JACKETArchspire are, first and foremost, fast. Everything about The Lucid Collective is tight, taught and percussive, from the brutal-death-leaning snare tone to vocalist Oli Peters’ inhumanly pummeling rap-growled vocal lines. Guitarists Dean Lamb and Tobi Moreli execute hairpin curves in mid riff while the bass hammers along in support. These guys are no slouches, not by a long shot, but as always, technical ability is a prerequisite in this genre rather than a standout attribute. The Lucid Collective is worth your time because its performances rarely attempt to overshadow the core of wild riffing and adrenaline-soaked rhythm that’s at the center of the album.

The album clocks in at a little over half an hour (excellent timing for a tech-death album), and there’s nary a dull moment to be seen. “Lucid Collective Somnambulation” explodes out of your speakers with little introduction and its intensity holds for the rest of the record. Spectacularly, not a single song is wasted. Even though everything’s a wank-fest at it’s core the songs sport memorable rhythms, leads and vocal lines, with powerful solos to boot. Archspire knows how to write excellent riffs that are both comprehensible and interesting and they back those riffs up with measuredly virtuosic performances all around.

The Lucid Collective‘s sound is best understood as Planetary Duality-era The Faceless played at double speed by slam dilettantes. On top of that very solid foundation, the band draws influence from not only their immediate peers but more groove-oriented death subgenres and even chopper-style hip-hop vocals. Everything fast gets thrown into the pot, and out pour gems like “Join us Beyond,” “The Plague of Am,” and “Kairos Chamber.”

Archspire – The Lucid Collective 02

In order to keep the record clean, the production of The Lucid Collective is slightly lacking in low-end compared to its peers. The guitars are very treble-oriented, and the bass most prominent in the middle of it’s range. It’s a production choice I wholeheartedly support – although the album seems a little airy at first, it sounds very good when the 64th notes roll in and never gets muddy.

Somehow, Archspire have both won tech-death’s pissing contest and produced a damn good album, which should stun you more than a little bit. If you’re on the search for tech death that’s as memorable and effective as it is searingly fast, The Lucid Collective will not disappoint.

Tracks to Check: “Join us Beyond,” “Lucid Collective Somnambulation” and “Kairos Chamber”

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  • dduuurrrr dddduuuurrrr

    -_-…. wwwhhhaaaaaat?

    How is this not just Rings of Saturn II: The Return?

    • Kronos

      It’s at least an order of magnitude better than RoS’s recent wankfest.

      • dduuurrrr dddduuuurrrr

        I guess I’m just more shocked than anything. AMG doesn’t have a good history with this sort of music. I stumbled on this earlier in the year and didn’t have a taste for it… at all… which is not to say anything about the quality (at least in this conversation),

        I just don’t like it, the style it comes from and the sound in general and used it as an example of what I think trendy soulless metal is to all my friends. (It was a wild mashup to listen to this and then the disparately different Nasheim back to back for a lot of people I knew).

        So I don’t mean to bash on the opinion above (really, I’m sure I’m coming off that way though), I just pegged this as the kind of release that AMG would trash with a 1.0 rating, so I was taken aback by that.

  • Dr. A.N. Grier

    Two reviews by Kronos in one day?? Does this mean he gets the Employee of the Month parking spot? On that note, we need more covered parking….

  • AndySynn

    I definitely like this album… but I put “Immortal” by Alterbeast a fair few paces ahead of it in terms of overall goodness. Or goodocity. Or goodability.

    • Kronos

      I might be writing a review for that album, but I thought it kind of lost steam halfway through. The first half had some great songs on it though. Cool to see a tech death band playing with that sort of Black Dahlia Murder melodic sensibility.

  • Carlos Marrickvillian

    Totally missed this, sounds good will check it out

  • I actually didn’t miss this one and have been enjoying it for quite a while now. Glad it appeared here.

  • André Snyde Lopes

    This, to me, is Rings of Saturn but without stupid dethcore riffs and breakdowns but also without the most fantastically weird and unconventional bits. I seriously can’t decide which one is better: the frustrating yet interesting one or the consistent yet unremarkable one.

  • Kryopsis

    It is unfortunate I did not check Archspire out before. They were touring with Fallujah as a part of the Canadian Summer of Slaughter tour but since it was headlined by The Faceless (which got really bland lately), I skipped out on that event. I’m listening to the The Lucid Collective right now and it’s actually really fun!

  • Óðinn

    I know many people like this band, but I can’t stand Archspire.