• Diego Molero

    Nice review. “Four Flies” is good, will check the album when it comes out. Really like the band’s and album name

  • El_Cuervo

    The ‘in-laws’ funny had me loling

    • De2013

      Yeah “the inbreds you keep chained in your basement” is epic.
      It’s so great to be in company of like minded folks.

  • André Snyde Lopes

    Paolo Girardi is slowly becoming Par Olofsson. His art is very good but I feel like he does it for every other album now.

    Great for him, since he’s an awesome artist but still…

    • You wot m8?

      Even if he is everywhere, at least he’s talented as all hell. There are some of “those” albums that all look the damn same, and all look terrible [read: most deathcore albums]. At least these are nice to look at.

  • ZEbyiUWvbe

    Album cover looks great. Does anyone know what it is? An existing painting?

  • Worldeater

    The embedded track sounds very promising and I really like the vocals. Seems like a good start into 2016!

  • Wilhelm

    I think the vocals are terrible, the music is somewhat generic (what isn’t) but fine.

    • SegaGenitals

      What would you say is a good example of ‘not generic’?

    • Name’s Dalton

      Vocals worked just fine for me. This album is killer.

  • Artorias Pyrelord

    Holy damn that art.

  • Francesco Bordoni

    Egads! That art is glorious!

  • Jm from nj

    I loved this band’s album with the Indian Blanket. Blackened sludge/Americana…I didn’t think it would work, but I have a fondness for Americana and when mixed on that album, it’s perfect.

  • SegaGenitals

    This review has sold me. About to give it a listen. NICE cover art.

  • Alligators, Wurms, and Lions, oh my! Is 2016 the year of the animal?

    • André Snyde Lopes

      …and now Varg. I think you’re on to something.

  • De2013

    Thanks for the review.
    Sounds good on first listen. Will check it out more in depth!
    And the art is glorious indeed.

  • lennymccall

    You had me at Black-Sludge then brought it home with a Lord Mantis mention. Will check this out asap.
    Speaking of which, where are we at with the whole Indian/Lord Mantis situation? Who’s still together and when do we get something new?!

  • Scourge

    It’s interesting when you buy an album you fully expect to enjoy but upon listening it just doesn’t connect with you and you wonder what it is you’re missing as lots of praise has been heaped upon said album. Then a couple of weeks go by and your cd changer in your car changes to the next album in the queue and and all of a sudden the stars align and you get it. This was my experience with The Lion’s Daughter. On what was the fourth or fifth listen I was rewarded with a really good album I’m now glad to have purchased.

  • Eli Valcik

    I have a bigass poster of the artwork on my wall. right next to Sulphur Aeon’s gateway to the antishpere.