it is on Spotify. However, I don’t know why, I never enjoyed too much this band. They are not brutal enough for my expectations, maybe? I would prefer a Flesh Apocalypse album with a clear production though.

  • FutureBeyondSatan

    I think this is great. I just cracked my neighbors windows with Burn and Titan! 3 straight slabs of pure punishment!!!!!

  • doom-erik

    I actually found this album more to my liking than the last one (which still was very good). Love the child choir that is prevalent through the whole album. At least the latter part of the album sounds more majestic and epic than they have ever been.

  • Steve

    Communion was awesome, Great Mass was good but didn’t quite live up to it’s predecessor. I may give this a miss if it’s just Great Mass pt 2

  • Andres Pintos Nocerino

    disc of the year

    • Madam__X


      • Really doubtful for me.

  • P-ST0LER0

    Titan is not an ancient God, but a race of mythological Greek giants. That’s elementary knowledge, c’mon. Maybe a reference to the moon of Saturn, but who knows? Anyway, forget about the dull review, it’s a great album, enthralling and brutal.

  • Requiem

    This album possesses a dark, solemn, sinister epicness that I can’t get enough of, and I love the way Spiros’ vocals have evolved and become so awesome, but… something feels missing. It feels a bit more self-conscious than the last one, like someone told them off for being OTT and they’ve gone too far the other way. Still, I created a playlist on my ipod that’s back-to-back The Great Mass followed by this one, and I love it! I reckon a solid 3.5 and possibly a 4 in my book, although I hope they do something different next album.

  • Dark Self

    Boring, very dissapointed. In fact this is the album septicflesh did to prove the world they are better than fleshgod apocalypse, and this is stupid, since both bands didn’t have anything in common (aside the symphonic elements,) until now.

    This is certainly not the Great Mass, which did have great songs. Nobody can compared war in heaven with the first song of the previous album (Lovecraft… and the Vampire From Nazareth). In fact none of the songs on titan is worth any songs from the last two albums.

    And must I say the feeble and ankward attempt in bringing a female voice (remember how good it was on The Eldest Cosmonaut) is certainly prone to make me barf.

    And where is Sotiris, whose clean vocal, while having been declined for a while still should be a success factor, is?

    septic flesh is going at war with fleshgod apocalypse,….. which is like a king going at war with a joker……

    Dark Self

    • D3Seeker

      Way delayed but, just wow………
      They are totally at war with a band they not only just toured with but chilled with as best bros……. just because you seem the think lowly of the bamd doesn’t remotely mean you’re right, let alonr that they even think that way of eachother you negative hateful twat

  • Jeremiah J. Preisser

    Undoubtedly their weakest effort…. ever.