So apparently I’m way behind the times as I’d never actually listened to Swallow the Sun before I got their record recently, and now I’m super bummed that I didn’t get into these guys earlier because their new record New Moon is seriously a fantastic melodic/doom album. There are a few moments where I wish they’d hurry up and get somewhere, but all-in-all this record is fucking fantastic and totally addictive. I think it’s definitely woth a new look if you haven’t checked it out yet, and if you have you should go and spin it again. Seriously, I’ll definitely be checking out the discography.

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  • thor

    Well you see, great album hehe :P

    • I stand by my statement about The 11th Hour, though. That record is totally fucking great, too. Two fantastic doom records, but I’d say very different stylistically.

  • Rory M

    This album didn’t do it for me really. I got into them thanks to their second album and their third was a masterpiece. “New Moon” however felt a little contrived and far too upbeat for a doom album. All the blast-beats and mid-tempo riffs and high vocals made it very happy; closer to melodic death than anything else. It’s a good album – just not a good Swallow the Sun album, in my opinion.

  • Paul

    If you never heard Swallow the Sun i suggest you pick asap «The Morning Never Came» and the EP «Plague of Butterflies». «New Moon» is probably their worst album.

  • elmuffino

    This and “The Morning Never Came” are my two favorite StS albums. StS is easily top 5 favorite bands for me, and very good live.