According to a very helpful commenter on this blog I was actually given more information on Shining‘s long-awaited record VI/Klagopsalmer.  Here’s the press release from Osmose Productions:

SHINING : due to technical printing problems with the booklet the CD version might be available for the 23rd. Same problem with the vinyl version excepted [sic] we don’t have yet a delivery date.

Yup.  MIGHT be available for the 23rd?  That’s pretty lame and vague, says I.  Will this record ever come out?   Anyway, if it waits too long I’m worried that Kvarforth might just off himself and there’ll be no tour.

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  • Lindsey

    but iwant this album SO fucking badly.

    • Me too. The tracks on MySpace are so fucking good and as a follow up to Halmstad, yeah.. I can’t wait to hear it.

  • Nervkindlen

    “SHINING album is delayed again and again from the factory…We’ve got a new delivery date now who is set up for May 30th, 2009, while we are not 100% sure if all will work out good from the printing company who is handleling the booklet and the tray card of the CD. We still face the same problem with the quality printing who does not satisfy anybody at the pressing plan.” (

    May 30th 2009 oO!?.. wtf. It gets better and better.. haha.. :\